High Quality Manual Ball Valve Stainless Stee Ball Valve

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The appearance is beautiful.
Material conform to the standard.
Every size produce according to the standard.


1. CF8M/CF8,SS316/SS04,1.4408/1.4301

2. Carbon Steel Ball Valve,with threaded ends ,BSPT,NPT .
3. Applicable media: Water Oil ,Steam, Nitric acid, Acetic acid.
4. Nominal pressure: 1.6. 2.5. 4.0. 6.4Mpa
5. Main size: 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2"2" 2-1/2" 3" 4"
6. Materials of main parts:
7. Valve body: WCB ,CF8, CF8M
8. Stem: 304 316
9. BALL: 304 316
10. Packing: PTFE.
11. Sealing: PTFE

3.Trade Terms

Payment:T/T,30% deposit;70% balance before shipment.


Drinking Water Plants

Industrial Water Treatment Plant

Water Softener & Purifier

Water Treatment Plants

Filtration and Sedimentation Units

Flower water treatment

Solar energy water treatment system

Boiler water treatment system

Swimming Pool Filtration Plant, etc.


5.Why Choose us?

1.We are a factory who focus on produce valves for 20years.

   Adhere To Quality Is Our Belief.

2.All valves  according the drawings to produce and 100% pressure testing,100% material inspection.

3.We use ERP system to improve the work efficiency.


High Quality Manual Ball Valve Stainless Stee Ball Valve

High Quality Manual Ball Valve Stainless Stee Ball Valve

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Q:Leaky Toilet shutoff valve....?
After replacing hundreds of these I suggest that any cost of the mentioned fixtures is far less than the resource wasted. I'd begin with a new shut off,,,inexpensive and easily installed, once the main line has been temporarily shut off. Then as long as it is, replace the line as well. I suspect at a cost of less than $10 for both. Often the issue extends to how YOU might have threaded both, how tight, within reason you secured them, and this is so common you should be able to alievieate the poroblem by replacing,,,, as long as you consider cross threading and possibly threading metal components to plastic. On an environmental note, Constant running is wasteful, and certainly damage to any flooring, or walls/molding that sponge up any leakage are wasteful in an after effect. Steven Wolf
Q:trucuspid valve... pulmonary valve??
Structure Of Pulmonary Valve
Q:Help! Sticky Trumpet Valve?
My valves have had many issues over the past few years. Your problem is either 1. horn is dirty 2. there is a tiny dent (even 1/2mm is enough to stop the valve, happened to me last month). If your horn is dirty, there are plenty of youtube videos on how; it generally involves using water and rising all the gunk out. You could also have too much oil buildup. If there is a dent, don't even try to repair it yourself--it is waaaaay to hard, and you'll ruin the instrument even more. Take it to the store; it should only cost $20-30. I suggest you clean the trumpet first and then try to get it fixed if it is not good.
Q:1991 honda civic fast idle valve?
base models have no fast idle valve. if the rpm are going up and down inspect the water level in the system and have it bled. there might be air in it. if you are messing with the timing or adjusting the idle you are doing something wrong. do not adjust the throttle cable to adjust the idle. it will throw off the tps sensor. use the idle screw. if adjusting idle at the idle screw or timing don't forget to jump the ECU or you will waste your time. btw you know that the IACV needs to be unplugged when adjusting the idle right? no punn intended just checking.
Q:Where is the Canister vent shut valve located on a 2003 honda crv?
2003 Honda Civic P1457
Q:HVAC with older refrigerant valves.?
no offense,but i'm a little concerned that you have gauges and the knowhow to check freon,but dont know about different types of service / access valves.apply any advice at your own risk......anyway,,if you remove the large cap that covers the stem of the service valve you need to [ with gauges already connected] turn the stem clockwise to open it so your gauge can read the pressure,[ they make a special service valve wrench for this purpose,an adjustable wrench usually will work,but be careful not to strip the square end of the stem if its old and doesnt want to turn],,only turn the stem one or two times around,,DO NOT keep turning it clockwise until it stops or you will close the valve off....when finished checking with gauges,be sure to turn stem counterclockwise until it stops turning,,then you can safely remove gauges..if you remove gauges without turning stem counterclockwise,the the freon will blow out of the valve when gauges are removed,,not a pleasant experience,, be sure to where gloves and goggles,esp if you arent used to doing this......dan
Q:Can I free up a stuck toilet shut off valve?
When valves are turned all the way in an open position they tend to get stuck. Try a heat gun but make sure you have a copper line feeding into the toilet tank, not a plastic one because it can melt. Just heat the valve for a few minutes at a time, because over heating it can damage the rubber washer inside the valve. If all fails then it has to be replaced by someone who is knowledgeable.
Q:Is valve standard of API and ISO same?
It is hard to say generally. Each valve standard will cite other relevant standards, so it is API system and ISO system. Usually it has some differences between API and ISO valve, but it is similar. Most time the design Principal is same, the structure of valve is similar. For example , API swing check valve, it has an hanging system without bolt outside of body, but DIN swing check valve has an bolt for stem. The dimension obviously is different, API calculated by inch, but ISO usually use metric unit. Of course it can be transformed to same dimension. Below is some API standard, and ISO or DIN Standard. We are just able to discuss this topic for specific standard. For API598 and ISO 5208, in my opinion, it is a little different, but in fact, the differences is not very big, if an valve able to pass API598, usually same for ISO 5208. Same for ISO5208 to API 598.
Q:Trumpet Valves Sticking?
Have you tried cleaning the valve casing (what the valve moves in)? If not, you can use a clean cloth that won't leave fibers in there, or a valve casing brush (couple dollars at the music store) to clean the inside. Many times dirt builds up at the bottom of the valve casing where it's supposed to and the valve eventually gets stuck in it. Also, like the poster above said, the plastic/metal guide could be getting caught. You can use slide grease to lubricate the slot in the top part of the valve (not the casing) where the guide moves. Just don't get any on the piston part of the valve. If all else fails, it is possible that the valve was not honed correctly at the factory and a professional will need to fix it.
Q:Will my Hunter SVC VALVE will work with my Lawn Genie Valve?
Your Hunter transformer only provides about half the voltage needed to operate the Lawn Genie solenoid. You might find a weaker spring for the LG solenoid, but the long term fix is to stay consistent. Either use all Lawn Genie, all Hunter, all Rain Bird, etc.

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