wafer type check valve

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Double flanged Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve
DN100 ~ DN2000

Technical Specifications

- Design and manufacture: EN593, EN1074-1 and 2

- Face to face dimension: EN558-1 Series 14 (DIN3202 F4)

                                              EN558-1 Series 13 (BS5163)

- Flange dimensions and drillling: EN1092-2 PN10/16/25

- Size range: DN100 - DN2000

- Max. working pressure: 1.0/1.6/2.5 MPa

- Inspection test: EN12266

- Working temperature: -15°C to +80°C

- Suitable medium: water

Main Fetures

- Double eccentric disc reduces seal wear and torque

- Body seat ring is welded directly on the body

- Bi-directional flow and low head loss

- Disc sealing ring to be replaceable on pipeline without dismantling the valve

- Body and disc inside and outside epoxy powder coated (min. 250 microns)

- Opening and closing indicators are provided

- Coupling flange for electric actuator in compliance with ISO5211

- Gearbox and electric actuator operation available

Main Parts and Materials

Body and disc: ductile iron EN GJS500-7/400-15

Shafts: stainless steel AISI 420

Body seat ring: stainless steel AISI 304

Disc sealing ring: EPDM or NBR

Retaining ring: stainless steel or ductile iron

Shaft bearing: Du bushes (self lubricating bushes)

Shaft bush: gunmetal

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Q:What parts are needed to fix three burnt valves?
Burnt valves or, far more likely, bent valves. Either way, you'll need to basically overhaul the top end - you'll need to replace the bad valves and the top end gasket set along with any machine work that may be necessary. Estimates will vary greatly from facility to facility and also from different areas. To get a valid estimate for your locality, you need to get local estimates.
Q:Explain terms associated with valve timing?
HI You answered it your self... exhaust valve opening (EVO) is when the exhaust valve opens.. and the same for the intake (IVO).. When the EVO happens the motor pushes the exhaust (burnt fuel) out of the motor when the IVO happens it sucks gas into the motor to get burned and make power.. Exampe of a 4 strock motor. 1) piston goes down , sucking in air and fuel (IVO) 2) piston goes up compressing the air and fuel spark plug fires ignighting the fuel 3) piston goes down turning the crank powering the car from the explosion of Fuel. 4) piston goes back up pushing the spent fuel out. (EVO) then repeats. On a 4 cylinder car this happens 4 different times on an 8 cylinder car 8 different times and on 6 cylinder car 6 different times. When one cylender is firing another well be coming up to push out its spent fuel and another well be going down drawing in fuel and so forth.. good luck tim EDIT IVC = intake valve closes EVC= exhaust valve closes
Q:how to protect a foot valve?
most foot valves i have bought come with a strainer attached perhaps you should look for that type. if your valve has a strainer you may consider making a further coarse strainer out of a ball of chicken wire and place this over the foot valve assembly(thats what i do for the cold water supply to my house) don't compress the chicken wire very small as it will block up i tie the wire filter on with galvanized wire then i can easily replace it if necessary ps i tried stainless steel pot scourers but they were to fine and blocked easily
Q:what is the primary function of a valve position?
Are you asking about a valve positioner? If so, then a positioner is a device that measures the amount a valve is open or closed and then adjusts the motive force to be sure the valve is in the position the controller calls for. These are typically use in cases of very high differential pressure or where the valve actuator may be under sized or marginal.
Q:Where to get Electric Valve?
ASCO okorder.com is another vendor, though Grainger is good. If your budget is tight you could remove one from a dead dishwasher or washing machine.
Q:How do you get rid of a Valve lag sound in Euphonium?
Clean your valves properly. Use dish soap and a light plastic scrubbing pad and clean the inside the cylinder and the valve. If that doesn't work, try again using rubbing alcohol to clean the valve. Make sure that the valve guide and the little channel it fits in are clean. (use a toothpick to clean that place) You might also consider getting new springs. More air will not speed up the valves but it will help you maintain a constant sound.
Q:Wall Heater question? (Gas Valve)?
There's a rubber diaphragm inside the water regulator it must be deforming cause of water condition . By changing that washer will start work. I recommend call a pro to do that.
Q:engine piston valve question ford ?
in case you have a broken valve, the broken element will probably destroy the cylinder and piston in case you run it that way. ought to easily be a flaw in the unique valve or another ingredient, no longer person-friendly to appreciate.
Q:Aortic valve replacement surgery?
Two years ago I had a murmer followed by an echocardiogram {of poor quality) and was told to prepare for AVR. I read all I could find on aortic stenosis and criteria for surgery. MY valve area was .8 cm. No data on jet velocity, peak and mean gradients (poor echo). I asaked for a repeat echo. Dr said he didnt need it. I changed cardiologists. Got a go0od echo. Was told surgery not imanent. Jet 3.5. Peak gradient 50. Mean 33. Repeat echos every 6 months show my stenosis stable at moderate to severe.. I am 80 . Neale :L.
Q:Coolant System Bleeding Valve ?
Your car does not have a coolant system bleeder valve built in. Most of the time you would bleed it using the coolant temp sensor as your bleeder. Remove it with the engine cold and start the car. As soon as a steady stream of liquid (without bubbles/air pockets) becomes visible, quickly thread the coolant temp sensor back in and snug it down. Shut the car and top off the coolant reservoir and your done. Good luck!

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