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What is the working principle of the flue check valve?
One end of the Simon common flue check valve is connected with the air pipe of the fume exhauster, and the other end is connected with the common flue.When the lampblack machine is started with air flow through the air inlet and the smoke diversion surface, pushing the one-way valve, the oil fume discharged into public flue; when the lampblack machine stops working, one-way valve automatically closes under the action of gravity, the oil fume channel isolated from the public flue, public flue fumes will not enter in.
Why is the check valve necessary? Why should it be checked back?
In special equipment or systems, ordinary shut-off valves cannot be used in order to prevent backflow or intrusion of liquids or gases. A check valve must be used;For example: in order to prevent the water from the ship (ship due to its own weight, weight and pitching, rolling and flooding) / sinking in danger, Tonghai piping must use check valve to achieve the purpose of safety.
Check valve 1 inches DN25 what do you mean?
Crown valve pressFirst, an inch equals DN25That is, fixed values to estimate how large a pipeline isOne inch of check valve is mostly copper check valveThe price of I should be around 25 yuan
Tap water tank with vertical and horizontal check valve.
Ball valves usually have very narrow seats, and may remove solids and make seating more efficient.The problem of vibration may be limited to small valves. When the valve is large, the inertia of the moving parts increases. The increased inertia may effectively damp the vibration and cause delayed closing, after the backflow has started. The damping of the seat becomes very important.All valves must check the flow path area and calculate the flow velocity for the design operating conditions. The area of the disc and piston is as important as the area of the main orifice. The smaller runner areas are corrosion prone and may cause cavitation wear.For specific functions, the valve body of the check may include auxiliary connections such as vents and drains. Hot applied valves may sometimes have a bypass valve to allow the system to warm up at low flow.
What is the HC41X-16Q model of the optical valve? What is its main function?
Usually the valve is automatically work, fluid pressure flow in one direction, the valve open; the opposite direction of fluid flow by gravity, fluid pressure and valve closing effect on the valve seat, thereby cutting off flow. Not suitable for medium containing solid particles and viscosity. When the medium according to the provisions of the direction of flow, the valve by the media force, is open;
What does the check valve "H41F" mean?
A check valve is a device for carrying a check valve on a pipe, or a gas will not return
How do I install the pump outlet check valve?
Order note: 1. Pump outlet check valveProduct name and model number 2. Whether or not to take accessories for our correct selection. Use pressure. Use medium temperature.Two, if the company has been selected by the design unitPump outlet check valve type, please pump outlet check valveThe model is ordered directly from our sales department.Three, when the use of the occasion is very important or the environment is more complex, please try to provide design drawings and detailed parameters, by our valve company experts for your audit checks. If you have any questions: please call us for advice:,We will do our best to provide you with quality service.
What are the brands of check valves?
Check valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve.