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Check valve and check valve
Check valve, also known as check valve, are to prevent backflow of a medium valve
What happens when the check valve is broken?
Check valve is broken, there will be back water, down pressure, serious will produce pump reversal, burning motor
Should the pressure gauge be mounted before or after the check valve at the back of the pump?
If the pressure gauge is installed before the check valve, the normal pressure will be displayed only when the pump is running. The pressure value displayed at the pump is not consistent with the actual pressure of the pipe.
What kind of check valve is used in the sewage pump of sewage treatment plant?
2. installation of pump outlet check valve*Swing check valves are generally mounted on horizontal pipes: for bore DN~80mm check valves, they can also be mounted on vertical or upward sloping pipes.*Straight through lift check valves shall be installed on horizontal pipes; vertical lift check valves must be mounted on vertical pipes and medium upward flow.*As the check valve is easy to damage, therefore, should be installed near the pump outlet valve, in the upper part of the check valve with a cut-off valve (general use of ball valve or gate valve), easy to overhaul.*To facilitate the relief of the check valve before disassembly, the relief valve shall be installed between the check valve and the shut-off valve.
Is it necessary to install a check valve in the piston refrigeration compressor?
To solve this problem, we first need to know the working cycle of the piston compressor:1, compression process, suction valve closed, refrigerant gas in the cylinder from low pressure to high pressure process;2 the exhaust process, compression end, from the cylinder through the exhaust valve to exhaust pipe process;3, expansion process, exhaust end, exhaust valve closed, the piston from the bottom of the cylinder moving to the top of the cylinder process;4 suction process, suction valve opens, low-pressure refrigerant gas inhalation process of the cylinder;From the above piston engines don't seem to need what steps to open check valve. Because the suction valve and exhaust valve on the cylinder are constantly switching each other, the piston machine continues to inhale and exhaust the process. If only from the piston machine, there is no need to install a check valve.But to consider the whole refrigeration system, rather than a simple piston compressor, when the piston of more than 2 units must be horizontal pipeline in a single compressor exhaust pipe to the exhaust duct installed on the check valve and pipe installation is about
How to install the kitchen flue check valve?
1, vertical transport, the flue should take protective measures, and must be two lifting.2. Locate the center line of the flue position. In the reserved hole, draw down four vertical central lines from the roof, and draw 2 orthogonal central lines on the floor plane.3, the flue to the scene, the first flue hanging to the roof, surrounded by the center line of pop in the flue, and the flue of the reserved hole slowly down the electric hoist, from top to bottom layer installed flue in place, the center line correction. The center line of the flue and the center line of the reserved hole should be less than 1cm, the deviation of the centerline of the upper and lower flue is not greater than 1cm, and each flue must be guaranteed vertically and vertically.4, the installation of flue should each layer as bearing, bearing steel 2 root diameter over 14mm?.5. After the flue is installed, install the check valve hole at each flueFire type flue check valveFirst, stir the cement with a special glue, coat the edges of the check valve, and then install it at the opening of the check valve.6, the construction should be reserved at all levels of the hole, covered with a cover plate, to ensure safety in construction, to prevent construction waste fall into the flue.7, the flue is thin-walled components, in handling and installation should be gently handle, not to impact, not in the pipeline to pile other heavy objects and walking.8, the roof flue should be in the roof insulation layer, fire layer before construction. 9, the use of gas water heater exhaust system is strictly prohibited.
Which side of the gate is the fire check valve in the pump room?
The check valve is installed between the shock absorbing flexible joint and the water outlet control valve at one side of the water outlet pipe of the water pump
What's the difference between a throttle valve and a check valve? Are they the same?
The principle is very simple, just like upstairs said, like a revolving door, this is the swing test. There are lifting type, it is unknown.And "throttling" is to reduce the pressure of the fluid. In the pipeline, the fluid through the throttle valve, through the hand wheel or other transmission way to adjust the size of the internal channel, so that the flow of fluid flow down, to save traffic flow.