Nitrogen Oxygen Hydrogen Analyzer

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Product Description:

G8 Galileo hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen by German Bruker Elemental Analyzer R & D and production of a high-oxygen-nitrogen and hydrogen analyzers, the instrument uses the latest technology and production processes, manufactured by the German Kalkar plant, its main principle is: analysis of samples in an inert stream in the presence of the graphite crucible is heated and melted, wherein the pulse furnace temperature can be set freely, and through a non-contact optical sensor for real-time monitoring of temperature, for achieving complete decomposition of the sample, a mixed gas generated by the reaction by the carrier gas into the infrared and thermal conductivity detector system having a high stability and sensitivity of detection.

Fast and accurate analysis, automation;

High sensitivity infrared and thermal conductivity detector;

The total hydrogen and detection can be achieved in the diffusion of hydrogen on the same instrument;

May be associated with mass spectrometry analysis can be achieved with ultra-low content;

Using non-contact infrared thermometer temperature, with temperature-programmed function, the maximum temperature up to 3000 ° C above

Automatically selects the optimal range;

Optional automatic cleaning stove and autosampler system;

Complete safety interlock system to avoid misuse

Powerful external water cooling system, to adapt continuously to detect a large number of samples;

Windows-based operating system system, user-friendly, easy to operate

How it works:

Samples were analyzed in the presence of an inert gas stream in a graphite crucible is heated and melted, wherein the pulse furnace temperature can be freely set, and by an optical non-contact temperature sensor for real-time monitoring, to achieve complete decomposition of the sample, formed by the reaction of a mixed the gas is a carrier gas to the high sensitivity of the infrared detector and thermal conductivity detector for detection.

Instrument calibration using standard reference materials can also be carried out via the optional standard calibration gas unit, in addition, the instrument can and external infrared furnace and high-end mass spectrometer to achieve ultra-low diffusible hydrogen and hydrogen content testing.

Non-contact infrared temperature sensor

G8 Galileo is the only detection system equipped with an infrared thermometer of hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen analyzer, the reaction temperature can be achieved for real-time monitoring during analysis, thereby ensuring analysis at a set temperature.

Application of infrared temperature sensors, in some applications have unique advantages, such as morphological analysis and dynamics of some analytes, and aluminum hydrogen content detection, infrared temperature monitoring system can automatically detect the melting point, so so that the hydrogen content detection breeze.

Pulse furnace

G8 Galileo pulse furnace power can be controlled using a variety of models to respond flexibly to the needs of a variety of complex sample testing. Large rotary injection channel, you can ensure that chip samples, sample plots and debris safety injection,, and effectively remove blank.

G8 Galileo can be equipped with automatic cleaning device and a dust removal system, and automatic sampling system, which greatly improves the efficiency of sample analysis and reduce maintenance time.

Detection system

G8 Galileo high sensitivity infrared and thermal conductivity detector. Electronic frequency control effectively avoid the drawbacks of mechanical cutting light motor multiple detector system can meet the needs of a variety of high and low levels of detection.

Expand the application

G8 Galileo total hydrogen and diffusible hydrogen analyzer, equipped with diffusible hydrogen analysis components to achieve the detection of total hydrogen and hydrogen diffusion in the same instrument for the study of the formation mechanism of hydrogen embrittlement and prevention is important.

G8 Galileo mass spectrometer to achieve ultra-low hydrogen content detected in the car with super-strength steel and aerospace field has important applications.

G8 Galileo nuclear industry-specific instrument, special radiation protection design, used in the United States and France, the nuclear industry projects.

Measurement range (1g)

H: 0.01ppm-0.3%

O: 0.05ppm-6%

N: 0.05ppm-3%

Analysis time:

About 50s

Sensitivity: 0.001ppm

Power supply:

Analyzer: 400V, 7KVA

Peripherals: 230V, 800VA

Reproducibility: O, N due to 0.3%, H better than 1%

Carrier gas:

N2 purity of 99.999%

He purity of 99.996%

Pressure 2bar

Compressed air: dry, 5bar

Cooling water: about 4l / min

Instrument Size: 700 x 830x 600 mm (W x D x H)

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Q:I would like to ask you prawns, domestic coal quality analysis instruments, coal testing equipment, well-known brands which?
Hebi Huanuo, can look at the Internet search, information security products, customer service service is very good
Q:What are the specific methods of chemical instrument analysis?
Chemical reagents, scales and some glassware are used for the determination.
Q:Excuse me, when laboratory qualification is confirmed, how does analytical instrument confirm?
For the calibration certificate, the result is confirmed directly; the calibration certificate is to see if the calibration result meets the requirements, and then confirm.
Q:Instrument features of ICP-AES analyzer
The detection limit is low and the analytical sensitivity is high (ng/ml level can be detected)
Q:What are the main performance indicators of an analytical instrument?
7. Stability. In the potentiometric method, the stability is usually indicated by the potential shift of the electrode system under constant conditions.8. Reproducibility. The mean deviation of potential in the potentiometric method when the finger electrode is returned three times to determine the solution with a concentration of 10-3 mol/L and 10-2 mol/L.
Q:What does water quality analysis instrument include?
If you want to ask is what are the specific I can only say a few words about the water quality analysis instrument, including half of it, the conductance (including desktop and portable), pH (including desktop and portable meter), sodium silicate, analysis, phosphate analyzer, hydrazine analyzer, iron content analysis, copper content analyzer. Turbidity (including desktop and portable), BOD, COD, chlorine, phosphorus, spectrophotometry, ultraviolet spectrophotometry, ion chromatography, atomic absorption, TOC, point titration and so on
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Electronic and optical microscopy, optical spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, analytical instrument, chromatography, spectroscopy, spectral, electrochemical analysis instrument, X-ray analysis instrument, thermal analysis instrument, all kinds of portable instrument, surface analysis, core analysis, element analysis, process analysis instruments;
Q:What is the principle of an industrial analyzer?
The instrument has high reliability through the use of advanced acquisition and transmission data control system. Is one of the commonly used coal testing equipment.
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On line measurement and measurement is different, in general is elevation, instruments or other means of verticality measurement work, put the line is limited to the scope of the construction of buildings, roads, construction plans will reflect to the construction site.Generally use level to determine elevation
Q:In principle, how many kinds of instrument analysis can be divided into?
Mass spectrometry is used to determine the molecular structure.In addition, other instrumental analysis techniques are limited to the limited level of knowledge of individuals

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