*PPR Pipe Ftting For Hot And Cold Water Sanitary Ball Valve High Class Quality Standard

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100000 pc/month

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Certificate: ISO9001-2008 CE Keyword: ppr pipe Material: PPR
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: CNBM Application: Cold/Hot water supply

Product Description:


1) Cold and hot water supply systems for civil and industrial constructions, e.g. in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, school and office buildings, ship building
2) Drinking water systems and food industry pipe works
3) Central air conditioning system
4) Irrigating system for gardens and green houses
5) Public and sport facilities such as swimming pools and stadiums
6) For rainwater utilization systems

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Product Description:


 B4 Type PPR Ball Valve with Brass Ball with Brass Ball

Quick Details

  • Material: Plastic

  • Technics: Injection

  • Type: Valve

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: DSW358-363

  • Connection: Welding

  • Shape: Equal

  • Head Code: Round


  • Certification: ISO9001,CE
























Products   name

Stop Valve 



Field   of Application 


Work   temperature



PE   bag and carton


Kitchen,   home, commercial, garden and general 

Place   of origin 

Hebei   China(mainland)





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A1:You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.
Q2:How Long Is Delivery?
A2:Delivery time will be30-45days according to order quantity.
Q3:What Is The MOQ?
A3:MOQ depends on different items.

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