O seals O seal seal seals Silicone rubber O ring silicone rubber seal gasket

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Specification of Silicone rubber O ring





Can be any color for silicone rubber.

High/low temperature-resistant

-45  °C  to 330  °C


standard and non-standard sizes are available


+/-0.01 mm to +/-0.05 mm


from 30 shoring A to 90 shoring A


Inner packing: Plastic bag

Outer packing: Carton box


within 7-15 days


Application: Our products are widely used in auto, air condition, machinery, water pumps, valves, furnitures, toys, pipes.


We can produce according to your samples or drawings.



 Wholesale Cheap food grade Colored various size silicone rubber o ring with high quality


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Q:Is the cylinder ring ring the same as the cylinder liner?
The cylinder liner seal and gasket normally is not the same, but there will be false words, sometimes on-site staff will put two different products into the same name, then it is for staff and users to understand the confirmation of seal ring.The cylinder ring sealing ring is divided into static and dynamic seals to bear the pressure. The sealing ring of the cylinder liner will have O ring, U ring, Y ring and other forms of sealing ring. And the gasket is a static seal. The main section is square, and there are other forms. If you don't understand, you can ask me again.
Q:Can marine sealing gaskets be made of asbestos gaskets?
Asbestos gasket is a very good gasket, but because it is listed as a strong carcinogen, most countries in Europe and America have banned the use of asbestos gasket.At present, most domestic shipyards also prohibit the use of asbestos gaskets. Instead of asbestos gasket material.
Q:Gasket standard
Gasket standards are the following: to the left to the right, | gasket standard GB/T 4622.1 - 2003 GB/T 4622.2 - Classification of spiral wound gasket 2003 spiral wound gaskets for pipe flanges size GB/T 4622.3 - 1993 GB/T 9126 specifications of spiral wound gaskets for pipe flanges - 2003 non metallic flat gasket size GB/T 9128 - 2003 steel preparation of metallic ring gasket for pipe flange size GB/T 9129 - 2003 non metallic flat gaskets for pipe flanges technical conditions of GB/T 9130 - 1988 steel pipe flange connection metallic ring gasket for technical conditions of GB/T 13403 - 1992 large diameter carbon steel pipe flanges with a gasket GB/T 13404 - 1992 pipe flanges polytetrafluoroethylene envelope gaskets for GB/T 14180 - 1993 winding the type of gasket testing method of GB/T 15601 - 1995 pipe flanges with metal cladding gasket GB/T 19066.1 - 2003 flexible graphite corrugated metal gasket branch GB/T 19066.2 - 2003 flexible graphite metal gaskets for pipe flange gasket size GB/T 19066.3 - 2003 flexible graphite metal gaskets specification GB/T 19675.1 - 2005 pipe flanges with metal punching plate flexible graphite composite gasket size GB/T 19675.2 - 2005 pipe flanges with metal punching plate flexible graphite composite gasket technology JB/T 87 - 1994 pipe flanges for asbestos rubber gaskets for JB/T 88 - 1994 pipeline flanges with metal serrated gasket JB/T 89 - 1994 pipe flange metallic ring gasket for JB/T 90 - 1994 pipe flange Spiralwound gasket for JB/T 6628 - 1993 flexible graphite composite (plate) pad JB/T 8559 - 1997 JB/T 4718 - 1992 metal gasket pipe shell type heat exchanger with metal gasket JB/T 4719 - 1992 for shell and tube heat exchangers gasket
Q:Does the diesel engine manufacturer seal the gasket in the gasket?
The original non - blocking sealing should be the quality of the pad.
Q:BMW X5 engine gasket oil permeability to the engine to add what gasket is sealed
That shouldn't be the case for BMW. The reason is that the engine gasket aging to save money, buy a few barrels of good imported sealant, generally between 15-30, directly to the sealant gasket in the original position on a line, you can also get down, look like shape forming, with the original car mat. Note that buy bad glue, yes
Q:500 degrees of high temperature pipeline flange connection, what sealing ring is more appropriate?
Generally use copper or flexible graphite metal gasket. If the pressure requirements are high, it is recommended to refer to the "steel pipe flange" HG/T20615-2009 standard, the flange sealing surface into a convex surface, concave / convex, tenon / groove surface, full plane or ring connection surface. The gasket can be made according to HG/T20627 ~ 20633 and HG/T20635.
Q:Installation requirements for gaskets
4, when sealing gasket is pressed, it is better to use torque wrench. For large bolts and high strength bolts, it is better to use hydraulic tightening devices. The tightening torque shall be calculated by calculation according to the given gasket. The size of the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic tightening device shall also be determined by calculation.5. When installing the gasket, tighten the nut in sequence. However, the design value should not be screwed once. Generally should be recycled at least 2~3 times so that the gasket can be evenly distributed.6, the flammable and explosive medium pressure vessel and piping, replacing gasket should be used to avoid security tools, tool and flange bolts or collide, sparks, causing a fire or explosion accident.7, if there is leakage of the pipeline, it is necessary to reduce the pressure, then replace or adjust the installation of gasket, strictly prohibited with pressure operation.
Q:What about the non asbestos gasket in Chinese market?
In view of this particular case, we hereby reaffirm that all the gaskets we operate are asbestos free gaskets without any asbestos content. Unless otherwise specified, it will be explained in detail.
Q:Filter replacement did not find a small ring, so there is no problem for the filter
Hai Yu filter tells you, friend, that's a big problem. Is the filter closed and the sealing ring not leaking? Generally, the filter has a sealing ring. If you use the old machine to filter the sealing ring, it is recommended to change immediately, the sealing ring will be aging, easy to crack, oil spills.
Q:Does the ASME B16.5 RF flange require a gasket?
Sealing gaskets need to be added to avoid leaks and other accidents!

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