Gate Valve of High Pressure Forged Steel with API Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Gate Valve Description

Gate valve is widely used in natural gas, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, urban pipelines, gas pipelines and other pipelines, the venting system and vapor storage device,and used for hoisting equipment.

2. Main Features of Gate Valve

1) Reasonable structure, reliable sealing, easy maintenance.

2) Gate, seat through a special process, spray carbide, wear PTFE, achieve double seal. And greased secondary seal double protection, sealing more reliable, longer life.

3) The valve uses no filler structure, Wei valve opening and closing mechanism to ensure flexible, it is only normal valve opening and closing torque 3 / 1-1 / 2.

4) Diversion holes plate valve needs through ball for pipeline pigging, no diversion hole plate valve does not need to pass the ball to the pipeline pigging.

5) Adjust the type plate valve is suitable for pump stations to be adjusted exports and other media pipeline, regulation and cut off the media.

6) Pneumatic flat gate open and close rapidly, with buffering mechanism, closed without impact, innovative pneumatic, manual conversion structure, flexible operation, convenient and reliable.

3. Gate Valve Images

4. Gate Valve Specification

5. FAQ of Gate Valve

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Q:General Help with replacing shut off valve under kitchen sink- Pics included?
Kitchen Sink Pics
Q:Cardiac valves?
av valves are anchored to the wall of the ventricle by chordae tendinae, multicusped valves while semilunar valves do not have chordae tendinae, but are more similar to valves in veins. positioned on the pulmonary artery and the aorta both have the same function of prevent backflow of blood
Q:Technical requirements when deciding upon a control valve are?
1] I assume that by control valve you mean a variable orifice valve, not an on/off valve. 2] An answerer to your other question listed Metallurgy, temperature, pressure and shutoff requirement To which I note that if you need a tight shutoff you should not trust a control valve to do that, but should add an on/off valve in series. Also, metallurgy covers corrosion requirements but not obviously so 3] To which I add: flow rate [or Cv] and pressure drop fail open or fail closed response time signal input [3-15 psi, 4-20 mA, 1-5V, etc] connections [ie, fitting type] packed vs sealed might need to look at hard seat materials and/or replaceable seats, to control erosion reliability, ease of maintenance, availability of spares, timing on that vendor permanence [ie, are they entering bankruptcy ?] Cost
Q:rear proportioning valve?
i got a 97 model van setting out side the shop and i went and looked at it and it doesn't have one on it,what are you calling the rear proportioning valve,it has a block that the lines split off of but not a proportioning valve,let me know if you got some kind of special edition or something,good luck.
Q:Issue with Weil McLain water heater - Zone Valve?
Located in most zone valves is a end switch. The end switch closes when the zone valve opens. It sends a signal to the AquaStat to bring on the boiler. The pump runs as soon as there is a call for heat on any zone. Now if the water temp in the boiler has reached its high limit than the boiler will not come on. It will wait until the temp drops in the boiler and then it will ignite. So watch it for a few minutes. The end switch or connections may be to blame if the boiler does not come on at all after a reasonable amount of time. The end switch does fail on occasion. Best bet is to call a professional if you continue to have problems
Q:Help, my water heater pressure valve is leaking?
this valve is very common and a universal fit .... with the water already off -- OK -- you can remove the valve and get a new one at most hardware stores [[ get some teflon-white tape to wrap the threads of the new valve == 3 or 4 rounds will be good
Q:replacing car tire valve cap?
The valve cap doesn't prevent air from leaking out; it just protects the valve from dirt and corrosion. Yes, a bicycle cap will work fine, and yes they do sell them in stores. I'd try AutoZone. Even though you won't loose air, replace it. If your valve corrodes, it can get stuck open next time you top off your tires.
Q:Bicuspid Aortic Valve-- Anyone eles have one?
Q:what happen when solenoid valve is activated?
If the pressure in any one zone is different than the other zones it could be one of two reasons; either the pressure is high (usually due to one or more sprinkler heads not poping up), or its low (usually due to a leak in the pipes). Something that could cause low pressure in all the zones are an obstruction in the water line above the valves (unlikely), or a hole in the line above the valve (the water would be filling the valve box and causing damage to the lawn wherever it is located), or leaks in all the lines (again would be easy to identify from the excess water in the ground at the source of the leak). Lastly the valve itself could potentially be faulty. The solenoid inside the valve holds the valve open when electricity is applied across it. If the wires to it are damaged; if the solenoid is bad; or if the valve has any rust or dirt inside that could cause a lower than normal amount of water flow.
Q:Leak from Pressure release valve?
Our big brother( homeland security) has instructed the water company's to install anti back up valves in the water system to keep us safe from terrorists trying to back flow chemicals into the water system. I would check with water company and see if this has been recently done at your house meter.The problem is no where for the pressure to go when the water heats up. you will as all others will have to install a pressure expansion tank. If you find this not to be the case I would put a pressure gauge on one of your outside water valves and check the the safety valve you are referring to will start to re leave some where around 70lbs and pop at 150 lbs. to keep from too much pressure build up. This can be caused by a tiny leak in the pressure regulator located in the incoming line. Hope this helps

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