Coal real-time data analysis and management network

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■ System Features

  Laboratory data management system capable of coal quality laboratory instrument real-time monitoring and collection (including calorimeter series, measuring sulfur analyzer series, the industry analysis series, etc.), to provide a seamless interface for SPC data quality analysis and enterprise MES system at the same time, in order to guarantee the smooth progress of the experiment, a variety of resources such as personnel, equipment, facilities, etc. are also included among the effective management to improve the level of laboratory management, allowing companies to detect the level of information to reach a new level.

   Sampling room computer monitor computer laboratory center server (database server) consisting of an internal LAN, and the raw data for each station laboratory tests on the instrument for the collection, analysis and processing, printing; and then upload it to the laboratory via a LAN computer monitor (center server) summarize treatment. Meanwhile at the specified permissions for each user can be a variety of laboratory data query results via the web (WEB server). Reserved for external data interface, you can import the data into under the authority of the premise factory MIS information management system dedicated database for each user through the factory MIS system for testing data queries.

   System consists of the following modules: system management, sample information management, laboratory data management, resource management, system help, leadership queries.

Technical parameters:

■ Function System

System consists of the following modules: system management, sample information management, laboratory data management, resource management, system help.

Main features:

■ Technical Features

① laboratory data collection, processing, transfer automatically.

② real-time data query, statistical analysis, information distribution, leadership inquiry system to provide "one-stop" information services.

③ laboratory management processes, intelligence, networking, upgrading laboratory management.

④ laboratory data for the production of services, enhance production management standardization and scientific.

⑤ reduce office costs, reduce labor intensity and avoid manual errors and data errors, improve work efficiency.

⑥ maintain data consistency and data in the original, enhanced data sharing and avoid modifying data and data sources believed diversity, improve laboratory data security, impartiality and rigor.

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Q:How does the audio analyzer test circuit parameters?
One is to input sinusoidal signals into the device to be tested, and then to analyze the frequency components of the equipment response signal, so that harmonic distortion can be obtained. A more simple measurement method is the first to use bandstop filter filter response frequency components in the signal, voltage and measuring the residual signal directly, compared with the original signal, can get harmonic distortion. Obviously, second methods of harmonic distortion is THD+N, the total value of the voltage signal instead of the fundamental frequency component of voltage, so the harmonic distortion is smaller than the actual value, and the actual harmonic distortion is bigger, the greater the error.
Q:How do you understand the sensitivity and selectivity of instrumental analysis methods?
Instrumental analysis methods include many analytical methods, and there are currently ten kinds. Each method of analysis is based on different principles, the measured physical quantity is different, the operation process and application are also different.
Q:Are there any commonly used analytical instruments in chemical analysis?
Infrared spectrum, ultraviolet spectrum, mass spectrum, nuclear magnetic resonance and gel chromatography
Q:Quantitative analysis principle of gold standard quantitative analyzer
Definition of gold scale instrumentThe principle of reflection spectrophotometry was used, and it was used in combination with the gold reagents. It was used in the qualitative, semi quantitative and quantitative analysis of clinical projects.
Q:Audio analyzer for audio analyzer
In combination acoustics, for example, the term "timbre" is often used to evaluate its performance. The so-called tone is the difference of sound caused by different harmonics. The so-called "balance" of sound refers to the amount of sound that sounds in full frequency range and sounds natural. The audio analysis instrument is the role of the evaluation equipment industry terms expressed in the form of various quantitative parameters, the measurement of distortion characteristic parameters corresponding to the harmonic tone "is the" balance "is related to the frequency of equipment in the whole audio range of distribution of the ring.
Q:What method does the experiment use to eliminate the eccentricity of the instrument?
What is the spectrometer experiment to eliminate the eccentricity of the instrument?
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of instrumental analysis compared with traditional methods?
The disadvantage of instrument analysis is that the instrument is expensive, difficult to popularize, and the accuracy of constant analysis is low.
Q:Is there a 0 or lower scale on the measuring cylinder of the austenitic gas analyzer?
Is there a 0 or lower scale on the measuring cylinder of the austenitic gas analyzer?
Q:What is mechanical, instrumentation, automation?
Machinery, instrumentation, automation, it is mainly engaged in control, such as now very popular DCS control, FCS control, as well as conventional instruments, intelligent instrument control.
Q:What are the modes of calibration for measuring instruments?
The theodolite needs to be calibrated, the horizontal axis is perpendicular to the vertical axis, the cross wire is perpendicular to the horizontal axis, and the collimation axis of the telescope is perpendicular to the horizontal axis and the transverse axis is perpendicular to the vertical axis

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