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Usage/Applications Of Ductile Iron Check Valve

Check valve is to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open, close the valve flap, used to prevent the media back valve, also known as the check valve, Dan Xiangfa, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve. Check valve is an automatic valve, its main role is to prevent the media back, to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal, as well as the release of the container medium.

Technical Date

Material Specification

Nominal Diameter


Valve Body

Cast Iron or Ductile Iron

Nominal Pressure


Valve Disc

Cast Iron or Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel

Operation Temperature


Flange Driling Standard

EN 1902-2 PN10/16

Seal Material


Suface Treatment


Valve Spring

Stainless Steel

Quick Details

Standard or Nonstandard:





Medium Pressure





Temperature of Media:

Normal Temperature



Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

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Q:What are the specifications of the DN200 check valve?
The silent check valve is suitable for water supply and drainage, fire fighting and heating and ventilation systems. It can be installed at the outlet of water pump to prevent the backflow of medium and the damage of water hammer to the pump.Liquid control check valve is suitable for the pump outlet pipe of medium water, as closed circuit and check valve. It is used to avoid and reduce the medium prosperity, reverse flow and excessive water hammer in pipeline system, so as to protect pipeline system.The swing of the swing check valve rotates around the shaft. Its fluid resistance is generally smaller than the lift check valve, it applies to larger caliber occasions. Swing check valve according to the number of valves can be divided into single swing type, double valve swing and multi valve swing type of three. Single swing check valves are generally suitable for medium calibre applications.The structure of the lift check valve is similar to that of the globe valve. The valve is used to move up and down along the channel. The action is reliable, but the resistance of the fluid is large. It is suitable for light and small caliber occasions. Lift check valves can be straight through and vertical two. Straight through lift check valve can only be installed in horizontal pipe, vertical lift check valve is usually installed in vertical pipe.The micro resistance slow closing check valve is used for the water supply and drainage pipeline and is installed at the outlet of the water pump to prevent the medium reverse flow and eliminate the destructive water hammer, and can effectively reduce the water hammer pressure of the valve closing, and can ensure the safe operation of the pipe network.
Q:Check valve h44h-25p what does that mean?
H- stainless steel4- flange connection4- rotary single structure check valveH sealing material is Cr13 stainless steel25- pressure 2.50MPAP-18-8 stainless steelH44h-25p= stainless steel flange connection, swing type single check valve pressure 2.50MPA valve body, material 18-8 stainless steel
Q:Should the flue check valve be made by the civil team or the installation team?
Internal construction, check the inner ring outside the cement glue installed
Q:What is the difference between the check valve rcvx and SFCV?
SFCV rubber check valve parts design mainly by the body, valve cover and rubber valve composed of three major parts. Its main features are: rubber valve in the valve by the steel plate, steel bar and reinforced nylon cloth as the substrate, the outer rubber covered, the valve switch life of up to 1 million times. H44X (SFCV) series rubber check valves adopt full flow area design. They have the characteristics of small head loss, easy accumulation of debris, easy maintenance and so on. H44X (SFCV) series rubber check valve is mainly suitable for horizontal installation of water supply and drainage system. It can be installed at the water outlet of the pump to prevent backflow and water hammer damaging the pump. H44X (SFCV) series rubber check valves can also be installed on the bypass pipe of the reservoir inlet and outlet to prevent backflow of water to the water supply system. Check valves are generally applicable to clean media and are not suitable for media containing solids and viscosity.Analysis of the main characteristics of RCVX rubber valve check valve: the valve body, valve cover, valve and spring, mainly used for pipeline industry departments of water supply and drainage system, oil and chemical exports, to prevent the media counter. Due to the design of the sealing ring of the product, the closing time is short, and the water hammer pressure can be reduced. The valve is made of nitrile rubber and steel plate by high temperature. It is resistant to erosion and has good sealing performance. The product structure is simple, and the maintenance, maintenance and transportation are very convenient.
Q:Ball shaped sewage check valve pictures and working principle of the structure.
Check valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve. The check valve belongs to an automatic valve, whose main function is to prevent the backflow of medium, prevent the reverse of pump and drive motor, and release the container medium.
Q:What is the function of the small check valve on the deep well pump?
Frequency conversion and it does not matter, the inverter is to speed down, so that the pump has a suitable flow and lift. This valve can not go.
Q:What is the purpose of installing a check valve in the air pipe before the fan?
The fan before the wind pipe installed on the check valve to prevent the fan after the ceased operation outside of the wind because of the air pressure is blown indoors because of the inverse.
Q:Can the check valve be horizontally installed?
Lift check valve can be divided into straight through and vertical two. Straight through lift check valve can only be installed in horizontal pipe, vertical lift check valve is usually installed in vertical pipe.
Q:What is the reason that the valve is not used for a period of time?Anonymous browsing | 314 times
4 the vertical lift check valve shall be mounted on a vertical pipe.5, the lift type horizontal check valve shall be installed on the horizontal pipe.6. Do not check the weight of the valve in the line. The large check valve shall be independently supported so as not to be affected by the pressure caused by the piping system.
Q:PPR check valve, butterfly valve, as well as water gauge which quota?
The valves and water meters installed in the same pipe are the same

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