Manual Operated Lug Butterfly Valve

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Quick Details

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

  • Structure: Butterfly

  • Pressure: Low Pressure

  • Power: Manual

  • Material: Casting

  • Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature

  • Media: Water

  • Port Size: DN50-1200mm

  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: D7A1X

  • Brand Name: TVT

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard export packaging(plywooden case) or as per clients' requirements.
Delivery Detail:within10-30 days after receipt of L/C or 30% deposit


Cast Iron Handle Lever Lug Type Butterfly Valve

Handle lever wafer type butterfly valve



CI, DI, Stainless Steel material

Actuator (power): handle, wormgear pneumatic, electric etc.


1) Working temperature: -15~150°C

2) Applicable medium: fresh water, sea water, sewage, sir, vapor, food, medicine, acids, salt, alkalis, etc.

3) Materials:



Stem: SS/CS

Seat: EPDM, PTFE, NBR, Viton, Hypalon, Neoprene.


Design Standard: MSS SP-67, API609, EN593

End Flange: DIN, BS, JIS, ISO, ANSI.

Top Flange: ISO5211

Face To Face: API609, ISO5752 series 20, BS5155

Test&Check: API598

Small in size, lighe in weight, easy installation and maintenance.

Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degree on-off operation.

Minimized operating torque, energy saving.

Flow curve tending to straight line, excellent regulation performance.

Long service life, standing the test of tens thousands opening/closing operations.

Bubbles-tight sealing with no leakage under the pressure test.

Wide selection of materials, applicable to various medium.

We are a professional valve manufacturer in Tianjin, the 2nd largest port in China, and only 1 hour to Beijing by train.

Our product is at low price and high quality , also stable supply.

If interested in our valves, feel free to contact us at once.

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Q:1995 Chevy V6 Blazer EGR valve?
First off, don't spend any money on this problem. I can't believe people are recommending you replace things like the fuel filter, pressure regulator, etc. Then again, I can, this is why I can find all those brand new parts in the wrecking yard...people spend as much money as they have guessing at the problem, and when they run out of money and its still not fixed, scrap the vehicle, new parts and all. Easiest and first thing to do is check the fuel pump fuse.
Q:How to replace PCV valve on 2001 F-150 Triton 5.4 V8? Also, where is it located?
A PVC valve, or anything else for that matter, for a vehicle with 160,000 miles on it that's losing that much oil is probably a bad investment... A rebuilt motor might be a good investment if the rest of the vehicle is sound. If you're not willing to do that, any other shiny new part you put on will end up in the junk yard.
Q:I cant find the EGR Valve on my 2003 dodge ram 1500 5.7L Hemi DOES IT HAVE ONE?
egr valve is easy to locate, some are electric and some are mechanical, but anyways its somewhere on the intake with a metal tube coming from the manifold to it. hard to explain, and has like to vacuum lines hooked to it.
Q:How important are Tire Valve Stem Caps in retaining tire air pressure?
Tire valve caps are the final seal again potential failure in the valve of the valve stem. A good tire valve cap will come with high quality rubber seal that push against the circumferential 'ring' of the valve stem and thereby help to contain the air should the valve fail or not containing the air very well. You observation of your tire (the one with the missing cap) losing air confirms that this could be a possibility. Of course, the other possibility is that your tire is having a slow leak - go to any petrol station, and it could be rectified at a minimal cost. Note: Even if the valve is perfectly good, if the tire go over a bump or pot hole, it is still susceptible to lost of air due to the additional pressure asserted during the hit.
Q:Will a tire go flat if you just take out the Valve Stem Cap?
A valve stem and valve stem cap are two different things. If you have a good valve stem, you do not need a valve stem cap. People just use then for safety. You remove a valve stem, with would you believe, a valve stem remover, or some caps have a two pointed top that will remove the stem. Now where to buy them, most old fashion gas station, auto parts, or bike shops, even WalMart.
Q:What's the different between (P.S.V. & Relief Valve)?
psv is a pressure sensitive valve the other is sspring loaded and will fail in time
Q:What can cure a heart valve problem?
It depends on what sort of heart valve problem you have, how bad it is, and how bad the symptoms are. Sometimes you don't need to do anything special except watch the diet and lifestyle, sometimes you need medicine, and sometimes the cure is surgical repair or replacement of the valve. I think prayer is a fine thing to help, but the Lord also gave us the skills so doctors could provide something a little more physical. If your heart valve problem is bad enough, it can cause damage to your heart and the rest of your body that all the prayer, diet, exercise and meditation in the world won't help fix. However, as a patient, it's always your decision if you want to take the doctor's advice or not. Otherwise you could find yourself dead, and explaining to God why you chose not to take the help He provided for you. So before you go making any decisions, you need to wait until you find out what the entire story is. Then weigh up all your options carefully,and decide.
Q:How often should the check valve be replaced on the pump of an Aquarium?
a check valve is to prevent back siphoning of water into the pump if you have a power outage or unplug the pump by accident. I'd suggest checking it by blowing through it the wrong way; if air does pass through get a new check valve (check new ones to be sure they don't limit airflow too much, and that the close in the wrong direction, many are cheap crap and don't work the day you buy them, so check them before you leave the store with it...note: same with thermometers, compare them with each other so you don't get the one that's crap) what you want is a normal air valve, they come in various configurations, one or more valves so as to run multiple airstones and to balance the airflow to each stone or ornament. You should not however just use the valve to limit airflow, as this damages the pump eventually. You can just let one of two valves bleed off a little air; however make sure another check valve is in the line from the tank to the valves or else you risk water coming out of that valve if it's lower than the tank water level.....You may want a smaller air pump or an adjustable one instead.
Q:difference between swing type check valve and non return valve?
Non-return valve is another name for check valve. A swing check valve is just one type of check valve that uses a hinged gate to allow flow in only one direction. It operates sort of like a one-way fence gate, that you can open by pushing from one side, but you cannot open by pushing on the other side. Other types of check valves: Diaphragm, Ball, Lift, Duckbill. (:-o)
Q:digital pneumatic valves?Some info please!!?
first of all, lemme be frank to say that your question is not clear to me. however, i wud like to give my answer below with my understanding of your question. generally, the term pneumatic valve means that the actuating force to operate the valve itself is pneumatic(driven by air pressure) and not the service fluid (i.e. the fluid which passes through the valve). with the above understanding, industrial standard pneumatic pressure could be 3 - 15 psi (or) 0.2 to 1 kg/cm2. on the other hand, if your question means that you want to know about the electrical driven valves, then the industrial standard is 115VAC Solenoid valves (or) 24VDC Solenoid Valves. There could be other ratings as well.

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