Ball Screw Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Ball Screw Gate Valve Description

1) It has a long service life of seal surface supersonic sprayed hard alloy.

2) Valve open/close is ball screw structure which reduces effectively torque to the 1/3 of common valve.

3) Gate valve structure.

4) Stem structure has the function of pressure balance and switch indication.

5) Stem seal packing, seat end surface seal ring are flexible energized seal structure to have reliable seal.

6) Be applied to large size and high pressure valve.

2. Main Features of Ball Screw Gate Valve

1) Advanced test for quality 

2) MTC provided 

3) Good price and service

3. Ball Screw Gate Valve Images

Ball Screw Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

Ball Screw Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

Ball Screw Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

4. Ball Screw Gate Valve Specification

1) Working Pressure: 2000PSI~20000PSI

2) Nominal Size: 3-1/16"~9" (78mm~230mm)

3) Working Temperature: -46°C~121°C(Class LU)

4) Material Class: AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH

5) Specification level: PSL1-4

6) Performance Requirement: PR1

7) Working Medium: oil、natural gas、mud and gas containing H2S、CO2

5. FAQ of Ball Screw Gate Valve

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Q:What do people mean when they say they have a 12 in valve?
A 12 inch valve means it is designed to fit with nominal 12 inch pipe. Most 12 valves are flanged so these valves would also be flanged to match as 12 piping flange. They would also be sized to match the appropriate flange rating as in 125#, 250#, 150#, 300# 600# and so on. As to the opening of the valve that will vary depending on the type of valve. For a gate valve it will be very close to 12 inch in diameter. For a globe valve it may be a bit smaller. In some cases you will see what it called a reduced port valve where in internal opening is smaller. This is more common with large ball valve where the smaller ball and opening makes the opening/closing torque less. These valves also tend to have a venturi shape on the inlet and out leading to be ball so the pressure drop is closer to a full opening valve.
Q:Replacing Valve Cover Gaskets?
The valve cover gasket (parts and labor) is about $100 - $200 for the left side and $300 - $400 for the right hand side, but be sure you didn't misunderstand and the failing gasket is actually a head gasket. Those are a big deal: $1500 - $2000.

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