Pressure Reducing Valve

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meet the standard of UNI-CIG7430
Outlet pressure: 10 - 500mbar

Pressure Reducing  Valve imported from European is used for gas pressure Reducing of combustion system.

Fit for LPG, natural gas, town gas, air and other non-corrosive gases.

Maximum inlet pressure: 1bar or 5bar.

Aluminum alloy shell. NBR diaphragm.

Threaded connections for DN15-50

Flanged connection (PN16) for DN65-DN150.

Outlet pressure: 10 - 500mbar (different range according to specific spring).

Operating temperature: -10°C - +60°C.


TT / LC / DP

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Q:Leaky Toilet shutoff valve....?
This is quite common. If water is leaking on the floor from the hose, replace the hose with one of those user friendly flexible hoses called toilet supply hoses from Home Depot or your local hardware store. It could be the gasket but your hose is probably old and replacing it may save you a small flood. Your shutoff sounds like it needs to be rebuilt, but you as you mentioned, this is not critical because it is on all the time anyway. You can try buying the exact same shutoff, then shut off the main water supply, then take the shutoff apart (without removing it from the supply pipe) and replace the guts of the valve. The part where it attaches to the incoming supply is probably fine, so rebuilding the guts of the valve should work. Use Teflon tape when you connect the new supply hose and be sure to drain the water from the back of the tank with a cup and sponge before you remove the old supply hose.
Q:Intake/Exaust valves? Im stupid?
You're not dumb for trying to learn. In a 4 stroke engine the air goes into the intake manifold and into the intake ports on the head. There it interacts with the valve, which when opened allows the air to be drawn into the cylinder. Then the engine goes through the power stroke and then the exhaust is forced out through the exhaust valve.
Q:valve clearance?
put cylinder one at top dead center. then compress valve down till it makes contact with the piston. not accurate because hydraulic lifters will pump up during engine operation
Q:Water Turnoff Valve will not come off?
firstly turn on your kitchen sink tap then turn stopvalve a bit at a time someone may have fitted the wrong valve and it only needs a 1/4 turn to shut it off .if this is not working then your stop valve head or shaft may be worn and just turning, in this case you can only freeze it or turn off in your garden or street .if you are talking about your main stopvalve then to comply with water regs it should be fitted with a double check valve /drainoff and mains stop valve.p.s expect water it is like traffic wardens appears from nowhere.
Q:Water Heater Pressure Valve Leaking Occasionally?
The valve is called a TP valve. It stands for Temperature and Pressure relief valve. If either the temp or pressure goes over the set amount, the valve opens and releases water. This is a safety feature to prevent the unit from exploding. You may have the temperature set too high on the heater. The valve may be bad and can be replaced for under $15 and 15 minutes work. The valve operates with a spring and sometimes it can fail. On the valve is a plate that tells how much pressure and temperature is needed to operate it.
Q:How much does it generally cost to replace valve seals?
they're not expensive at all, it's the labor that's going to kill you.
Q:Where can I order foot valves?
Any plumbing supply shop should have them as well as most home stores, but they are generally for a specific purpose such as at the bottom of a well pick up pipe. Basically a check valve to prevent water from draining back to the well when the pump is off, thus eliminating the need to prime the pump for every on cycle. Al
Q:car engine question (valves and cylinders)?
Yes v6 means 6 cylinders (pistons). Each pistons need to have gas come in and out and so the valves open and close to do exactly that (breath). There are at least 2 valves per piston - one (set) for exhaust and another for intake. Sometime to make it breath easier, there are 2 valves on each set. The 2.5L mean 2.5 liters (the measurement of the pistons) or basically the engine. The larger the displacement the more powerful (theoretically). Of course the larger the displacement the more fuel need to be injected. The exception is TURBO charged engines which stuff extra air (and extra fuel) so even a small engine take more fuel than equal non-turbo engie. The Evo uses much more than high tech engine to be that good. Besides being powerful, it uses the computer to divide the power to all 4 wheels in such a way to keep the car pulling even in a hard turn. === The TORQUE is the actual measure of engine power. The horse power is a translation of torque into something that people understand (horse - power). Good Luck...
Q:Will a tire go flat if you just take out the Valve Stem Cap?
NO, The valve cap is only used to keep dirt and debree from going inside the valve stem. If dirt or other particles of debree go inside where the valve core is when you air up the tire the dirt could lodge between the core and then it will leak air causing the tire to go flat. To remove a tire valve core, there is a special tool that you put inside of the valve stem and then you unscrew it out. To remove a valve stem you have to brake the tire bead push down on the side where the stem is and with the special tool screw it on to the stem and pulling it out. Reason why you have to brake the bead is that you have to replace it with a new one from inside of the wheel.
Q:P0401 EGR VALVE Problem?
I've never seen an EGR valve failure on these engines. It's almost always the vacuum solenoid for the valve that has failed. I've also seen issues with vacuum lines breaking or becoming plugged but that's pretty rare. It's just a shame that so many shops have parts throwers nowadays, get a code for the EGR valve and instead of taking 2 minutes to use a vacuum pump to test the valve, they just replace it, and then not even bother to drive the vehicle before giving it back to confirm their repair... terrible! They are giving the people who try a bad name.

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