Ball Type Check Valve Ductile Iron

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Ball Type Check Valve Ductile Iron

*Good quality with reasonable price.  

*Qick deliver time and enough store of valves.

*Many types to choose.


Ball Type Check Valve Ductile Iron GGG40 DIN Standard

Design Standard:

Face to Face DIN3352-F1

Flanged Ends BS EN1092-2

Main Parts and Materials

No. Parts Name Material

1 Valve Body/Bonnet Ductile Iron GGG40/GGG50

2 Plug Malleable Cast Iron

3 Ball sealer Carbon steel A3+NBR

4 Seal O-ring NBR

5 Hex bolt Carbon Steel Zinc Plated 45#



flanged Swing Check Valve

size: 1/2"-42"

material: steel


Guarantee: 18months

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Q:Above the flue that valve is called smoke exhaust valve or check valve, I heard there is a five anti exhaust valve
The names are different, and they are acceptable. Five, anti exhaust valve is unique to 10000, the first class of technical effects
Q:Problems with the check valve of the circulating water pipe
If it is water medium butterfly valve, in fact, the same, are used to prevent the media back of the valve, on the models are manufacturers themselves, there is no uniform standard, but only in the use of media on the difference.Butterfly buffer check valve is to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve, used to prevent the media back of the valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valveMicro resistance slow closing check valve, also known as check valve, its role is to prevent the medium back flow in the pipeline.
Q:What is the air pipe check valve?
The air pipe check valve is installed in the ventilation or air conditioning duct. When the fan is running, the valve is opened and the air flow is passed smoothly. When the fan stops, the valve is closed to prevent the air from reversing.
Q:Can the flue check valve and kitchen check valve protect against odor?
Not really. It depends on what valve it is. If it is a variable pressure air valve, of course, if it is an ordinary other valves, generally only temporary role. Five residential home kitchen platoon smoke system is the application of this variable pressure air valve.
Q:The difference between slow closed valve and open the valve
The difference is mainly that the opening and closing of the slow closing check valve depend on the external and external forces to perform the slow opening and closing (usually hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder). The swing check valve is opened and closed by the pressure of the pipe medium to complete the opening and closing (and the pressure of the pipeline).
Q:What's the difference between a stop valve and a check valve? Is it a valve?
The cut-off valve is a common valves, mainly used to connect or disconnect the line of medium, generally not for regulating flows.globe valves for a wide range of pressure and temperature, but are generally used for medium and small diameter pipes. The cut-off valve is closed parts (valve) moving along the centerline of the valve seat valve. The stop valve is mainly used for cutting in the pipeline.
Q:How to install the kitchen flue check valve?
1, vertical transport, the flue should take protective measures, and must be two lifting.2. Locate the center line of the flue position. In the reserved hole, draw down four vertical central lines from the roof, and draw 2 orthogonal central lines on the floor plane.3, the flue to the scene, the first flue hanging to the roof, surrounded by the center line of pop in the flue, and the flue of the reserved hole slowly down the electric hoist, from top to bottom layer installed flue in place, the center line correction. The center line of the flue and the center line of the reserved hole should be less than 1cm, the deviation of the centerline of the upper and lower flue is not greater than 1cm, and each flue must be guaranteed vertically and vertically.4, the installation of flue should each layer as bearing, bearing steel 2 root diameter over 14mm?.5. After the flue is installed, install the check valve hole at each flueFire type flue check valveFirst, stir the cement with a special glue, coat the edges of the check valve, and then install it at the opening of the check valve.6, the construction should be reserved at all levels of the hole, covered with a cover plate, to ensure safety in construction, to prevent construction waste fall into the flue.7, the flue is thin-walled components, in handling and installation should be gently handle, not to impact, not in the pipeline to pile other heavy objects and walking.8, the roof flue should be in the roof insulation layer, fire layer before construction. 9, the use of gas water heater exhaust system is strictly prohibited.
Q:What is the material of H41W-16's check valve?
According to: JB/T 308-2004 "valve type programming method"H check valve4 flange connection1 lift through straight through valve passageW sealing cover for body material16 nominal pressure PN16When the nominal pressure is less than or equal to PN16, do not mark the material code of the valve body, the valve body material is gray iron
Q:What is the difference between globe and check valves?
1. check valve is called one-way valve, the role is to prevent fluid flow, can not be adjusted, can not be closed.2., the cut-off valve can be used to regulate flow, can be closed, can be closed.
Q:When are the fire dampers and check valves located on the ventilation pipe? through ventilation, air conditioning room and important or fire danger room, partition and floor. vertical air duct with horizontal pipe section at each level of the horizontal air pipe. passes through both sides of the deformation joint.8.5.4 fire valve action temperature should be 70 degrees.
Our products are in accordance with different standards, such as API, DIN, JIS, BS, and GB, as well as non-standards. We also provide OEM products according to client requirements. Our products are widely used in oil refinery, petroleum, chemical plant, power station, natural gas, and civil industry. We have obtained ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certificate.

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