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Mobile spark spectrometer Q4 MOBILE is a mobile direct-reading spectrometer for metal sorting, material reliability of the identification of all application fields (PMI) and analysis.

Q4 MOBILE is a mobile optical direct-reading spectrometer, suitable for all applications of metal classification, PMI, materials analysis, and provide innovative solutions to the following:

CCD uses patented optical system with excellent resolution and thermal stability

Easy to use touch-screen display design and built-in probe

Special power management support for all forms of power

Hybrid cable can implement a longer, lighter, more flexible probe wiring

Thermal stability, without preheating, instantly available

Arc spark excitation dual mode spray gun, the adapter can be easily achieved through mode.

   Direct Reading Spectrometer Q4 MOBILE is the most compact, lightweight, one of the most integrated spectrometer. Thanks to the built-in battery (optional), this weight 24 kilograms of equipment can be run from the main power supply. Perform special tasks, can provide various lengths of cable. Ultralight stimulate gun, lightweight hybrid cable configuration makes this easy to use.

   Bruker's new portfolio of mobile spark spectrometer adhering to the traditional high-end performance. The patented optical system, the excitation source and the vertical plasma observation methods with the latest technology combined with spectral interpretation, providing analysis and performance comparable to laboratory instruments. Can be equipped with UV excitation gun for challenging UV elemental analysis.

   Should be varied with the field. In addition to incoming Identification - such as rapid test coil on the truck - outside, the mixture is filtered its typical applications. Direct reading spectrometer Q4 MOBILE portability allows outside laboratory tests, convenient check purchase. Contracted laboratory and testing equipment can easily be sent directly to the job site, and perform analytical work in the field. Quick test unsorted waste (including carbon) in the scrap yard. By analyzing various alloys can be distinguished, and deliver valuable and precious materials to customers.

Direct reading spectrometer Bruker Q4 MOBILE desktop to fill the gaps between OES and XRF handheld. If you need metal sorting, PMI, or on-site analysis, the Q4 MOBILE is the ideal choice.

Flexibility has a new mobile direct-reading spectrometer

   Direct Reading Spectrometer Q4 MOBILE is a landmark in the field of mobile spectrum of products, it is suitable for all applications in metal sorting, PMI, materials analysis.

   It is compact, set in one of the many advantages, the use of patented CCD optical system, a unique power management system and composite cable technology, both components of the incoming screening analysis, identification of trademark or high-precision requirements, can well to complete the task, to provide customers with innovative solutions.

The most simple design

   Direct Reading Spectrometer Q4 MOBILE is the most concise, one of the lightest integrated spectrometer. Thanks to the built-in battery (optional), which sets the weight 24Kg equipment, be freed from the mains supply. Perform special tasks, can provide various lengths of cable. Very convenient lightweight gun excited, lightweight cables are made in line with the use of this instrument

High-end analytical performance

   Bruker product portfolio, the new mobile spark direct reading spectrometer Bruker manufacturing heritage of the usual high-end analytical performance. Patented optical system, the excitation light source and combine vertical plasma spectrum observation methods with the latest analytical techniques can be obtained with laboratory instruments comparable analysis results. This instrument can be equipped with UV excitation gun, challenging UV detection elements include a demand for N elements

Wide range of applications

   Broad range of applications, for the detection of the alloy, it is from a typical application, Q4 MOBILE portability allows outside laboratory testing, inspection personnel can easily be sent directly to the job site together and perform analytical work in the field. For large metal parts are not easy to sample the finished products, semi-finished products to detect, analyze incoming field are preferred testing equipment. You can also quickly test unsorted waste plant waste (including carbon), through the analysis can be quickly and accurately distinguish between the various alloys

Metal sorting, material identification (PMI), on-site analysis

Industry: metallurgy, casting, forging, machinery manufacturing, valves, fittings, pressure vessels, automotive parts, railways, shipping, aviation, scrap metal recycling, testing agencies, research institutions, contract laboratories

ARC largest low ripple 5A

Frequency range 50-1000Hz (spark mode)

