Automatic lightwave moisture analyzer

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Product Description:

Patented technology:

1. Automatic moisture meter waves (application number: 201030505349.3)

2. The ring of light tube clips (application number: 201020516455.6)

3. A nitrogen device (application number: 201020516454.1)

Using standard:

GB / T211-2007 "Determination of total moisture in coal", GB / T212-2008 "method of analysis of coal industry", GB / T483-2007 "coal analytical test methods General Provisions"

Technical features:

1, using DSP + CPLD common platform, strong real-time and reliability, easy software upgrades.

2, with automatic nitrogen means nitrogen drying method may be employed when moisture testing, after introducing nitrogen to protect the test sample is not oxidized, to achieve arbitration analysis.

3, using light waves instead of infrared tube pipe, light heating more uniform heating faster, more efficient heating, more energy-efficient, energy-saving efficiency of 15%, the test speed.

4 ways to overcome the low thermal efficiency infrared heating, water testing for a long time defects; with cooling devices, multi-batch continuous testing latency, test efficiency by 25%.

5, external balance data display, real-time display weight, user precise control sample weight.

6, with power and memory function, a sudden power failure without losing the test data, power can continue to complete the test.

7, using a number of unique patented technology to improve the overall performance of the instrument.

Technical parameters

Measuring the number of samples (a) 18

Precision line with GB / T211-2007, GB / T212-2008

Test Time (mm) classical method (25-45), fast method (15-25)

Power (kW) <2.5

Weight (kg) 45

Dimensions (mm) 530 × 650 × 615

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Q:What is the function of Spectrum Analyzer?
Main functions of spectrum analyzerThe main functions are the following six items:Frequency settingReference level settingBandwidth, scan time, trigger control settingsTracking generator settingsTracking control settingsMeasurement of return loss (in dB) using marker function
Q:What kinds of analytical instruments and related applications have been invented by using X rays?
A crystalline substance, has its special crystal structure, including lattice type, spacing and other parameters by X ray irradiation specimen with enough energy, in the sample of the material by the excitation, will produce two X ray fluorescence (mark X rays), crystal surface reflection crystal follow Prague's law. By measuring the diffraction angle (peak) qualitative analysis can compound, determination of integral intensity of spectral line (peak intensity) can make quantitative analysis and determination of changes in the relationship between the detection of spectral line intensity with angle of grain size and shape.
Q:How to choose the coal analysis instrument?
Installation maintenance1, the ground (table) should be smooth;2, there is no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and gases;3, from the wall to 20 ~ 30cm is easy;4, good ventilation, dust discharge is small, the air humidity is not greater than 85%;5 、 keep the inside and outside of the box clean and dry;6. Dry boxes should not be piled up.
Q:Audio analyzer for audio analyzer
In combination acoustics, for example, the term "timbre" is often used to evaluate its performance. The so-called tone is the difference of sound caused by different harmonics. The so-called "balance" of sound refers to the amount of sound that sounds in full frequency range and sounds natural. The audio analysis instrument is the role of the evaluation equipment industry terms expressed in the form of various quantitative parameters, the measurement of distortion characteristic parameters corresponding to the harmonic tone "is the" balance "is related to the frequency of equipment in the whole audio range of distribution of the ring.
Q:I'd like to know something about distribution instruments
And to know the user's requirements, especially the precision instrument, detection limit, some users demand is high, some low, import, domestic etc..
Q:What are the prospects of the application engineers for analytical instruments?
R & D, R & D wages are many times after the sale, and technical talent is a priceless treasure.
Q:What kind of electrical, automatic and instrument equipment are needed in the sewage treatment plant?
Electrical equipment: transformer, power distribution cabinet, control box, motor, cable and corresponding accessories;Water pump equipment: water pump, mud pump, booster pump, flushing pump, administration pump, vacuum pump and electric valve etc.;Machinery and equipment: including mixing equipment, sludge discharge equipment, sludge dewatering equipment, drag or hoist mechanical equipment, air compressor and so on;
Q:What safety matters should we pay attention to when using chemical reagents and using analytical instruments?
The selection of chemical reagents should be based on analytical requirements, including analytical tasks, analytical methods, and accurate results. Different grades of reagents should be used. If you want to use high purity or guaranteed reagent trace analysis, in order to reduce the blank value and avoid the interference of impurities.
Q:How can the spectrometer software be used offline?
I understand the spectrometer of Yantai orient analytical instruments Co., Ltd., which is very convenient and can be run offline only if the software is set up as a simulated state
Q:Which is good for full automatic bacterial identification and drug sensitivity analyzer?
The French bioMerieux, it is the authority of microbial community in the world.

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