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i have a 04 kia sadona i have been having issues with the van overheating someone told me to open the bleeder valve and let it drain then refill leave the valve open and if i see bubbles in the radiator than its a blown head gasket. is this true? is there a bleeder valve on this and if so where is it located? its not on the thermostat housing i allready replaced the thermostat.
it doesnt have a bleeder screw. are ur fans coming on when it satrts to overheat?
Is there a more technically correct name for a valve that slowly opens, allowing increased pressure in a water line without blowing the end off?
I've always known them to be simply called motorized valves, but they aren't specifically made to prevent instantaneous pressure build up. They are usually installed as a convenience type of thing and in lieu of solenoid valve which WOULD be an almost immediate full pressure situation, but any valve other than a solenoid activated one will allow for slow build up of pressure. A motorized valve just lets you do it automatically and you don't have to be right at the valve location to open it. Al
My valve cover gasket has less them 2k miles on it and i noticed in some areas there is a lil oil shine around it so i was thinkin maybe i have to retighten the valve cover a lil bit more?
yes, tighten them down a little more.
my friend needs a flap valve replacement. does anyone no how serious this is, i dnt wanna lose my best friend?!!!
Its heart surgery, which is riskier than many other surgeries, but valve replacement is routine procedure. There's a variety of different procedures that are used and several different types of replacement valves. Some valves can be repaired and some need to be replaced. Repairs usually give a person a normal or nearly normal valve that will last forever. Valve replacements don't work quite as wells as repairs and they usually need to be replaced in a decade or so. Most people can have the valved replaced by threading a scope through the arteries or using tiny incisions, but some people require open heart surgery. My friend had one of his valves replaced with a valve made from a pig heart and he was only in the hospital one night, and back to work a week later.
And' the valve leaks......Can the valve be unscrewed from the tank for replacement? Or can the valve be serviced with a new gasket perhaps?
i would not worry about replacing the wsher inside the valve...U can go to about any home improvement store and just buy a new valve for around $10...so if they have a quarter turn valve...those will serve u best in the future plus it is a ball valve which doesnt use a washer but a ball inside turn so it is a better seal...just drain the water heater then unscrew the old one and put pipe sealant on the thread of the new one and just screw it back in and fill ur water heater back up and ur done..
ok so my 1993 bonneville started shaking and its smells like gas fumes in the car, so i cant drive it cause i have a newborn baby.so i took it to the dealership, they said codes 53,54,55,42,66 came up. they said i needed a new cadiletic converter, so i went to a local muffler shop. they said it was glowing cause it was so hot and said that wasnt the problem.i called the dealership back and they said they cleaned the egr vavle but said maybe it needs to be replaced, well before i spend any money i wanted to get everyones opinion, the car drive great, only shake when ur at idle. and smells awful inside uld this be the egr valve ?
Having the CC being cherry red is a bad sign- and I think that the muffler shop got that part wrong. If the smell is like rotten eggs, the converter is definitely bad. Going by the codes, they are all the fuel mixture- and I would think that the cause might be the starting problem with the CC (I'd fix the problem first, the CC might just be OK). A lean burn condition will set all the codes you are finding, except the 66 (A/C pressure sending unit). It is going to sound kind of funny, but I would start with the fuel filter (just change it, they are cheap but can be a pain) and after that I would pop can the EGR to lock it out and see if the problem goes away- don't leave it like this, the thing is needed for the engine to run properly: Take the EGR off the engine- two 1/2 inch bolts on either side. Cut the ends off a pop can and cut it to fit the EGR and the bolt holes, and put it in between the manifold and the EGR and bolt everything back up. If the problem goes away, it is the EGR system back feeding exhaust into the intake at too low of RPM's. You still might find that the convertor is bad- that much heat melts the guts of the thing and creates back pressure that the engine cannot handle- just try the other two first just in case, the convertor is expensive.
the ac replacement valve seems to be leaking i was wondering what is the average cost of having it replaced..
The valve itself is only a couple dollars. Some shops have a tool that will let them replace a valve without dumping the charge but since its likely low you will likely also have to pay the regular AC service fee which is usually $50-100 plus parts and refrigerant.
I mean dropping the valve seat. And some mechanic told me that it dropped when the catalytic converter got clogged and it hurt the engine. But the most I've heard is that if I want to avoid this from happening I should be running the engine a bit colder because the valves weren't made with the right specs and after a 100,000 miles they become a bit loose and when the engine gets to the normal temperature or just a bit above, the valve seats would drop. Does ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS?
Those old escorts ran forever. I don't fully understand your question. Are you having any problems with the engine now? If the engine is running like it always has, I think you are worrying about a stray comment from a mechanic. If one of the valves seats moves out of position, you will know. The engine will start making ticking sounds and you may lose power. If none of that is happening, you are worried about nothing. If you are having some of those issues, then take the car to a competent mechanic have the problem diagnosed and get the head rebuilt. It's not that expensive on that engine. Then you will have new valves, new seats, new guides and a very clean head.