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  • Drinking Water Plants

  • Industrial Water Treatment Plant

  • Water Softener & Purifier

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Filtration and Sedimentation Units

  • Flower water treatment

  • Solar energy water treatment system

  • Boiler water treatment system

  • Swimming Pool Filtration Plant, etc.

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Q:Leaking shut-off valve on a toilet?
Replace it there fairly cheap.Usally all you need is a wrench an pipe thread tape and a new shut off valve.probably less than 20 bucks total.Just turn off the water an flush the toilet.Place a pot under the connection so it will catch any remaining water as you loosen the connection.There are 2 large nuts at each end of the shut off valve.Turn them conter clockwise to loosen an clockwise to tighten.Wrap the threads with pipe thread tape on both ends before installing the new shut off.Its probably one of the easiest do it yourself plumbing jobs there is.Once you have the new shut off installed an tightened turn the water back on an check for leaks.If it is leaking you may have to tighten your connection a little more.Good luck,I hope this helps.
Q:vw aircooled valve seat?
It depends on the amount of damage. Before they relocated the oil cooler it blocked airflow to one cylinder and the exhaust valve ran hot. The valve guide wore, the valve started hitting the seat off center and the valve head would break off to bounce around inside the cylinder, often putting a hole in the top of the piston and dropping debris into the case. The cheapest solution was to find a used motor to put in. If there's no damage to the piston, you might be able to repair the head but that valve bouncing around usually does a fair amount of damage.
Q:Is Valve going to make Half-Life 3 ?
Valve is currently working on the next iteration of the Source engine, and when they finally finish development of that, then I think we can start seeing a newer generation of games from Valve that hopefully includes HL3.
Q:Changed water inlet valve, now no hot water.?
I suspect the leaking valve that was replaced was your washer's solenoid valve. Did you remember to turn the hot water supply valve on after you finished? That is the valve, next to the cold water supply valve, on/at the wall behind the washer. There are rubber hoses coming from those valves to the solenoid valves on your washer. If you forgot to turn it back on after replacing the leaking valve you'll get no water. If you turn off both the hot and cold supply valves on the wall you should be able to remove the rubber hoses right where they connect to the machine and check the water flow by directing them into a bucket or pan while you open the supply vales. If you have good pressure and flow make sure there is no debris clogging the screen, just inside there the hose connects to your machine. These can get blocked where the water won't pass or runs very slow. Sometimes it pays to check the simplest causes first. Good Luck. SS.
Q:Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery...?
where is it performed?
Q:Tricuspid valve leak normal values?
The tricuspid valve is a valve in your heart that, like any other valve, makes the blood flow in only one direction. When your heart pumps blood into your body, this valve is normally closed so the heart only pumps it in your arteries, and not back in your veins whence it came. When this valve doesn't close shut completely, a little quantity of blood leaks through the little opening there. You can see this with an echocardiography which you said you had done. Yes, the value of 19 is really low, and the fact that the limit to normality is 20, so you're close to it, doesn't mean that you're almost sick. Keep in mind that these limits that doctors have are some guidelines, and they all have a safe zone. Plus, this is not the kind of lesion that evolves, it doesn't mean that as the years go by the little space in your valve will get bigger and bigger - nothing of that sort. It is probably a thing that you had since forever, and you will have it the same your whole life with no problems at all. In the end, let me say that if you are brave enough to go to a doctor (many people aren't, and that really sucks), you should be brave enough to ask him/her what they mean when they say certain stuff, without worrying that your question might be stupid or already answered. You didn't go to med school, and it is the doctor's duty to explain to you what is happening in your body just as it is to diagnose and treat you. Best of luck!
Q:French Horn Valve Compression?
If you like how it plays you might just wish to leave it alone. Anything you do is going to change the way it plays, perhaps to something you don't like. Check compression by pulling the valve slide part way out, wait a second or two and then push the key, as the air fills up the partial vacuum cause by pulling the slide you should hear a nice thunk. If there is no noise when you push the valve the air is leaking around the valve and that's bad compression. Another way to check is just slowly withdraw the valve slide. It should get harder as you pull due to the vacuum, if it comes all the way out it should pop.
Q:Hot water running only in Shower with Single-knob valve?
It probably has to do with the water pressure coming through the pipes is just causing the pipes to move. If you don't want to take your shower out, find out if you can get to the pipes from the other side of the wall, like from the bedroom or hallway. You may be able to use a metal detector and find the path of the pipes and make a couple of small holes to stabilize the pipes
Q:Heart Valve question - stenosis and regurgitation?
Q:Question about valve lifters and camshaft break in.?
Clean Or some people who do this a lot just cut down an old pair of valve covers.

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