Stimulate gun: new composite cable length 4M / 10M optional

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Q:What is the principle of automatic biochemical analyzer?
Analysis of automatic biochemical analyzer, can be said to be based on the traditional spectrophotometer developed. Structurally, it contains the main part, spectrophotometer, such as: light source, monochromator (dispersion device), colorimetric pool and detector; in addition, it also includes some unique, biochemical analysis required such as: sample system, cleaning system, temperature control system, the software system.
Q:What tests can be made by a skin test instrument?
Because the skin moisture in the presence of liquidity, skin test instrument designed automatic control sensor for multi vector repeat detection, large amounts of data and the complicated formula of the sensor is analyzed are the most close to the real situation of the data. Just as people swim in a swimming pool with water and oil, different water, oil content and speed are different, so as to test the effluent oil content. The elasticity of the skin is designed by using the principle of geometric difference, and the accuracy and reliability are high.
Q:What instruments do you need to open a beauty parlor?
If you own beauty salon located in the end of the salon, you need some distinctive high-end health care instruments, these instruments are commonly used; if you locate a beauty salon is a high-end club level, so we need to introduce high-end beauty equipment and health physiotherapy instrument. Therefore, the beauty salon instrument purchase depends on the positioning of the beauty salon.
Q:Excuse me, when laboratory qualification is confirmed, how does analytical instrument confirm?
1 、 is the instrument equipped with the accuracy grade according to the standard requirements?;2. The general requirements for calibration / calibration of analytical instruments;
Q:How does the audio analyzer test circuit parameters?
A high precision signal source analyzer has twelve test functions including measurement level, noise, distortion, phase, intermodulation distortion, real-time dual channel ratio of amplitude, frequency jitter, real-time crosstalk, AC voltage parameters and input impedance. In general, three measurement results can be displayed simultaneously on the dot matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) on the panel. The instrument can produce sine, Fang Bo, and signals for intermodulation distortion testing. The machine contains standard tunable 1/3 Octave bandpass filtering, 400Hz high pass and 22KHz and 80KHz low-pass filters, A weighted and CCIR (QPK, ARM and RMS) weighted filtering.
Q:Is there an instrument that can detect leaking water in a wall?
Leak detection method of water pipe:1, the first thing to do is to close the main locks. The hose is then attached to both ends of the hot and cold water pipe.2, at the same time, one end of the instrument is fixed on another pipe in the same space.3, when the master in the use of equipment, you need to wring each interface, can not cause leakage, so that the measured water pressure will be accurate.4, when everything is ready, you can be ready for pressure testing.5, the water pressure will gradually increase, test the water pipe pressure, to see whether there is water leakage.6, the test division of the water pressure hit, in accordance with popular parlance, at this time the water pressure is 8 pounds.7, check the water pipes everywhere to see if there is water seepage or water leakage.
Q:X ray fluorescence spectrum analyzer and other analytical instruments, such as: AAS, ICP and so on, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
The individual test experience, reference: X ray fluorescence spectrum analyzer (XRF) and ICP AAS, the former is similar to the test principle, using physical methods, with the surface electron atom binding energy reaction surface chemical composition; they are using chemical methods, qualitative and quantitative analysis were carried out using spectral wavelength and intensity of different elements; XRF test low cost, simple operation, no damage to the sample, comparing the test for homogeneous material or surface coating products, data stability and accuracy than ICP and AAS.
Q:How can a leveling measure the height of a instrument?
Do not need to know the instrument level is high, the level is just a horizontal line of sight through the horizontal line of sight on forward rear view of reading difference to obtain the difference between before and after treated, the trigonometric leveling instead of four water standards requirement of equipment, is to measure the total station, from the following points to the lens axis, the instrument has marked
Q:What is the measuring line on the highway? Is it measured by an instrument such as a theodolite?
The highway survey and lofting is to calibrate the design coordinates and design elevation of the middle line, the left and right side lines, the road revetment, the retaining wall, the side ditch and so on on the road design and construction drawings, and demarcate them to the actual position of the ground.The instrument can use a lot of road layout, a theodolite and leveling instrument, range finder or steel tape, total station, GPS-RTK, construction units of ordinary common Theodolite Level and measurement ruler, advanced equipment and specialized surveying and mapping units used in the total station and GPS etc..
Q:An instrument for measuring the size of a building. What is it called?
Laser range finder is an instrument that uses laser to measure the distance of target accurately. The laser rangefinder emits a beam of very fine laser to the target in the job, the laser beam by the optical element receives the reflected laser beam, the timer determination time from transmitting to receiving, calculating the distance from the observer to the target. Laser range finder is light weight, small size, simple operation, fast and accurate, and its error is only 1/5 to hundreds of other optical range finder.

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