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Regulator for gaseous media, to be fitted to all types of gas
Optimum dimensioning allows high throughput performance


VGBF regualtors are general purpose regualtors for controlling gas pressure to furnaces, ovens and other gas consuming equipment. They are suitable for nature, LP and clean biogas at inlet pressure up to 60psig (4bar). Springs are available to allow for a wide choice of outlet pressure.

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Q:electronic valves from the '60s uses?
sound like the needle and seat in the carb is caught open and your new gasoline pump with solid tension is flooding your carb. take carb aside sparkling all passages with carb air purifier and then blow out all holes and passages with compressed air could restore subject.
Q:Trumpet valves keep sticking!?
Remove the valves entirely and wipe them down with a damp cloth and clean out the valve housings of the trumpet. Then apply a generous amount of oil to the valve itself before putting it back into the instrument. If the problem persists check the valve casings for dents. If cleaning it doesn't work or there are dents, take it to a local music store and see what they can do. It shouldn't cost more than $20 unless there is a serious problem with the instrument.
Q:Need help replacing the old valve stem for tub/shower to replace with new valve stem?
Check back on your website to see if they have the procedure for removing/installing the new stem. These usually have to be turned to allow them to be removed. You should be able to purchase a tool to help you release it. Also, be aware the old stem could be hard to remove due to build-up and/or torn seals. After you get it our, try to remve and deposits in the valve and then apply a little lubricant to the new stem before you insert it. Be sure the lubricant is compatable with the seals.
Q:How important are Tire Valve Stem Caps in retaining tire air pressure?
The valve caps main purpose is o keep dirt/debris out of the valve stem. if the valve inside were to leak due to not being tight or dirt holding it open the cap may prevent leaks. but if you refill that tire once a week, the dirt would have been forced in. replace the cap and see what happens. check the tire and valve stem with soapy water to help find the leak.
Q:2276 vw type 1---which is the intake and which is the exhaust valve? (for the #1 cylinder)?
The intake valves are the two rocker arms in the center of the passenger-side head. The exhaust valves are the rocker arms on either end of the head. For the #1 cylinder, the exhaust valve is the one closest to the flywheel side of the engine, and the intake valve is the next one towards the rear of the car. For example, if you're underneath the car and looking at the head, this is the pattern: Ex #2, In #2, In #1, Ex #1.
Q:Using thicker oil to eliminate valve clatter?
10W40 works fine. That's all I've ever run in my Explorer - and presently it has just under 200,000 miles.
Q:weird trumpet valves?
I think the reason why your valves are sticking is because they are building up sludge from being oiled too much, and yes, that does happen frequently. Remove the valves carefully, wipe them off thoroughly with a clean cloth, replace them correctly, and lightly oil them. Then try pushing the valves a bit before playing.
Q:Where can I order foot valves?
Any plumbing supply shop should have them as well as most home stores, but they are generally for a specific purpose such as at the bottom of a well pick up pipe. Basically a check valve to prevent water from draining back to the well when the pump is off, thus eliminating the need to prime the pump for every on cycle. Al
Q:Tell me all you know about Blow-off valves?
If you are referring to a big truck or a dump truck, A pressure release valve or pop-off valve let's air release out of the air system to keep the system from building up too much air pressure. A dump valve releases all of the air from the air ride suspension or pony axle.
Q:wheres the egr valve?
Dont know about your car, but look near the intake by the fuel rail

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