Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel Description

The cylinder gate, gap between gate and seat, interlinked between inlet and outlet. Mainly used in chock manifold or other high pressure piping.

2. Main Features of Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel

1) Wear-resistance, scour-resistance

2) Reliable performance

3) Application:Oil, Chemical industry, etc.

4) Medium: Oil,Gas,Water,etc.

3. Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel Images

4. Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel Specification

Working Pressure 2,000Psi 20,000Psi
Nominal Size 2-1/16″~4-1/16 "
Performance Grade PR12
Working Tem KU ( -60℃~121)
Specifications Grade PSL14
Working Medium: oil, gas, water, mud
Material Class AAHH
Actuator: handle, Hydraulic, pneumatic
End ConnectionConform to API

5. FAQ of Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel

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The link below shows what the valves are. The adjustment to them requires loosening #13, and then turning #12 such that the valves #1 2 are within the proper specification. To do this requires disassembly, then measurement and adjustment, and finally reassembly. This can range from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on various reasons. So, estimate 3 x [Labor Rate], whereas [Labor Rate]s vary from shop to shop, and I've seen from $65 to $120.
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Buy a manual for your bike. The question is far too broad to be answered here due to the complex nature of a modern valve train, like found on your RMZ. It involves removing the intake and exhaust camshafts to gain access to the shims underneath the buckets on top of the valves. You must know where to time the cams again in relation to the crank otherwise, it is very possible to destroy your engine if not installed properly...Hence the advice on obtaining a quality service manual beforehand... It's also why the shops charge a seemingly extortionate amount.
Q:Would a ERG valve cause sputtering or hesitating on my pontiac firebird?
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Q:replace pcv valve on 2002 ford explorer?
The PCV Valve is not connected to your brake booster. If it were, engine oil and other debris would be pulled into the booster diaphragm and contaminate it and destroy it. Your PCV Valve is located on one of your Valve Covers. The Valve Covers are the long metal lids that run the full length of your engine on either side. Normally your oil cap is also located on one of the covers so you can fill your engine with oil when needed. The part that you are looking for is normally made of plastic or metal, and it is seated in a rubber grommet in one of the valve covers. You will normally find a single rubber hose coming from it leading to either your air cleaner or a port on the intake plumbing. Normally located before the throttle body. The PCV Valve itself, is a cylindrical object that is normally about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch round and about an inch to 1.5 inches tall with a single, (sometimes double) port at the top. There is an object on your intake manifold, and sometimes also located below your throttle body, that does look like a PVC Valve. But its not. Its a simple vacuum port connector for access to manifold vacuum to operate things like your brake booster, and some of the emission control devices. I hope that helps you out. Good Luck!
Q:Does anyone know how expensive a valve job is on a 93 BMW 525i?
You bet it will! A valve job may uncover valve guides that are out of specification. In which case the old guide hole will have to be drilled out and the guide hole honed, new bronze / nickel or hardened steel guides pressed back in. An ordinary valve job is relatively straight forward and easy but the labor involved with the tear down a new head and valve cover gasket without valve guide repair will run nearly $1,000 at a BMW dealership and 20 -30% less at a private mechanics shop. Most private mechanics AND dealerships do not do the actual valve job. The cylinder head with the valves are sent out to an automotive engine machine shop where the actual work is done. The dealer or private mechanic does the disassembly and reassembly of the head back on the block and gets the car running again.

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