Lift Check Valve Cast Iron

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Lift Check Valve Cast Iron

*Good quality with reasonable price.  

*Qick deliver time and enough store of valves.

*Many types to choose.

DIN Grey Iron Lift Check Valve (PN16) Or

DIN Carbon Steel Lift Check Valve (PN25/PN40)

Design Standard:

Face to Face DIN3202-F1

Flanged Ends DIN2532/2533

Main Parts and Materials

No. Parts Name Material

1 Valve Body Cast Iron /Ductile Iron

2 Bonnet Stainless Steel

3 Disc Cast Iron /Ductile Iron

4 Hand wheel Cast Iron/Ductile Iron



flanged Swing Check Valve

size: 1/2"-42"

material: steel


Guarantee: 18months

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Q:How can the fast closing noise check valve prevent water hammer?
Quick closing silencing check valve prevents water hammer principle:Once the pump stopped, check valve spool in the spring or other auxiliary device for double end under the action of force balance in advance to the closed position, can greatly reduce the amount of water and initial water reflux falling height, water hammer force is calculated by gravity superposition, reduce the amount of return equal to the reduction of gravity. Fall short height reduces the inertia time is also relatively reduced speed, and can prevent the formation of destructive or reduce water hammer water hammer.Quick closing and silencing check valve and silencing check valve is to rely on the flow of the medium itself automatically open and close the valve, backflow valve to prevent the media, also known as check valve, check valve, silent check valve reflux valve, and back pressure valve. The check valve belongs to an automatic valve, whose main function is to prevent the backflow of medium, prevent the reverse of pump and drive motor, and release the container medium. The check valve can also be used to provide a supply to the auxiliary system where the pressure may rise above the system pressure. The check valve can be mainly divided into swing check valve (rotating by gravity center) and lift check valve (moving along the axis).
Q:What does the number 16 on the check valve mean?
This is the pressure level of the valve, which represents 16Kg, which is used for piping pressure less than this pressure.
Q:When are the fire dampers and check valves located on the ventilation pipe?
8.5.5 vertical exhaust lines for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, etc., should be taken to prevent backflow or to set fire dampers on the branch pipe.In addition, there are similar provisions in the code for fire protection in architectural design, which are not stated.
Q:Classification of check valves
This is more challengingI think these are all check valves, but the designer notes the structural features of the check valve itself to make it easy to distinguish.CHECK VALVE - ANGLE, if translated as "angle valve" must be wrong, but in the back of the check valve with an angle, will not be the valve is not an ordinary check valve, but the right angle structure of the check valve? Pure speculation. Right angle check valve.CHECK VALVE - ANGLE STOP ibid., the check valve of the right angle structure, mainly acts as a cut-off. Right angle stop valve.CHECK VALVE - ANTI WHIP physics, there is a professional interpretation, (anti whip device) pipe anti swing device, I guess there should be the meaning of anti shock, it is also one of the role of one-way valve. Here I translated as anti shock valve.The CHECK VALVE - STOP is different from the ANGLE STOP, and the ordinary structure is interpreted as a stop valve here.CHECK VALVE check valveCHECK VALVE - TILTING DISK tilting disc valve, this should be indicated on the special check valve structure, inside the JBT308, check valve structure with the valve structure, this should be inside the swing valve a.CHECK VALVE - WAFER flat plate check valve.The CHECK VALVE - Y STOP Y check valve is also a structural form. This does not understand, it translates into Y stop valve.
Q:Is it necessary to install a check valve for household well pumping?
Selection of check valve for pump outlet check valveGeneral pump station project, for the pump outlet check valve, the following principles should be observed;The outlet check valve shall be used when the diameter of the outlet pipe of the pump is smaller, that is, DN50mm.The pipeline of the pump outlet pipe diameter DN is larger than 50mm, should be used in swing check valves can be installed horizontally or vertically. Swing check valve to rotate around the shaft, the fluid resistance is generally less than the lift check valve, which applies to the larger diameter of the occasion, the installation location restrictions, usually installed in horizontal pipelines, it applies with large caliber occasions. According to the number of valves can be divided into single swing type, double valve swing and multi valve swing type of three. Single swing check valves for medium and medium duty applications. Large diameter pipeline using single swing check valve, in order to reduce the water hammer pressure, it is best to use water hammer to reduce the pressure of the slow closing check valve. Double valve swing check valves are suitable for large and medium diameter pipelines. Double check swing check valve with small structure and light weight is a fast check valve. Multi disc swing check valve is suitable for large diameter pipeline
Q:What is the reason that the check valve does not stop water?
1, the valve at both ends of the road must be blocked, there is dry ventilated room. Such as long-term storage, should always check rust corrosion.2, the valve should be cleaned before installation and eliminate the defects during transportation.3, the installation must be carefully checked on the valve signs and nameplates are in line with the use of requirements.
Q:Check valve authentication information
Consult the manufacturer for more information.Canadian, Registration, Number, CRN certificationMany of the Check-All valves have also been registered in Canada (0C3651.5R1C). Under some special conditions in Canada, the use of some products requires a Canadian registration code CRN. Check-All is registered in all provinces and territories of canada. CRN testing and labeling requirements are required at the time of ordering. If you need valves containing CRN, consult your manufacturer.Hygienic standard for Sanitary Standards3AThe Check-All 3SC Series Check Valves comply with 3A hygiene standards for milk and milk products, vacuum eliminator and check valves, and the standard number is 58-01. Among other requirements, the standard requires 32 radium processing, with precise groove angle and depth, all for sanitary purposes.
Q:What does the check valve "H41F" mean?
A check valve is a device for carrying a check valve on a pipe, or a gas will not return
Q:Are the gate valves and check valves of the same type?
It is a kind of valve opening and closing function (i.e. switch) of the valve, it is on the gate lifting and play the role of the switch, the switch is to be applied by external force (hand wheel, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic) it is not required to;Check valve is a check valve function, is to prevent the media back, it is by the valve on the pin shaft and the rotary switch to play the role of the valve with different things, when it is opened by medium pressure automatic opening, closing time depending on the medium and back type the self gravity valve closed, it is a kind of automatic gate valve function, does not require an external force is applied to it, it is a demand for the direction.
Q:Check valve H41T-16. What are the numbers and letters in it?
H stands for check valve, 4 represents flange 1, and represents form 16 for pressure. This is cast iron lift check valve.Check valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve. The check valve belongs to an automatic valve, whose main function is to prevent the backflow of medium, prevent the reverse of pump and drive motor, and release the container medium. Check valve (Check Valve): divided by the structure, can be divided into lift check valve, swing check valve and butterfly check valve three. Lift check valve can be divided into vertical and straight through two. Swing check valve is divided into single, double valve and multi flap type of three. Butterfly check butterfly butterfly, double butterfly, butterfly single, more than a few kinds of check valve, in connection form can be divided into thread connection, flange connection, welding and clamp type connection four kinds.
Our products are in accordance with different standards, such as API, DIN, JIS, BS, and GB, as well as non-standards. We also provide OEM products according to client requirements. Our products are widely used in oil refinery, petroleum, chemical plant, power station, natural gas, and civil industry. We have obtained ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certificate.

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