API Cast Steel Lift Check Valve Size 100 mm

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Product Description:

API Cast Steel Lift Check Valve 150 Class

The features of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve

Bolted Bonnet;Swing and lift disc;Metallic seating surfaces.

Body and Bonnet Connection of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve:

The body and bonnet of Class150~Class900 check valves are usually with studs and nuts.And the body and bonnet of Class1500~Class2500 check valves are usually of pressurized seal design.

Body-To-Bonnet Joint of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve:                                                                                                         

Stainless steel + flesible graphite wounded gasket is used for Class 150 and Class 300 check valve;Stainless steel + flexible graphite wounded gasket is used for Class 600 check valve,and joint gasket is also optional for Class 600 check valve;Ring joint gasket is used for Class900 check valve;Pressurized seal design is used for Class 1500~Class 2500 check valves.

Seat of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve:

For carbon steel check valve,the seat is usually forged steel.The sealing surface of the seat is spray welded with hard alloy specified by the customer.Renewable threaded seat is used for NPS<10 check="" valves="" and="" welded="" on="" seat="" can="" be="" also="" optional="" if="" being="" requested="" by="" the="" customer.welded="" is="" used="" for="" nps="">12 crbon steel gate valves .Forstainless steel check valve,integral seat is usually adopted ,or to weld hard alloy directly integrally.Threaded or welded on seat is also optional for stainless steel check valve if being requested by the customer.

Parameter of Cast Steel Check Valve:

Standard Criteria

 ASME/ANSI/API customize 

Pressure Rating

 150 Class  300   Class  600 Class  900 Class  1500   Class  2500 Class customize 

Valve Size

 50 mm  65   mm  80 mm  100 mm  125 mm  150   mm  200 mm  250 mm 300 mm  350   mm  400 mm  450 mm  500 mm  600   mm  650 mm  700 mm 750 mm

 2 inch  2.5   inch  3 inch  4 inch  5 inch  6   inch  8 inch  10 inch  12 inch 14   inch  16 inch  18 inch  20 inch  24   inch  26 inch  28 inch  30   inch customize 


 Automatic customize 


 Butt Welding  Flange   RF  Flange RTJ customize 

1-Body Material

 A216   WCB  A351-CF8  A351-CF8M customize 

2-Seat ring

 A351-CF8  A351-CF8M  A105+13Cr  Tool   Steel+A105 customize 


 Tool Steel+A216 WCB  A351-CF8M  A351-CF8  A216   WCB+13Cr customize 


 A351-CF8  A216   WCB  A351-CF8M customize 


 A194   8M  A194-8  A194 2H customize 

6-Arm pin

 A182-F6a  A182-F316  A182-F304 customize   


 A351-CF8  A351-CF8M  A216   WCB customize 

8-Bonnet nut

 A194   8M  A194-8  A194 2H customize 

9-Bonnet bolt

 A193-B8  A193-B8M  A193-B7 customize   


 A193-B7  A193-B8  A193-B8M customize   


 graphite+304  graphite+316 customize   


 A216   WCB  A351-CF8M  A351-CF8 customize 

13-Eye bolt

 A181 customize 

Design Standard

 API 6D  BS   1868 customize 

Connection Standard

 API 605  ASME B   16.25-2007  ASME B 16.47A  ASME B 16.47B  ASME   B 16.5  MSS SP-44 customize 

Test Standard

 API 598  API   6D customize 

Face to Face

 ASME B 16.10 customize   

Pressure-temperature ratings

 ASME B   16.34-2004 customize 

Wall thickness dimension

 API 600  BS 1868


FAQ of Cast Steel Check Valve:

Q1:I can’t find the type of steel check valve which I need. what can I do?

The chart above only lists out some common composition of steel check valve parts.We may provide other different parts material composition according to the customer's request or the actual valve working condition.

Q2:Which certification do your products pass?

  Our products are in accordance with ISO 9001ISO 14001API 6AAPI 6DTS CEAPI607/6FA/BS6755.

