lug type butterfly valve

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Lug Type butterfly valves

About Product

A butterfly valve consists of body ,stem ,disc , actuator (manual actuator, worm-gear actuator , aerodynamic actuator or electric actuator) , and PTFE butterfly valve can implement the process for turning on turning off and regulating the flow by the circumrotation of stem and disc  that is droved by actuators.

1.Simple and compact construction. Small in size and light in weight. Easy transportation, installation and maintenance.
2. Quick 90 degrees on-off operation. Minimized operating torque ,energy saving.
3. Excellent sealing performance with ZERO leakage. Long service life.
4. Wide selection of materials ,applicable for various media..
5. Flow curve tending to straight line. Excellent regulation performance.

 PTFE butterfly valves



End flange:

ANSI B 16.1,EN1092,AS2129

Face to face:

ANSI B 16.10

Top flange:

ISO 5211

Normal pressure:





DI/ALB/Rubber lined Disc/1.2501/1.4529/CF8/Hastelloy Alloy/Monel




NBR/Hypalon/EPDM/Neoprene/NR/Wear-Resistant EPDM/Viton/Silicon/Heat-Resistant EPDM/White EPDM/EPDM(NSF)/PTFE

Suitable temperature:



Fresh water, sewage, sea water, air, vapor, food, medicine, oils, alkalis, salt etc.

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Q:what is valve lash i dont get it?
This Site Might Help You. RE: what is valve lash i dont get it? how do i adjust the valve lash my book sys to torque to 136 in lbs but my wrench is only in ft lbs
Q:Is Mitral Valve Prolapse worth worrying about?
Mitral valve prolapse is the most common cardiac problem and may affect five to twenty percent of the population. The condition is most common in women, although men are also affected. With MVP, symptoms do not begin before the early teenage years (approximately age 14 in girls and 15 in boys), but adults of any age may be affected. MVP tends to run in families, so those with blood relatives with MVP have a greater chance of also having the condition. If a person has mild MVP, he/she needs no restriction of exercise. But if the MVP is big, then it is a different thing. Because, though complications in this condition are very less, people who suffer from this condition have to take extreme care. In case of large MVP, you may have to cut down on your physical activity, have a surgery and may be put you on medications like beta blockers. If the valve is truly defective (not just 'prolapsed'), it is serious. Unfortunately, doctors have mistaken a 'differently shaped' mitral valve as a disease in itself. And this is where the non-disease comes in. In simple terms, a mitral valve that appears prolapsed is usually normal. It still is not clear to experts why some mitral valves appear prolapsed and allow some blood leakage backwards. I have an answer for that phenomenon, but the important point is that the disease is a non-disease.
Q:Inhaling smoke from valve oil?
Valve oil is basically just mineral oil and various other ingredients. You can buy pure oil, and it's also the main ingredient in baby oil and other medicines. Nothing wrong with burning it.
Q:A customer has a G. E. SmartWater waterheater 7 the drain valve leaks, is there a gasket that can be serviced?
i would not worry about replacing the wsher inside the valve...U can go to about any home improvement store and just buy a new valve for around $ if they have a quarter turn valve...those will serve u best in the future plus it is a ball valve which doesnt use a washer but a ball inside turn so it is a better seal...just drain the water heater then unscrew the old one and put pipe sealant on the thread of the new one and just screw it back in and fill ur water heater back up and ur done..
Q:How does an electric motor operated valve (MOV) actuator work?
a MOV consist of electrical motor, actuator and valve. the motor is driven by electric and its shaft is coupled to valve; therefore rotating motor shaft develop forward or backward movement of the valve thru gear mechanism. The actuator is controlling the ON or OFF, rotate to LEFT or RIGHT of the electrical motor; the actuator can be set base on process control (i.e level, flow, pressure etc). when rotating of the motor is controlled, so it does the valve opening.
Q:Valve cover replacement?
if the gasket was replaced then there may be other problems. take it to a dealer or reputable mechanic.. what kind of oil do you use, have seen this problem with plugged oil return holes. builds up pressure in valve cover and pushes it out the gasket. penz and quaker are noted for this problem.
Q:Mitral Valve Stenosis?
Actually, stenosis means narrowing, not hardening. (From Websters: New Latin, from Greek stenōsis act of narrowing, from stenoun to narrow, from stenos narrow) Mitral valve stenosis is often pretty benign (not dangerous), but it can be if it is severe. The elevation of the atrium I guess means that the atrium is larger than is should be, but as that's not a term I'm familiar with, I'm not sure. If the Valve is narrowed it does take more force to push the blood thru, so the walls of the atrium would become larger as they have to work harder. Definitely see your doc and find out just what's going on.....but calm down. Most people that have this don't even know it. There are clear medical treatments that are very effective....and worst case replacement of the valve is really a fairly routine surgery (for the docs anyway....they've been doing this for 25-30 yrs at least)
Q:hi i just found out last week i have a micro valve and have willam sydrome i need more info about the valve?
I and don't start thinking everything happening to you is a symptom. I happen to have mitral valve prolapse, and it has zero affect on me. I would not have known I had it were it not for a gall bladder attack they mis-diagnosed as a heart attack.
Q:Heart Valve question - stenosis and regurgitation?
Q:What would happen if the EGR solenoid valve isn't connected properly?
Egr Solenoid

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