Quick ash calorific value test system

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Product Description:

Instrument Description:

5E-HCY7500 portable heat value fast ash analyzer is used for rapid determination of ash coals and heat equipment,

Applicable in the car, train, coal quality coal pile on-site inspection.

Technical parameters:

Measuring range: 6% ≤ ≤60% ash content

Accuracy: measurement granularity ≤3cm, evenness good coal

Ash ≤20% error value ≤1%

Ash> 20% of indicated value × 5%

Test data can be stored: 1000 group.

Test time: 10 seconds.

Dimensions: Length 80cm, diameter 7.5cm.

Weight: 4Kg.

Power: 5V Lithium battery, can work nine hours, can be recharged.

Main features:

1, the instrument before each use without correction, can be measured every 30 seconds of a point, and fast!

2, portable, one person may operate during the operation have voice prompts.

3. Use the LCD backlight display the operation screen, can be operated at night, on-screen display as follows:

Gray scores:. ×× ×%

Heat:. ×× × MJ / Kg

Energy value:. ×× × Kev

4, may be infrared transfer of data to the PC, or printer.

5 for more coal testing, you can save 50 coal characteristic parameters of the instrument.

6, security, this instrument only within 30 seconds, without any damage to the operator.

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Manual injection, empty breaking needle, automatic sampling, sampling rate is zero.

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