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Q:Does anyone know what those valves are/do in my picture?
I'm a licensed Plumber and this is what those are for....if you doubt me contact Delta and speak with their customer service reps... Those are Isolation valves that plumbers use to turn off the water to you shower to make repairs within the shower valve its self (O rings...mixing cartridge, etc).....otherwise the water would have to be shut off to the whole house when making a repair. That and if you look closely they are NOT part of the valve its self....the look like valves that are attached (Threaded) to the Hot Cold inlets on the valve. My first guess...that is a Delta, Monitor, Shower Valve. Maybe a Moen positemp...but I'm pretty sure its a Monitor Series Delta valve. They're are BOTH very similar.
Q:Cannot pass smog-EGR valve?
Let's start from the top. Your check engine light has been on and you took it to be smogged and you probably didn't know that the check engine light on is an automatic fail. So you get the oil/air filter changed without a reason, just because. Next, the diagnostic tests point to the EGR valve so you have a mechanic replace it, that is instead of having the mechanic figure out the real problem The mechanic could have replaced the valve or not, but you didn't get the old one from him, so you don't know if it's been replaced. He disconnected the battery so the light went out. Now it's back on so the problem isn't fixed. Could it be a sensor. Well, sure, but proper testing would tell you if it was. My GUESS is the EGR valve and ports where the EGR attaches just need to be cleaned out but without proper testing, that is just a guess. My suggestion is find a different mechanic, one who doesn't just disconnect the battery to turn the check engine light off, and don't go in telling this new mechanic what you think the problem is because you don't know.
Q:Can I myself fix/replace a hydronic zone control valve?
if you have a circulating pump .shut it down [as well with the electric switch to the boiler] follow both pipes coming and going from the boiler shut any valves thus isolating the manifold slowly remove the zone valve .there will be a little water leaking out .replace valve amd hook up electric to valve .before u do all that take two jumpers and jump out the valve to another .see if u have a bad cir cut
Q:replacing pressure reducing valve?
The cost you quoted seems a bit high to me. Mine didn't cost anywhere near that amount in East Texas. A pressure reducing valve acts like a check valve when there is no flow. That is it closes as the pressure rises when you are not using any water. In this condition, the hot water heater can raise the pressure even higher since there is no place for the expanding water to go. That is the reason for the expansion tank. Without the expansion tank the pressure relief valve on the hot water heater can relieve unnecessarily or weep a bit.
Q:The plastic drain valve on my water heater drips. Unable to stop the drip, I have placed a hose cap on it.?
Easy method, change washer in valve Right method: Turn off main , attach hose to existing valve, route out side to a point as lows with respect to furnace height, open valve and drain water, remove plastic valve. Sweat on new brass valve with torch, turn main back on or just keep bucket under to collect drips and finally Pressure will not build so the thing is not going to explode or any thing - i.e. you are safe E-mail me if you don't fully understand Joe
Q:How can I fix a leaking faucet shutoff valve?
Shut Off Valve Repair
Q:What would valve seat faulty will cause my h22a?
If the valve seats leak it will cause oil to run down the valve stem and either it gets sucked into the intake or it get pushed out the exhaust, depends if both valve stems are leaking. It would be black smoke not white. Your car will produce water in the exhaust system when exhaust goes through the cat converter this may come out as a white smoke but it should not be something you can see if your driving. If it is that much you have a head gasket problem.
Q:weird trumpet valves?
I think the reason why your valves are sticking is because they are building up sludge from being oiled too much, and yes, that does happen frequently. Remove the valves carefully, wipe them off thoroughly with a clean cloth, replace them correctly, and lightly oil them. Then try pushing the valves a bit before playing.
Q:valve and burner pipe connection on gas grill?
The connection between the valves and the burner are always a loose fit on an average gas grill. The regulator controls the pressure of the propane between the tank and the valves. The valves control the flow of gas. The propane leaving the valve is forced through a tiny orifice as it exits. This tiny orifice serves two purposes. It increases the pressure and velocity of the escaping gas, which helps speed it in the right direction. This, in turn, sets up the venturi effect. The venturi effect is a fancy way of saying that the system, from the valves to the burner, is designed to pull in air. There are usually little rectangular shaped vents in the burner tubes located where the burner tube connects with the valve. These vents allow air to be drawn into the system in order to ensure that the propane has enough oxygen to obtain complete combustion. Too much air is better than not enough. The second purpose of the orifice in the valve is that it doesn't allow the flame to travel back down the line toward the tank. The orifice is to small to allow enough oxygen to be sucked in to the closed part of the system to support combustion. Very good safety feature. Plus, the propane exiting the valve, even on high, is so minimal that a roaring fire from just the flow from the valves is improbable, maybe impossible. Gas grills are safe. People are dangerous. The main thing is to make sure you see a flame somewhere within the first 2 to 3 seconds after turning the valves to on. If you don't see any flame after 2 to 3 seconds, turn the valves to off, give the grill a chance to air out. You can even fan it with a newspaper or something. You just want to ensure that you are never trying to light propane that has had a chance to build up and mix with oxygen. After airing the grill out, either figure out what the problem is or try lighting it again. They aren't that complicated. Go ahead and get that grill fired up. The kids are hungry. Hope this helped.
Q:Faulty EGR Valve on 88 Toyota?
Hello, The EGR valve will not spray oil, It is an exhaust gas recirculation valve that does not have oil get to it!! Please add more info so we can better answer your question . Thanks for additional info. But I don't think you know what the EGR valve is. Engine oil should not be spraying from the EGR valve ! Maybe you are trying to describe another part? Also, You need to fix the wheel cylinder or caliper before you can bleed the brakes. Maybe you need a mechanic to assist you. Good luck !

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