adjustable choke valve

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API 6A Choke valve

     Choke valves are available in flanged ends threaded ends; both feature standard bore sizes from 1-3/16” thru 3-1/16”, in working pressures of 2,000 psi through 2,0000psi.

1.specifications of choke valve


Adjustable Choke Valve



1.Wear-resistance, scourresistance

2.Reliable performance

3.The needle stucture is easy for the controlling and adjusting the flow.

End Connection



2 1/16”- 4 1/16”


K. L .P. R .S. T. U. V








2000-20000 PSI


Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Stainless


Choke Head

Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Stainless


Stainless Steel+QBQ

Choke Threaded


Stainless Steel


Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel+HF

Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel+QBQ


Oil, Chemical industry,etc.



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Q:Where can I buy an electronically controlled valve?
Any industrial plumbing supplier will either have these in stock or be able to obtain them for you. There is not much point in giving you addresses without knowing what country that you are in.
Q:how can i tell if i have a bad heart valve?
if from HOME, there is no way, not unless you are experiencing already ankle edema and dyspnea or shortness of breath, however, these signs and symptoms are for massive valvular damage already. If you really wana rule out bad heart valve, consult a doctor as early as you can. Because bad heart valves can lead you to grave compications such as left and right sided heart failure. Heart palpitations and arrythmia may not be due to bad valves, however they do exist in lates stages of valvular damage, specifically atrial fibrillation in severe mitral valve disease. Better consult a doctor! Upon cnsulatation, the doctor will ask you lots of questions on previous infections particularly sore throat or tonsillopharyngitis because it is the most common cause of valve damage. Valve damage can either be congenital or autoimmune.
Q:What would happen if a PCV valve disconnects while driving?
If the PCV valve becomes disconnected it allows a direct intake manifold vacume leak. This will cause the engine to stumble and run bad and even die during idle. It is easy to lacate and fix. Look for a medium sized hose running from your throttle body on top of the intake going down to the top of one side of the valve cover/s. You should see the PCV valve. Just ensure that it is connected. To tell if one is working properly you need to clean it up and blow through it. It will allow you to blow one way and not the other.
Q:hydronic heating zone valves?
Its just an educated guess but I would say it would cause system shock if a valve just snapped shut as against closing gently. Assuming the system was shutting down as a zone valve shuts the control switch opens and turns off the plant whilst the valve is still partly open. With a solenoid unless you fit a timer to pre shut off the plant then shut off the solenoid you would probably cause some plant damage. Also by the time you have wired all that lot up you may as well do the job with a zone valve.
Q:Hot water running only in Shower with Single-knob valve?
Single Knob Shower Valve
Q:EGR valve removal of a 1997 Lincoln Continental?
I am assuming you want to replace the EGR valve because you are getting an insufficient EGR flow trouble code. Before you replace a perfectly good valve with an inferior aftermarket part that will likely fix nothing, a little more diagnosis is in order. If you have access to a scan tool and a vacuum gauge, perform a KOER (key on engine running) test on the engine with the vacuum gauge connected to the hose to the EGR valve. When self-test reaches the EGR test, look for the vacuum guage to move during the self test. If it moves, the vacuum source and EGR solenoid are good. If not, trace the vacuum harness for leaks. Without the scanner and vacuum gauge, find a length of hose and suck on the hose, or connect to other vacuum source to test the valve. You are looking for an RPM drop at idle when you open the valve in this way. I suspect your problem is a passageway clogged with carbon. Remove the valve and throttle body to access the clogged areas and manually decarbonize. This is the most common reason for an insufficient EGR flow on a Lincoln, along with a faulty DPFE sensor or related hoses. My money is on the clogged passages or the bad DPFE sensor.
Q:effects of a bypass valve on a car?
bypass valves are for cars with forced induction IEturbocharger,supercharger it allows the air that would normally be expelled into the atmosphere blow off valve and instead putting it back into the intake which helps with less lag in building boost again. If your car is not turboed or supercharged then forget it.
Q:what is the difference between industrial swing type check valve and lift type check valve?
Horizontal Lift Check Valve
Q:My backflow valve is always dripping.?
They are like any valve that may not have to operate in a while, sediment in the line gets caught in the seat of the back flow preventer when pressure has been lost to one side. The valve can be disassembled and cleaned but is not for the novice unless you have a lot of time. You can cap it for now but get it repaired or replaced because you will have little protection in keeping boiler water from your drinking water if the pressure is lost.
Q:How do i make a ball valve?
put a slave servo on it,

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