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Using high-frequency furnace and infrared detection G5 CRIUS carbon and sulfur analyzer is carbon and sulfur fast and accurate analysis of the ideal instrument, especially for metal materials, ceramics, and other inorganic materials, minerals, cement, clay, and so on. Solid sample placed in a sealed high-frequency furnace internal ceramic crucible, and a stream of combustion in oxygen. In order to achieve optimum combustion results, high-frequency furnace power can be adjusted. CO2 gas produced by the reaction and SO2 measured by solid-state IR detectors. The system has a fast speed, high accuracy and sensitivity, while easy to use, with virtually no maintenance.

By introducing the latest technologies critical, G5 CRIUS will improve usability and productivity to a new level. Innovative design uses a combustion zone side blowing technology (patented technology), immediate removal of the released gas and dust to form a metal oxide, to ensure there is sufficient oxygen sample. Unique automatic cleaning system with brushless dust, ensuring synchronization clean dust filters and gas extraction aperture, while the dust collection to the (used) crucible for processing. In addition, the new thermostat dust filter to achieve a minimum dead volume. These innovative technology to create an unrivaled features and performance:

Suitable for a wide range of samples, higher combustion efficiency, effectively prevent dust and splash to maximize productivity, applicability and component life

Burner system has more than a vacuum cleaner and cleaner, dust filters and environment, but avoiding the disadvantages of vacuum cleaner system to achieve unparalleled stability analysis, while reducing the maximum daily maintenance

G5 CRIUS equipped with carefully selected solid, non-dispersive infrared detector, no moving parts, and is standard equipped with two kinds of carbon (CO2) and sulfur (SO2) range. All channels can be recorded simultaneously, and data processing software can automatically evaluate the best choice.

Software G5 CRIUS intuitive analysis software provides a clear user interface. User Workflow different tasks, such as measuring, method setting, calibration, and data evaluation are clearly divided in different views

Features and benefits of the combustion zone with innovative design, equipped with gas extraction nozzle (patent pending), gun-free operation: no error-prone gun, burning more efficient, while virtually eliminating the dust, splash and without wear and tear; thus extending the the life of the components (eg quartz combustion tube), reducing maintenance work, improve work efficiency

Automatic cleaning system, no noise operation, vacuum dust: no regular maintenance after vacuuming into the crucible

Dual dual-range solid NDIR detector (no moving parts), equipped with two standard range, automatic baseline compensation and best range selection

Zero oxygen flow patterns can be saved during the break; in standalone mode, without additional reagent consumption

The main components of HF and IR detector tube enjoys a unique three-year warranty

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