Non-rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valves Made of Metal

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Non-rising resilient seated gate valves solve the problem in general gate valves such as leakage, rusting etc. and saves installation space. It is used widely in tap water industry, sewage treatment, shipping construction, petroleum, chemicals, food, pharmacy, textile, electric power, metallurgy and energy system's pipeline to adjust and shut off fluids.

l  Replaceable O-ring

l  Low torque operation

l  Rubber encapsulated wedge

l  Clockwise closing direction

l  Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and outside



Body materials: Ductile Iron/Metal

Design standard: DIN3352 F5/F4, according to requirements

Design pressure: PN10/PN16/PN25

Size: DN80mm-DN2000

Connect type: Flanged gate valve

Seal type: Resilient seated gate valve, EPDM+ Ductile Iron


Fusion bonded epoxy coated both on the interior as well as the exterior surfaces of the valve, flange surfaces are also fully epoxy coated, blue color.



Potable water, neutral liquids, irrigation, heating and chilled water, fire systems etc, in either above ground or buried service applications and requires minimal maintenance



This Ductile Iron Resilient Seated Gate Valve is fully compliant to DIN3352 F4. We have light weight type, heavy weight type and even middle weight type for your reference, and these three options design construction of ductile iron will offer a robust and durable extended life performance.


1-   Bolted bonnet, full bore: used for larger valves and higher pressure applications.

2-   Stem sealed with O-rings: realize zero leakage, could be replace under full pressure.

3-   Rubber encapsulated wedge: excellent elastic memory, ensure sealing effect.

4-   Blue fusion boned epoxy coated inside and outside: suitable for portable water.

5-   Working pressure from -1 to +16 and working temperature from -10 to +80°C



This valve is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including potable water, neutral liquids, irrigation, heating and chilled water, fire systems etc, in either above ground or buried service applications and requires minimal maintenance. This Resilient Seated Gate Valves have a rated working pressure of 16 Bar. The valves seal 100% leak tight. The waterway is clear, unobstructed and free from pockets. Resilient seated gate valves are fusion bonded epoxy coated both on the interior as well as the exterior surfaces of the valve, flange surfaces are also fully epoxy coated.



1-   OEM Factory : Professional manufacturer, clients from whole world.

2-   High Quality, Competitive Price: Custom is accepted.

3-   Complete Service: Long service Life, Fast delivery, Multilingual services.

4-   Certificates: ISO9001, CE, NSF, TS, WRAS.

5-   Low MOQ: Ready for providing the sample and producing some small orders.



Q: Do you produce valves with PN40?

A: Yes, but for PN40, we suggest materials of metal, like cast steel, stainless steel…etc. We could also produce ductile iron valves with PN40.


Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company? Which kind of valves do you supply?

A: We are a professional manufacturer of butterfly valves, check valve, non-return valves, gate valves, Y-strainer and so on.


Q: Will you do inspection before shipment? Whether Third Party Inspection is available?

A: We have a professional engineer team, so we can offer you the most professional technical support. All valves are tested twice before and after hammer pin to ensure its perfect sealing property and to make sure every valve is ok before ex-factory. TPI is ok but the clients should bear all fees.


Q: What kind of package do you use for these valves?

A: Valves from DN80-DN1400 will be packed in wooden boxes, but valves above DN1400 will be in wooden pallets. If you need wooden boxes for above DN1400, the price may be more expensive.

Non-rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valves Made of MetalNon-rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valves Made of Metal

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