Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Mud Gate Valve Description

Mainly applicable to the equipment of mud circulatory system for drilling wells,theZ23X-35 series of mud gate valves are used to control or shut off the circulation of the mud fuild flow. The trapezoidal thread connection of the mud gate value makes it easy and efficient to install. 

With its high degree of rigidity ,the mud gate value is safe and reliable to operate. The seat and gate of the value are sealed by use of the parallel elastic sealing technology to ensure good sealing effects and ease of opening and closing. The two ends of value,which are connected with the pipeline,are tightly sealed and the close contact is maintained through movable spherical touch. 

In addition ,the swing joints combined with the O-type rubber sealing rings ensure greater sealing effectiveness and require less straightness of the pipeline length where are the value is to be installed.

2. Main Features of Mud Gate Valve

Working Pressrue: 5000psi-15000psi 

Product Spec.: PSL1-3

Performance REQ: PR1

Nominal Size: 50mm-78mm

Working Temperature: P.U(-29-121°C)

3. Mud Gate Valve Images

Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

4. Mud Gate Valve Specification

Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

5. FAQ of Mud Gate Valve

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Q:pls. give the difference between Isolation Valves & Block valves?
The two terms are used interchangeably. They are valves that are used to completely interrupt flow as opposed to a valve that is used to throttle or control flow without stopping it.
Q:Leaking water valve under my kitchen sink?
Hot water valves always go bad before cold water, ashot water is harder on the rubber and plastic parts inside valves. That said, turn off the water at the main and drain whatever hot water faucet is lowest in the house. If you have one in the basement, that is best. Turn on the hot water in the kitchen so the air can come in at the kitchen and the water can run out in the basement, or bathtub, whatever is lowest. Next, the valve under your sink will likely have a hexagonal nut on the side that has a line going to the faucet, and it will probably screw directly onto the pipe on the other side. If this is the case, just loosen the nut, pull the line off of the valve, then unscrew the valve. Take the old one with you to get a replacement so you can compare to make sure you have the right one, and then reassemble it the way it came apart The nut may be attached to the sink hose. Once you've reassembled things, then remove the stem on your faucet above the sink. That valve is also not stopping the water or it wouldn't be running all the time. If it is a two handle faucet, then remove the hot water handle, and remove the nut underneath that holds the stem into the faucet. Take the stem with you to the hardware store and they can help you find the right washer or rebuild kit. Replace it the way you found it once the new washers etc are installed. If it is a single handle faucet, then there is probably a screw that has to be removed under the faucet spout before you can unscrew the handle and remove it. Take out not only the stem, which is built into the handle, but also the rubber washers that are sitting in little holes inside the base. Take them with you to the hardware store. The little cup shaped rubber washers may also be under the stems of two handle faucets. Those cups have to go in with the wider opening down and the smaller hole upward.
Q:Mid eighties GM egr valve problem
EGR valve got sooty,and rusty and dirty and then they dont work right. They either dont open or they get stuck open and cause the car to run lousey. If the valve has been i the car since the 80's it is probably about time to either clean it or change it. do you have haynes or chilton manual for the car? they explain alot.
Q:Where is this pcv valve?
It should look something like a flattened top and should be black and in line with your fuel fline to the injectors.
Q:89 Dodge Ramcharger Valve Cover?
Virtually speaking yes, the engine size or displacement is the same on all 318 engines. You can obtain a newer valve cover which will fit your 89.
Q:Leak around the power valve?
The kx125 actually has 3 valves in the exhaust, a main, a left-hand one and a right-hand one. Each is fitted with o-rings which require disassembly in order to be reached. This would also be a good time to clean the power valves since they tend to become encrusted with carbon deposits which interfere with their normal operation.
Q:Noisy Xr250r motor, valves.?
2002 Xr250r
Q:Blocking off your egr valve???
i own a repair shop,and it wont give you much more horse power if any,all it does is stop the egr valve from working ,the kit allows you to remove the valve and put a block off plate on it,some say it helps a little i haven't noticed much of a difference in the vehicles that have them on,they just don't recirculate the exhaust gases like they should,which causes any car to fail an emissions test,that's about it,good luck,i hope this help,s.
Q:i have valve touble on motorcycle ?
A lot of times you will not hear a valve problem, They tend to tighten up with age not loosen. On sign of a valve out of adjustment is if bike is hard to start when cold. knocking could be loose timing chain, timing chain tension-er needs attention.,Could also be worn drive chain. It will make a popping sound when its stretched out. Some front brake calipers will make a knocking sound, its the pads rattling around between calipers and rotors.
Q:PCV valve on 98 Eclipse?
Your, which covers all Eclipse/Talon models.

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