Handheld alloy analyzer

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Brooke handheld alloy analyzer

    Handheld alloy analyzer can analyze samples for your quick and accurate completion of the design elements of S1 TITAN. Whether the need to analyze large machined parts, children toys or small pieces of jewelry, handheld alloy analyzer S1 TITAN can quickly and accurately obtain the results for you. Ergonomic design of the gun-shaped handle and trigger switch, very long time for you to use. Color touch-type LCD screen can display clearly in any light. S1 TITAN weighs only 1.5kg, is currently available on the lightest tube XRF analyzer.

   Using (aim - launch) designed S1 TITAN handheld alloy analyzer, only minimal setup and operation training. Has user-level hierarchy with the competent authority to operate, executives choose to use the basic functions of the operator to control or complete control, two levels of operating authority and intuitive interface make it the perfect tool for S1 TITAN not only for beginners, but also very suitable to use Advanced

   Due to the use of non-destructive XRF technology, so it is suitable for the analysis and sorting of feed, and the production of finished parts. Handheld alloy analyzer S1 TITAN application is not limited to the clean production of parts; scrap metal finishing, geochemical soil testing laboratory and also in S1 TITAN's applications. Listing the applications have different calibration methods, without any calibration manner consistent with your applications, we can build for your application-specific calibration mode.

     S1 TITAN handheld alloy analyzer is Bruker's latest models of handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (alloy analyzer), a leading international, powerful, lightest, quality control (QA / QC), material analysis (PMI), mixed material identification, waste sorting (Recycling), grade identification (Grade ID) and other areas in the best, most reliable detection equipment.

    Bruker S1 TITAN handheld alloy analyzer compact design, precise measurement accuracy, superior ability to resist harsh environments, more suitable for users in a variety of environments, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, rain, and even when the job ensures normal operation of equipment, more lightweight and convenient to use.

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Measuring range of elements: Mg-U

Handheld alloy analyzer applications:



Metal recovery and classification

Quality Control

Military industry


Power Station

Boilers, vessels, pipes, etc.

Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Precious metal analysis


Handheld fluorescence spectrometer software features

Handheld alloy analyzer technical parameters:

Bruce Crockett has been certified S1 TITAN patent accessories, anti-tie detectors, not only can protect the detector window is sharp metal materials (such as wood shavings and filaments) pierced bad, but also can quickly and accurately analyze virtually any material. Anti-bar detector which greatly reduces the probability of the detector is pierced, thus avoiding the problems and costs arising due to the replacement detector.

Patented anti TITAN tie detector can protect the detector

Anti-bar detectors reduce the maximum degree of expensive probes were slashed the odds

Does not reduce the analytical performance, even for light elements

So downtime to a minimum

Worry greatly eliminate waste measurement

Results The mean function

Battery power display

Color code shows

Voice prompts

Power Saving Function

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Q:What is coal quality industrial analyzer, coal quality industrial analyzer, which are the main indicators of coal?
Industrial analyzer is mainly used for analysis in coal: water (water), ash, volatile matter and fixed carbon (calculated), is composed of a heating system (Gao Wenlu), weighing system (balance) and control system (computer) instrument, to replace the old muffle furnace and oven, balance function, can reduce the the influence of the test results;
Q:What kind of instrument does a battery company usually use?
A battery is a device for converting chemical energy into electrical energy, in which the electrolyte, solution, and metal electrode are used to produce an electric current of a cup, a slot, or other container or composite container. With positive and negative points. With advances in science and technology, batteries refer to small devices that generate electrical energy.
Q:What instruments are used for building subsidence observation?
Subsidence, that is, vertical displacement, the general use level, the total station can also, you can look at the observation of subsidence records, generally only need elevation records
Q:How do you understand the performance indicators of an analytical instrument: dynamic range? How do you understand the following diagram?
In the quantitative determination below the limit of the measured signal, the test report is often reported less than the test line data
Q:What instrument is used to detect formaldehyde more accurately?
There are many formaldehyde content detection methods in indoor air environment, which can be divided into AHMT spectrophotometry, phenol reagent spectrophotometry, gas chromatography, acetylacetoneSpectrophotometry, electrochemical sensors, formaldehyde self-test box, and so on.
Q:A machine analysis instrument to sell it out
It's controlled by a cell phone or by a remote control.
Q:What is the height of a level instrument? What is the back view reading?
The foot and foot pad of the instrument are firmly trampled, and the settlement will not happen in a short time! 5, the minimum level of silk ruler reading more than 0.5 meters; the above conditions are indispensable!
Q:What is the basis for building an analytical instrument?
Any kind of analysis instruments can be regarded as four parts. The signal generator, signal converter, reading device, and recording system. We can amplify by atomic absorption spectrometer as an example! The signal generator is a sharp line source, have characteristic absorption atomic absorption line hollow cathode lamp. The instrument also added other accessories. Such as atomic system, monochromator
Q:What kind of jobs does the analytical instrument include?
Employment is not difficult, diploma, then, does not belong to institutions or civil servants do not require. Because, after all, the industry is willing to do very little. Analytical instruments: gas chromatography (Pharmaceutical mostly organic matter detection), liquid chromatography (also to pharmaceutical multipoint), ion chromatography (anion, cation), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, graphite furnace atomic absorption and flame (metal), atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer (mainly arsenic, mercury, selenium detection, can also detect other metal elements), flow injection (automatic routine spectroscopy), ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer (spectrophotometric method chemical analysis), ICP-AES (metal, but less, because of the high-end, more expensive), ICP-MS (measurement metal, super high-end, more expensive, not domestic), most of these.
Q:What are the general aspects of evaluating the analytical properties of an instrumental analysis method?
Repeatability and reproducibility, stability of evaluation methods.

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