wafer type butterfly check valve

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Wafer Type Butterfly Check Valve

DN80~ DN2000

Technical Specifications

- Design and manufacture: EN593, EN1074-1 and 2

- Face to face dimension: EN558-1 Series 14 (DIN3202 F4)

                                              EN558-1 Series 13 (BS5163)

- Flange dimensions and drillling: EN1092-2 PN10/16/25

- Size range: DN100 - DN2000

- Max. working pressure: 1.0/1.6/2.5 MPa

- Inspection test: EN12266

- Working temperature: -15°C to +80°C

- Suitable medium: water

Main Fetures

- Double eccentric disc reduces seal wear and torque

- Body seat ring is welded directly on the body

- Bi-directional flow and low head loss

- Disc sealing ring to be replaceable on pipeline without dismantling the valve

- Body and disc inside and outside epoxy powder coated (min. 250 microns)

- Opening and closing indicators are provided

- Coupling flange for electric actuator in compliance with ISO5211

- Gearbox and electric actuator operation available

Main Parts and Materials

Body and disc: ductile iron EN GJS500-7/400-15

Shafts: stainless steel AISI 420

Body seat ring: stainless steel AISI 304

Disc sealing ring: EPDM or NBR

Retaining ring: stainless steel or ductile iron

Shaft bearing: Du bushes (self lubricating bushes)

Shaft bush: gunmetal

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Q:can I start centrifugal compressor with discharge valve closed?
You should probably be talking to a local factory representative for both the pump and the compressor and explain to them what you are trying to do. I am sure they would be happy to advise you. Sure beats damaging yourselves or others by doing this wrong.
Q:how can multi valve prolapse affect me? (13 year old female)?
Do you mean Mitral valve prolapse? The mitral valve helps blood on the left side of the heart flow in one direction. It closes to keep blood from moving backwards when the heart beats (contracts). Mitral valve prolapse is the term used when the valve does not close properly. It can be caused by many different things. Most people have no symptoms, but some people have chest pain, a rapid pulse, awareness of heartbeats, migraine headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. In a small number of cases, the prolapse can cause blood to leak backwards. This is called mitral regurgitation. Mitral valves that are structurally abnormal can raise the risk for bacterial infection. Some forms of mitral valve prolapse seem to be passed down through families (inherited). Mitral valve prolapse has been associated with other genetic disorders.
Q:Is mitral valve anything to worry about it?
In 95 plus percent of cases so-called mitral valve prolapse is a normal variant. If yours was other than a normal variant your cardiologist should have discussed this with you. As such I would not worry. JR
Q:Does mitral valve prolapse prohibit weight lifting?
Good question, excellent details! The best advice I can give you, due to the complications associated with mitral valve prolapse, I would recommend you perform a stress test. Real easy procedure, heart rate is increased, generally by mechanical motion (ig running), cardiac cycle is monitored on screen. Basically here is the problem, your flaps on your mitral valve are being pushed back into the region of your heart that feeds the contracting area (left atrium), contracting region being the left ventricle. When this occurs, it greatly increases the possibility of back-flow of blood to the pulmonary veins and back to the lungs, which is REALLY bad. Without going into further detail, my best recommendation would be a stress test. Hope that helped. Good luck.
Q:What is the difference between a Hot water and Steam radiator valve?
Steam Radiator Valve
Q:Are There Other Oils For Valves On The Trumpet Unstuck?
Pull it out and try saliva. Always worked for me
Q:what do the valves of an engine do?
Valves let in fuel/air mixture on the intake stroke, hold the combustion chamber under pressure on the compression and power strokes, and let exhaust out in the exhaust stroke of the engine. As you might guess, intake valves control the intake and exhaust valves control the exhaust. If valves are not adjusted right they usually get noisy because the tappets have some distance to move before they press down on the valves. It is much worse if the valves are adjusted too tight - they don't close all the way and hot exhaust gases burn them. It is also possible for the whole valve train to be out of time, which reduces power and fuel economy.
Q:could i have a Bad EGR Valve?
you should be getting way more than that on gas mileage at least on the road anyway,a bad egr valve will cost you around 3-5 miles per gallon if its leaking and doesn't seal of when it should, i went through this with out stratus ands its 2.4.it got real bad mileage,cleaning the valve didn't help it none at all, i went to a salvage yard and got a used one off a blown engine to try it to see if that would help it and the mileage came back up on it so i replaced it with a new one,you should average about 15-17 in town with that one and around 21 or better on the highway if its running right,id try that if everything else is right and you have double checked for codes and don't get any but the egr valve you don't have anything too loose,if you have had it scanned and dont come up with any other codes it would about have to be that or really low compression on the engine causing that too happen,a weak fuel pump believe it or not will cause one to get really bad mileage and run and idle bad also,and this is often over looked as a possibility,check those things if its not them we,ll figure out whats causing it,good luck.
Q:Insufficient flow EGR Valve?
It could be two things. The exhaust gasket coming to the valve or the vacuum coming to the valve. The egr did not need changing. Without the proper tool to check it out. I can not say which it is or how to repair. It need to go to shop where the proper test can be use to find what need to be repaired of replaced Most likely it will be a one way vacuum valve, that is not working right.
Q:Problem with sprinkler system valve.?
You didn't mention who manufactured the valve. Sounds like you have a small stone caught between the valve body and the diaphragm. Diaphragms don't open that much and a large enough piece of debris can get caught. Also some valves are manufactured with a small tick screen that is inserted into the diaphragm itself. If it comes out then there will be a small hole in the diaphragm, causing leakage. Take the entire top off of the valve body and inspect the diaphragm. Be careful of the spring in the top. If it was a stone, you will see an indentation in the diaphragm. Feel around the seating edge to see if it is damaged. If all is OK, just put it back together, if not, take the diaphragm to a sprinkler place and get a new one.

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