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Regulator for gaseous media, to be fitted to all types of gas
Optimum dimensioning allows high throughput performance


VGBF regualtors are general purpose regualtors for controlling gas pressure to furnaces, ovens and other gas consuming equipment. They are suitable for nature, LP and clean biogas at inlet pressure up to 60psig (4bar). Springs are available to allow for a wide choice of outlet pressure.

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Q:Valve clearance importance?
um...yes, no,,no and yes. no really all i know is correct clearance is important and if incorrect, it can do some damage. it does affect mileage, and both intake and exhaust need adjustment and i would recommend a professional technician. it is sometimes difficult for even a pro to adjust valves. i don't do it often at work, but had some trouble on my own car. had to remove the cover and change a couple cuz they were noisy after made the first adjustment.
Q:What are the brass instruments with valves?
Trumpet, cornet, tuba, baritone, alto horn, mellophone, mellophonium, Flugelhorn, valve trombone, french horn, Rein horn, Helicon, Wagner Tuba, descant horn, piccolo trumpet, alto trumpet, bass trumpet, some hunting horns (cor chasse), keyed bugles, ophioclide,unihorner, frumpet. and all those drum and bugle corp instruments. I have listed maybe 1/10 of the instruments that have come up over the years with valves.
Q:please i want theory of MOTORIZED VALVE ?
Valves Either control valve or shut off vales operated by electric motor is called Motorized valve. Close the vale see it is closed Open the vale at different positions say 5% 10% 15% etc and see the control signal and the actual opening.
Q:Double valve air pump?
You only need to use the one valve, each valve will do 10-30 gallons so you'll be fine. As to the bubbler problem (sounds like a bubble brick to me, so that's what I'll call it), it's most likely uneven. If the brick isn't level it won't let out as much air in the right places. If leveling it doesn't work try adjust how much air goes into it, but the double valve won't be the problem for this. It came with two check valves for the two outlets, you only need to use one.
Q:PCV valve location on 1987 chevy blazer?
My guess would be in one of your valve covers,Look for the black hose hooked to it.
Q:What causes burnt valves?
Several things, the most common being too much heat in the combustion chambers. The heat literally melts slots in the valve face-I had one from 4.9 Ford truck with a clogged radiator that made the valve look like a sand dollar. Anything causing it to run hot , or hotter than designed, needs to be addressed. The other common problem is opening the exhaust up TOO much-Exhaust valves(which, by the way, are the ones that burn 95% of the time), are designed to have exhaust system backpressure help seat them when they close, thereby transferring the maximum amount of heat from the valve face onto the valve seat, which cools them down before the next cycle. Taking off converters, and staight-piping the exhaust will almost always result in burnt valves. An inoperative EGR system, which by design lowers the combustion chamber temperature , can contribute to valves burning.Overheating , however, is the most common cause.
Q:fill valve is squirting water?
Find out the source of the squirting water, you may still salvage the valve by just deflecting the water with an ordinary material like a plastic bottle cutaway assuming your level control valve is in perfect condition. Or to be safe just buy a new valve.
Q:Valve springs question?
You need to measure your installed height. No guessing here at all. Measure to be sure. If you don't have a valve spring micometer, you can use a std dail caliper's outside jaws. Remove spring, put retainer on, put 2 locks in, and pull up on retainer till it seats in lock groove. Now measure from spring seat on heads to bottom of retainer.. If you have to then you can measure to top of retainer and then measure thickness of retainer and take that off of your total. You have to know the installed height to figure spring pressure change. The 98214 springs has a rate of 411.. That 411 # per 1 inch and rated installed height is 1.700 So you take the amount of change from the 1.700 and X it by the rate of 411 and that's your total pressure change.. Then take or add that to your rated pressure (which is 115 #) and that gives you your new spring pressure So lets just say installed height is now 1.750 So .050 x 411 = 20.55 #, 115 - 20.55 = 94.45 # total seat pressure Now you need to list the cam your running, diff lift needs diff amount of spring pressure ***EDIT*** Thats a .465 lift cam. If your not winging RPMs past 5,000 then you can get away with a 80 # seat pressure spring, 6K rpm you would need about 5-8 # more seat pressure
Q:function of idle air control valve?
Iac Valve Function
Q:How do i make a ball valve?
It's a lot easier and cheaper to buy the valve at a hardware store than make it. You can probably get a motor and gear train from a hobby store. If it doesn't absolutely have to be a ball valve, you can get electric sprinkler valves from just about any home and garden supply. They're specifically designed to control water flow. Just hook it up to a power source and you're good to go. Addition: Just remembered, you can also get battery operated water control valves that connect between a faucet and a hose. I'm pretty sure they're ball valves internally. Prices vary, so shop around. Depending on how fancy you want it to be, they go for about $5.00 and up.

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