wafer type cast iron check valve

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Technical Date

Material Specification

Nominal Diameter


Valve Body

Cast Iron or Ductile Iron

Nominal Pressure


Valve Disc

Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel

Operation Temperature


Hand Bar or Hand Wheel

Cast Iron or Aluminium or Carbon Steel or Malleable S teel

Flange Driling Standard

EN 1902-2 PN10/16

Seal Material


Suface Treatment



Carbon Steel or Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel


Portable water, water distribution service & feed lines, sewage disposol, irrigation, fire protection pipe systerm, etc.

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Q:Doctors, can someone live without a heart valve?
The most common cause of a heart murmur is a defective valve. There are thousands if not millions of people walking around with heart murmurs. My mother had one from the time she was 11 or 112 until she died at age 80, not from heart related issues. Your friend should be fine, as far as the valve goes anyway. I, personally, have heard hundreds.
Q:Trumpet valves keep sticking!?
Remove the valves entirely and wipe them down with a damp cloth and clean out the valve housings of the trumpet. Then apply a generous amount of oil to the valve itself before putting it back into the instrument. If the problem persists check the valve casings for dents. If cleaning it doesn't work or there are dents, take it to a local music store and see what they can do. It shouldn't cost more than $20 unless there is a serious problem with the instrument.
Q:How is the heart valves opening/closing is synchronized with the SA-node firing?
It's all mechanical. The valves are passive things kind of like a screen door. When you push on them from one side they open, when you push on them from the other they close. The valves are assisted by some fibers attached to the inside of the heart similar to the way a screen door is helped by a spring attached to the door frame. It's the flowing blood that pushes the valves open or closed as the heart pumps. The path that the blood follows in the heart as it beats happens to make it so that the valves close two at a time. This is because the heart is actually four separate pumps that work two at a time. There's no direct electrical connection to the SA node. The only way they're connected is that the SA node firing is what causes the heart to pump, causing the blood to force the valves open.
Q:Heart valve surgery!!!!!!?
It depends a lot on which valve and why it's being replaced, but unless the COPD is very bad, the average chance that a 58yo man who does not have any other major medical problems will survive single-valve replacement surgery is better than 98% if the surgery is done by an experienced surgeon at a good hospital. The COPD will very likely mean that his post-operative recovery will be prolonged and difficult, but he should do fine.
Q:I only have one irrigation valve for 6 zones?
It consists of different techniques and strategy to inform one. one can simply download the file and get to know numerous factors. one of the best and exclusive qualities of Ideas 4 Landscaping is that it gives you with data not only by way of written material but rather to illustrations and images that will be a lot more useful and simple to comprehend Ideas 4 landscaping gives you with concepts by way of tutorials and slides as nicely which is an straightforward way to get positive aspects. It gives you with the very best services as one can log in any time anywhere , anytime you want.
Q:A customer has a G. E. SmartWater waterheater 7 the drain valve leaks, is there a gasket that can be serviced?
If it is a regular brass valve, you will have to drain the tank first, then replace the washer in the valve with one rated to be used for hot water. You replace the washer just as in any valve by removing the bonnet and stem. there you will see the washer. You may want to clean the area of any calcium carbonate that may had developed on the seat before putting it back together. If you decide to replace the valve, it is a 3/4 inch male NPT hose bib valve rated for hot water service. Personally, I've always thought that if I ever had to change one of those valves, that I would replace ti with a good ball valve that had a threaded hose end screwed into the discharge end for better drain flow. The whimpy valves that they put on water heaters is pathetic! If you use your favorite search engine and just search for water heater drain valve, you will find all kinds of cool replacement valves!
Q:1979 oldsmobile pcv valve?
Facing the engine, should be on your left valve cover. Has a hose attached to it and sticks into the valve cover.
Q:95 Chevy k1500 350 tbi pcv valve?
to add, support, you can simply soak pcv valve in fuel. the little eliment filter as well. pcv valve is a hard part. rattles when shaken? it's good. elliment filter is not a paper one. it too can merely be soaked. i've seen a few pcv valves that are bad. those were on engines that sat in yards for years and years. oil dried and set. had ridges that did not let the ball rattle. other than that, never seen one go bad. just need cleaning.
Q:reed valves on a 1999 yz 250?
reed valves depend on engine vacuum to operate. the reed valves are closed when the engine is off and as the engine load goes up, it requires more fuel so engine vacuum goes up causing the reed valves to open more, letting in more fuel. So, is the engine running or off?. are the reeds bent? if they are, they might be straightened if u use care. they break ez.
Q:Trumpet Valves Sticking?
Have you tried cleaning the valve casing (what the valve moves in)? If not, you can use a clean cloth that won't leave fibers in there, or a valve casing brush (couple dollars at the music store) to clean the inside. Many times dirt builds up at the bottom of the valve casing where it's supposed to and the valve eventually gets stuck in it. Also, like the poster above said, the plastic/metal guide could be getting caught. You can use slide grease to lubricate the slot in the top part of the valve (not the casing) where the guide moves. Just don't get any on the piston part of the valve. If all else fails, it is possible that the valve was not honed correctly at the factory and a professional will need to fix it.

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