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Portland® Split Rubber Coated Head Pulley Tile Plate

Portland® Split Rubber Coated Head Pulley Tile Plate

CNBM (Hefei) Electromechanical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
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     The head pulley tile plate is made of steel high-precision arc plate covered with high hardness and wear-resistant rubber.  It is commonly used as

 a vulnerable part of steel wire belt cord bucket elevator. 

     The tile plates cover the head pulley to increase the friction between the head pulley and steel wire cord belt. And the head pulley adopts a split

 structure, each single piece is a steel high-precision arc plate, and the contact surface with the steel wire cord belt is covered with high hardness and

 wear-resistant rubber. 

     When the service life of the rubber surface reaches the service term, the arc-shaped plate covered with rubber on the head pulley can be replaced

 without dismantling the whole head pulley and lifting steel wire cord belt, which is simple and convenient, and effectively reduces the maintenance

 and overhaul cost.

Q:What gasket does the 8MPa pressure vessel flange seal?
What a big flange. The gasket is estimated to be out of order and easy to spread. It is recommended to use a toothed gasket. This technique is very mature. It is specially designed for large flange sealing. The effect is almost the same as that of the wrapped gasket!
Q:How to choose the gasket when installing the pressure gauge?
When the tested medium is lower than 80 DEG C and 2MPa, leather or rubber gasket can be used. Under the condition of less than 450 degrees C and 5MPa, asbestos or lead gasket can be used. When the temperature and pressure are higher, the annealed copper or aluminum gasket can be used.
Q:I found that the hydraulic joint can be used as a gasket with an aluminum pad or a copper pad, and the effect is good, but I don't know if there will be any other effect after repeated disassembly or long serviceImports of hydraulic equipment in the middle of some even no sealing ring, but spent more than ten years will not leak, but after opening and then installed on the failure, why?
The metal pad before using the best grinding, long time use is also good, but now the popular seal combination, inside is rubber, the outer ring is a metal skeleton, but also the price is disposable, and metal pad almost.Imported generally coated with sealant, so after opening and then installed on the die
Q:How can the swivel washer be disassembled and replaced? Which God knows how to change the gasket? The faucet leaks. Maybe the washer is broken
You see the faucet switch that there should be a glue brand OEM OEM, put the Alice down, there is a screw removed, and then put the switch part rotating down, there should be a brass valve, with a bayonet on the spool, direct screw buckle will be able to get out of the valve core. The inlet valve is closed and then engaged.
Q:Is there any difference between the inlet hose gasket and the gas?
There are still differences, water washers should consider health, excluding harmful substances; gas depends on what kind of gas gasket should be used oil resistant rubber.
Q:Filter replacement did not find a small ring, so there is no problem for the filter
Hai Yu filter tells you, friend, that's a big problem. Is the filter closed and the sealing ring not leaking? Generally, the filter has a sealing ring. If you use the old machine to filter the sealing ring, it is recommended to change immediately, the sealing ring will be aging, easy to crack, oil spills.
Q:What happens when the pressure on the gasket exceeds the maximum pressure?
Leakage is divided into flange leakage and blow out, the flat gasket will be blown out, winding gasket fracture and surface leakage!
Q:Is there any prospect? Promising, which company in China to do this more professional?
In view of this particular case, we hereby reaffirm that all the gaskets we operate are asbestos free gaskets without any asbestos content. Unless otherwise specified, it will be explained in detail.
Q:Does the gasket have brass? What's the standard?
Therefore, generally used in the combination of the installation of groove, such as: male and female with the flange, valve cover, pressure gauge, live joints, etc.Standard thickness and diameter, thickness according to the sealing joint gap size to determine, size according to the size of the sealing groove needs to be processed
Q:The original diesel engine doesn't leak at all. Why do you leak oil after the overhaul?
Rubber gasket usually add butter, paper gasket is generally not encrypted sealing glue, mainly to see the required sealing parts! High and low temperature working environment!

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