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Using digital temperature controller control temperature, sensitive, accurate and

easy to operate.Studio is equipped with ventilation holes at the bottom of the

tank top is equipped with exhaust valve, the cold air from the bottom to,

through the roof and is equipped with wind stirring, make more uniform temperature field.

101 series electric drum drying manic box has excellent design, novel appearance,

convenient operation, accurate temperature control, easy to maintain, etc.

The use and for drying, baking, wax melting of items, sterilization, etc;

Apply to industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes,

colleges and universities, medicine and health care etc.

The working principle
Work after electric heater heating of indoor air, the fan forced circulation,

the workspace and heated objects in uniform heat exchange, in order to

achieve the goal of baking or dry.

Method of use
1, the door is opened, the need to deal with the heat of the items in the

trunk of the shelf, the door is closed, twist the exhaust valve on the control

panel set to half (may at any time during the process of heating by adjust the

temperature of the dry goods);
2, connected with the equipment requirements consistent power, and will be

used by the ground terminal of the power supply socket and reliable grounding;
3, open the power switch, the power indicator, temperature control instrumentation

started showed that the temperature of the studio;
4, heating switch is equipped with two, such as low temperature open heat 1, 2

high and open heating, heating at the same time.
5, according to the need of heated objects, turn the temperature setting knobs on the temperatu

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Q:Matters needing attention in carbon sulfur analyzer
Analysis of samples after the sulfur absorption liquid part should be discharged, will add to the original volume of absorption liquid, preventing carbon absorption liquid suction, if it is found that the suction phenomenon, must be washed with distilled water, otherwise the next determination, will make the error of low sulfur.
Q:Test methods for carbon sulfur analyzers
Gravimetric method (carbon and sulfur combined instrument): common alkali asbestos absorbs carbon dioxide, and carbon content is determined by increment. Determination of sulfur used wet sample decomposition with acid oxidation, transformed into sulfate, then adding barium chloride in hydrochloric acid medium to produce barium sulfate, precipitated, filtered, washed and burned, weighing and finally calculate the sulfur content. Slow speed is the weight analysis method shortcoming, so it is not possible for the analysis of Companies in the field of carbon and sulfur, the utility model has the advantages of high accuracy, is still at home and abroad as a standard method recommended for standard laboratories and research institutions.
Q:What are the requirements for the sulfur carbon analyzer test?
Titration (Di Dingyi): non-aqueous titration system uses acid-base titration for the determination of iron, carbon and sulfur elements. And arc furnace matching, suitable for general laboratory, furnace testing and so on.
Q:What carbon sulfur analyzer is reasonable for foundry?
Our foreign factories are using this brand LECO, Louzhu can refer to
Q:Domestic TOC analyzer (total organic carbon analyzer), which manufacturers better?
Very easy to use very convenient when the Tailin is on our side to say because of the two of them are each has a good detection accuracy but are similar but the price is cheap Bitailin Vico million in price above Vico is higher because of the said in domestic instrument Vico the competitive advantage and teiling
Q:TOC detection method of TOC analyzer
Ultraviolet oxidation processThe UV lamp is used to irradiate the water sample to be tested, and water is decomposed into hydroxyl and hydrogen groups. The hydroxyl and oxide combine to produce CO2 and water, and then detect the newly generated CO2 to calculate the total organic carbon content. In the use of ultraviolet oxidation process, by adding titanium dioxide, persulfate and so on, can improve oxidation capacity. The advantage of UV oxidation is its high oxidation efficiency and simple maintenance. The disadvantage is that the UV lamp needs to be replaced regularly.
Q:What supplies does organic carbon analyzer require?
Organic carbon, in geochemistry, refers to the amount of organic matter contained in rocks and corresponds to inorganic compounds.
Q:Dry process total organic carbon analyzer which manufacturers are good?
The total organic carbon analyzer is an instrument for measuring and analyzing the total TOC of organic carbon. When determining the carbides in water, cobalt is used as catalyst to burn at 950. CO2 is produced in combustion and measured by a non dispersive infrared gas analyzer. In the meantime, the inorganic carbonate was burned at 150 DEG C at low temperature and its CO2 number was measured. After subtracting this amount of CO2 from the total amount of carbon, it is the measurement of organic carbon.
Q:What is the reason for the low carbon measurement value of the cs30 series carbon sulfur analyzer?
Wu Jizu pointed out that the experiment: cast iron [omega (C) about =3.6%, the sample is 0.25g], according to the theoretical calculation of low of about 0.08%; high carbon steel [w (C) =1%, the sample is 1.0g], low of about 0.03%; low carbon steel [w (C) <0.4%] was not affected by. So in the carbon and sulfur in conjunction on high carbon sample determination results of standard samples with carbon content correction or similar determination according to the operation method of the same, to check the sample, prevent mistakes.
Q:Who knows carbon monoxide gas analyzer?
Carbon monoxide gas analyzer shows the use of LCD screen display, visual display of gas concentration, range. A simple button operation, make the operation more simple, easy to understand. Sensors use imported sensitive components. They are characterized by high accuracy, accurate measurement, good interchangeability and high reliability.

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