Fixed choke valve with API 6A Standard for Oil Field Usage

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Fixed choke valve Description

Choke valve as the main parts of christmas tree and manifold, it is mainly used for controlling the wellhead flow and its level of work pressure can be up to 15000 psi. Choke valve can be divided into adjustable choke valve and fixed choke valve.
Fixed choke valve is the main parts of the wellhead and christmas tree equipment, through special tools to replace the size of the oil nozzle, and transform the throttling area of the liquid to control crude oil production of the wellhead

2. Main Features of Fixed choke valve

1) With competitive price and high quality. 

2) Meet API standard. 

3) Meet your special requirements.

3. Fixed choke valve Images

4. Fixed choke valve Specification

Working Pressure2,000Psi 15,000Psi
Nominal Diameter2-1/16″~4-1/16"
PR ClassPR12
PSL ClassPSL14
Working Temp.KU (-60℃~121)
Working Mediumoilgasmud
Material Class AAHH
End Connection connecting with ANSI and API standards
Nozzle aperture :Φ3, Φ4, Φ5, Φ6, Φ7, Φ8, Φ9, Φ10, Φ11, Φ12, Φ13, Φ14, Φ15, Φ16

5. FAQ of Fixed choke valve

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Q:What are these valves on top of my compressor?
The valves are probably one way check valves and the line is called the discharge line. The valves could also be un-loader valves that release the head pressure when the compressor shuts off. For parts just google your compressor brand and model for parts dealers.
Q:Why can't i start my valve?
what kind of valve are you talking about? A Valvo?? LOL...No really, what kind of valve? Valves do not start, once the engine is fired up then the valve becomes a part of the engines 4 cycle system of opening and closing to allow fuel and air to enter inside the combustion chamber and ignite the fuel to keep the engine running. good luck..
Q:does the pcv valve help my transmission shift?
no, i'm prety sure the pcv valve is to help the engine run smoothly. or something that has to do with the engine, i really dont think that is related to the tramsmission
Q:ATV head (valve seats)?
Without knowing actually how big the space is, I'm hampered in my answer. If the valve isn't bent, you may be able to lap the valve and seat. Your service manual should have directions on how to do this. Or you may even be able to grind it out with valve-grinding compound. I've gotten away with using valve-grinding compound heavily in some cases that probably should have been lapped. I put the valve in it's guide and attach a rubber hose and drill to the end of the valve. Then, after applying the compound to the seat and valve, I spin the valve while gently pressing on it's head. I keep adding compound as needed. I've done several this way with no problems. But if you have a big gouge you will probably need to get a lapper.
Q:What does an EGR valve do?
The Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve allows a metered amount of exhaust to be drawn into the intake to be re-burned with the fuel and air mixture. The purpose for that is to introduce an inert gas to the mixture which lowers combustion temperatures. The reason for lowering combustion temperatures is to reduce the emissions of NOX from the tailpipe. I'm not sure if it needed to be replaced either, but if your check engine lamp doesn't come on anymore, then it probably did need it.
Q:HVAC with older refrigerant valves.?
Unless you are EPA certified, you have no business checking the refrigerant in old AC units. If you get caught, you could face a hefty fine.
Q:valve covers?
Q:Mitral Valve Prolaspe??
I would say she is probably due for a check up. She probably will need an echocardiogram of her heart to check the mvp
Q:Valve cover gasket leak?
I have see one time that a car had blown valve cover gasket. It leak very well and Touch on Exhaust Madifold. It cause fire. Engine is High milages. Engine make blow by through piston and cylinder. Bypass gas cause Press gaskets or seals to make oil leaks. Other thing is loose vaccum for brakes. It make hard to press brakes. Like air leak. OR Rubber valve cover gasket getting dry up, and start brittles. Its ten years old, So go and replace valve cover. If you know how, That will be great. Do it asap Than Sorry.
Sounds like you have a valve that is not opening up fully. Is the noise coming from within the valve box or from the plumbing inside the house? I am assuming that it is coming from the valve box itself. If the valve is not opeing fully at that 4th station, the low volume of water flowing through the opening is causing a humming sound. And, with a low volume of water entering the lateral lines, your last station heads will not popup all the way, or may not popup at all. Check to make sure that you have no soft, wet, mushy areas on the turf in the last station area that would indicate a lateral line breakage or leek. If you do not see this occuring, you more than likely need to change out the valve and replace it with a new one for that particular system... Hope this answers your question. ...Billy Ray

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