Hydraulic Safety Valves with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Hydraulic Safety Valves Description

The Hydraulic safety valves is a kind of hydraulic valves to be installed on the wellhead main pass or production pass, whose function is when there is leakage or other abnormal condition happened of wellhead, it can close the well by releasing the oil cylinder pressure to shut the valve.

2. Main Features of Hydraulic Safety Valves

1) API standard

2) High quality and fast delivery

3) Best price and service

3. Hydraulic Safety Valves Images

Hydraulic Safety Valves with API 6A Standard

Hydraulic Safety Valves with API 6A Standard

Hydraulic Safety Valves with API 6A Standard

4. Hydraulic Safety Valves Specification

Nominal Diameter]2-1/16"4-1/16"
Nominal Pressure 2,000Psi15,000Psi
Material classAAHH
PSL classPSL14
PR classPR 2
MediumPetroleum oil, natural gas, water, mud
End connectionAPI standard connection

5. FAQ of Hydraulic Safety Valves

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Q:bent valve stem?
Valve stems don't usually bend unless the valve hits a piston. I am assuming the rod that was bent was a push rod. The 5.2 engine is not an interference engine, so a cam timing problem would not cause the piston to hit the valve. I suppose that if you way over reved the engine a lifter could have pumped up and at a very high RPM the valves may have floated causing one or more to strike a piston. Push rods do bend for a variety of reasons, but to have a bent push rod AND a bent valve stem I would need more information to give you even an educated guess. You have the head off so look at the top of the piston and see if it looks like it was hit by the valves. Take the head to a machinist and have him check it for cracks and damaged guides. Have him check the valve spring tension also.
Q:Subs killing EGR Valve?
next time state year/make/model/mileage. most egr valves operate via vacuum. your subs can't affect a vacuum operated egr valve. if the o2 sensor didn't help out, you probably have a bad vacuum hose somewhere. that will cause the system to go into havoc because the car computer can't compensate for the excessive air being sucked in. a cap does not help with anything except for a loud THUMP. the THUMP causes a voltage spike and stresses the charging system. the cap takes care of the thump safer, it's not a complete solution.
Q:What is another name for a valve?
Valve comes from latin valva. There is not other name for it in engineering, but some times is referred as a cock, if the valve is used as shutoff valve, it is also known as shutoff cock. For irrigation, sometimes large gate valves are also known as gates. I can give you many names for the type of valves but I can't think of any other name that replaces valve.
Q:Valve/pipe leaking from toilet?
Before you start taking things apart try this. Find out where the water is coming from. You may have to sit there for a while to watch for a drip. If it is coming from where the knob to shut it off is, there is a nut behind the knob. Try tightening it a little. Don't really lean on it. If the leak is from the line to the toilet do the same thing. Just tightening things may solve your problem at no cost. Best of luck.
Q:Does any one knows were i could buy a VALVE COVER for a 1999 mazda miata?
Q:foot valve replacement?
WOW! Just read my exact problem there...I do have a water feed and pressure build up to 40 psi BUT same here...Pump will not stop. About 8 years ago I myself with the help of some friends pulled the two pipes from the well bottom put all new fittings on. Replaced the pressure tank and installed brand new well pump. So from what I am reading here I am understanding it is the foot valve that is causing my problem now. So I feel I can pull the two lines (55') and replace the foot valve and hopefully this is my problem??? I noticed as long as the pump is left running it builds up 40 psi and we can run our water but at 50it is suppose to shut the pump down but will not...OK?
Q:My valve body needs to be rebuilt?
if its not slipping or banging when shifting i wouldnt worry too much ... if its not shifting right though i would get it fixed ..
Q:What is a purge valve in cars?
i would guess on avg 100K miles. But hey, my girlfriend has a 2006 altima and the starter went bust. My 98 acura still has it's original starter (honda uses great oem parts). things go depending on driving conditions and what we in the auto parts stores call flukes. Like a 2007 pontiac that needs a new ignition coil. That's why aftermarket companies continue to make parts for cars. no one wants to go to the dealer.
Q:Need help replacing the old valve stem for tub/shower to replace with new valve stem?
Do you have a valve for the hot and one for the cold, or does one valve control both? If there are two valves they should just unscrew. You might need to go back to Home Depot and get a wrench designed for valve stem removal. (Before you go, spray it with penetrating oil such as WD-40 and let it do it's thing while you're gone. If it's just one valve for both, there's probably a collar that screws on and holds the cartridge in place. After that is off, the cartridge should slide out-ususally with a little 'persuasion' from some pliers. (But don't try to twist it) Hope you get it.
Q:What would happen if the EGR solenoid valve isn't connected properly?
Egr Solenoid

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