Automatic measuring sulfur analyzer

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Product Description:

Just ready to sample (20 at once) on the turntable, the instrument automatically complete the analysis, and the sample can be recycled. This product is the "Sixth National Power Industry Skills Competition" instrument --5E-S3100 upgrade automation products.

Patented technology:

A drying apparatus for measuring sulfur analyzer (ZL 200920000334.3)

2. Fast draining devices (ZL 200920156827.6)

3. sulfur analyzer for measuring temperature combustion tube fixed sleeve (ZL 200920156826.1)

4. An electrolytic cell (ZL 200920219283.3)

Technical features:

1. Using horizontal furnace and GB porcelain boat, fully meet the national standard.

2. High automation, the operator simply ready samples (up to 20) on the turntable, the instrument automatically to complete the analysis. (Figure 1)

3. The boot can be self-test, an error message appears, provide maintenance recommendations.

4. Convenient tapping control, easy to clean the cell, the electrolyte replacement.

5. Large-capacity drying tube, reducing the frequency of replacement desiccant.

6. DC pump, flow stability, low noise.

7. networking, external electronic balance.

Technical parameters:

The number of samples (number / time): 20

Sulfur measurement range: from 0.01% to 20%; sulfur measurement resolution: 0.01%

Sample weight (mg): 45 ~ 55 (coal), 80 to 100 (oil)

Single-sample test time (min): 4

Working oven (℃): 1150 (coal, coke), 920 (oil)

Temperature accuracy (℃): ± 3; Power (kW): <3; Weight (kg): 57

Dimensions (mm): 968 × 510 × 345

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Q:What is the principle of automatic biochemical analyzer?
Analysis of automatic biochemical analyzer, can be said to be based on the traditional spectrophotometer developed. Structurally, it contains the main part, spectrophotometer, such as: light source, monochromator (dispersion device), colorimetric pool and detector; in addition, it also includes some unique, biochemical analysis required such as: sample system, cleaning system, temperature control system, the software system.
Q:Is the polarimeter a physical or chemical instrument or an optical ray instrument?
Iron oxide (Fe2O3) commonly known as iron oxide red, as red pigment; some industrial process applications and is also a catalyst of metal oxide.
Q:What does the field metallographic analyzer do? Is there a difference between the metallographic analyzer and the metallographic analyzer?
On site, the results can be quickly analyzed without cutting, as long as sanding, polishing, and etching
Q:What are the instruments for pile foundation testing?
Any gas through the leak will produce eddy current, there will be part of the ultrasound band, the leak detection system to gas sensing any type of leakage makes ultrasonic detector.
Q:How do you understand the performance indicators of an analytical instrument: dynamic range? How do you understand the following diagram?
In the linear response limit above the measured signal, it is necessary to change the "sampling amount" and other measures, so that the measured signal in the linear range before you can calculate the results reported
Q:Which brand is good for chemical analysis instruments?
In addition, when the glutaraldehyde storage time is too long, the pH value will be reduced, the color yellow, the fixed potency will be greatly reduced. If the glutaraldehyde pH value drops below 3.5 or contains other impurities, it must be purified before it can be used. Glutaraldehyde has a hardening effect on the skin, but it is less volatile than formaldehyde. It is best to operate in a fume hood.
Q:With the development of science and technology, why can't instrumental analysis replace chemical analysis completely?
For example, for example, a detection component is detected in the content is 10%, then the detection error in +-1% is relatively large, the detection of 9%-11%, +-0.1% and error is reasonable, namely 9.9%-10.1% detection at this time for chemical analysis, instrument analysis obviously large error for the content; 0.1% components, error +-1% is completely acceptable. The detection of 0.09%-0.11%, and the error in +-0.1% is not necessary, the range of 0.099%-0.101% detection in analytical chemistry is neither necessary nor meaning, then apply the instrument analysis.
Q:What are common automatic biochemical instrument analysis systems?
Biochemical analyzer detection equipment has become the hospital must, according to the structure principle of biochemical analyzer, biochemical analyzer can be divided into continuous flow pipe, vertical, centrifugal and dry type etc., at present the most commonly used clinical discrete biochemical analyzer, the commonly used detection methods including end point method, fixed time method and continuous monitoring method.
Q:Which is more promising for the sale of medical devices and analytical instruments?
In sales, it's difficult to sell the hospital. You can't get close to the purchasing leader of the hospital unless you have a strong hospital background. Otherwise, it will be difficult.
Q:What is the measuring line on the highway? Is it measured by an instrument such as a theodolite?
On line measurement and measurement is different, in general is elevation, instruments or other means of verticality measurement work, put the line is limited to the scope of the construction of buildings, roads, construction plans will reflect to the construction site.Generally use level to determine elevation

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