Check Valve with API 6A Standard for Oilfield Usage

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Check Valve Description

The design and production of the product completely meets the requirements of API Spec 6A: Wellhead and Christmas tree specification. In accordance with API Spec 6A specification form a complete set of equipment and used interchangeably at home and abroad.

2. Main Features of Check Valve

1) The valve is made by forging, that make it bear high-pressure.

2) The inner parts of valve is made of stainless steel, piston and disc seat covers nickel-based alloy , so it has a long working life without corrosion.

3) The special construction can avoid water hammer phenomenon.

4) The characteristic of the valve is that, good sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, flexible switch and also can be used for regulating the flow.

3. Check Valve Images

4. Check Valve Specification

Working Pressure2,000Psi20,000Psi
Nominal Diameter2-1/16 "4-1/16 "
Working Temp. : KU (-60℃~121)
Working Mediumoilgasmud
PSL ClassPSL14
PR ClassPR12
Material ClassAAHH
End ConnectionAPI Spec connection

5. FAQ of Check Valve

We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

①How about your company?

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③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible.

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Q:Question about Trumpet Valve Stem How to Replace it?
I hope you have a Bach trumpet, because each valve stem is specific to a particular maker and even to specific models. So, if you don't have a Bach trumpet it is very likely that the stem won't fit. If you cannot remove the valve stem with your hands you can try soaking the joint with oil and/or warm water and dishwasher detergent. You should give yourself a couple of days to see if you can loosen them up. Do not use tools--no screwdrivers, no pliers, no vices, no strap wrenches--if you don't know what you're doing you stand to damage the very fragile valve. You may need to take it to a tech--remember you're trying to avoid a $100+ dollar bill for repairing a damaged valve.
Q:Standing water under sprinkler valves?
Sounds to me, like you have one of two things happening. Either you have a leak, which needs to be fixed. Or the valve box is in a low area where the water drains to... Turn on the water and watch the valves.. you might be able to see where the water is coming from. It may be as simple as tightening down the valve screws, or you may need to turn off the water at the main and repair or replace it. If the water is draining there or the leak isn't all that terrible the only way drain rock would help is if you were to dig underneath the valve a little, and to replace what you dig out with rock... Just make sure you can still access everything when you are finished. Good Luck!
Q:inner tube valve (Specialized) too large for the hole in rim (Bontrager)?
Yeap, you need a tube with a Presta valve. Do not drill your Bontrager rims to te able to use your Schrader valve, you will ruin them. Also, the base of the valve will not fit the V of the Bontrager. The plastic cup can be discarded but you better keep it to help keep dirt out of the delicate threads and the seal. You can use the plastic cup also to make an adapter so you can use the Schader pump, just cut off the dome at the end of the cup and presto your Presta. Some people always use the cut-off cup to avoid bending and damaging the Presta valve, this is particularly recommended whem kids are going to use the pump. I have only broken a Presta valve myself but it does happen, sometimes they get decapitated. Now, you say that the inner tube is Specialized? You are not trying to put the valve through the hole with the cap on, are you? Just checking.
Q:valve job on a dirt bike?
Q:How to fix a trumpet valve?!!?
Trumpet Valve Repair
Q:Broke my trucks gas valves?
The first step is to realize that you need a professional to work on your truck. This is good. By gas valves I assume you mean fuel injectors. But since you did not know that name it would appear as you have not had your truck properly diagnosed. Sounds like you're not getting fuel? spark? air? compression? in five cylinders in your 4.3-W six cylinder. Might want to find out why. Call around and ask whoever answers the phone if you can speak to an ASE Certified tech. If you talk to one then you have probably found a shop to which it would be worth taking the S10.
Q:would EGR Valve Temperature Sensor make a car run lean?
To man Hcs means you car is running Rich not Lean but yes an EGR can cause that an egr takes the exaust gasses and recirculates it back into the manifold soo if your lettn a few hcs outta the exhaust valve then the erg would recirculate it but there is plenty of other reasons for your car to runn to rich
Q:Water main valve broke off?
If your on city water, you should have 2 valves, one on each side of the meter. The city is responsible for the valve on the street side of the meter. You are responsible for the valve on the house side of the meter. Follow the supply back to the foundation. Sometimes the city valve is not always next to the meter. If only one valve, my advice is to call a plumber. An alternative would be to spray the top of the stem with WD 40 or some other lubricant. Using vice grip pliers, gently work the stem back and forth until the valve opens(or in your case closes). Clockwise closes, counter clockwise opens. I caution again....... If the handle snapped off, the valve should be replaced as it is very old. You could end up snapping the valve off completely if not careful. If your successful getting the water turned off, cut the pipe on the house side of the valve and install a new shutoff (compression type fittings recommended). Once installed, leave your old valve open and use your new valve to turn the water on and off. Good luck.
Q:Why do Presta valves exist?
Q:which SUbaru STI blow off valve?
Make sure you get a tune with the BOV, you might encounter engine problems such as stalling.

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