Chemical Fertilizer production line for Potassium Sulphate(SOP)

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1.Potassium Sulphate(SOP) Description:

Potassium sulfate production process principle of the project, with sulfuric acid and potassium chloride as raw materials, reaction at high temperature, made a series of processing technology, production of main products of agricultural potassium sulfate and the by-products of industrial hydrochloric acid. By the technical supervision inspection, potassium sulfate reached GB20406-2006 product quality standard level, among them, the content of potassium hydroxide, chlorine ion content, moisture content and physical properties of various specifications are reaching or higher than similar foreign products. 31% byproduct hydrochloric acid can be adjusted according to the customer need the following products, various concentration of quality BG320-2006 standard requirements.

2.Main Features of Potassium Sulphate(SOP)

 Potassium sulfate contains both crops necessary potassium ioncontain sulfur in promoting role for the growth of crops, is a kind of potassium and sulfur compound fertilizer, used for all crops, particularly applicable to avoid chlorine crops, such as tobacco, tea, sugar beet, melon, potato, peanuts, beans, vegetables and so on, can not only increase crop yield, but also can improve the quality of crop products. For example, can raise the flammability of tobacco, the sweetness of grapes and watermelon, potato starch and so on, with chlorine, phosphorus is reasonable use of 10-25% of the increase production effect can be obtained. Because of lower potassium sulfate index, use for a long time without destroying the soil structure, it will also no longer cause soil acidity and salinization.

 This project of by-product hydrochloric acid production, the quality meet or exceed the technical indicators of industrial synthesis of hydrochloric acid requirements, can be widely used in industrial boiler water electrolysis, electroplating, purification and chemical industry and so on equipment cleaning, also can be used for processing fields such as food, medicine, is one of the basic chemical raw materials, has a broad market prospect.

3. Potassium Sulphate(SOP) Production line Images



Chemical Fertilizer production line for Potassium Sulphate(SOP)

Chemical Fertilizer production line for Potassium Sulphate(SOP)

Chemical Fertilizer production line for Potassium Sulphate(SOP)

Chemical Fertilizer production line for Potassium Sulphate(SOP)

Chemical Fertilizer production line for Potassium Sulphate(SOP)




4.Potassium sulphate production line Specification


Potassium sulphate specification

The index item


Classy article

Grade A

Qualified products

potassium oxide %




chloride ion content %



Moisture content%




free acid by H2SO4 content %



Salinity(NaOH) content %


Hydrochloric acid specification

    The index item


Classy article

Grade A

Qualified products

total acidity by HCL  %




Arsenic(As) %




Residue on ignition   %




 Chloride by CL  %





Product consumption quota




Rate of consumption





white powder.  H2O 1%




limestone powder





Natural gas

70 m³/t

Process / cooling water


make-up fresh water 500Kg/t for closed circulation cooling system


Main technical indicators

The index name

Control indicators



K2O60%   H2O1%

White powder




K2O50%, H2SO41%, Cl1.5%

Hydrochloric acid


Control Be°18-19 processing acid



background of roof-combustion chamber

Furnace temperature


Reaction chamber

bottom temperature


tewel outlet

Circulating water



Drainage PH


Graphite heat exchange

gas outlet temperature


general control ≤50℃ In Summer ≤60℃

liquid level in Tower


level indicator

Liquidlevel in intermediate

 cell of hydrochloric acid

high liquid limit

level indicator

Liquid level of 98% H2SO4

 elevated tank

high liquid limit

Stable level by H2SO4 reflux

Liquid level of dilute acid

 elevated tank

high liquid limit

Stable level by water reflux

oil level of gearbox


By sight glass or dipstick



We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

①How about your company?

We are a Chinese stated owned company,and keep 8 years in the Fortune Globe 500 companies.Our company have done many EPC projects in the world.

And our engineers are very experience on SOP production line. Who has done many SOP plant in Egypt/Jordan/Korea/Malaysia and India etc.

②How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We shall help to start up the production line and test the products within 3 months training of your workers if necessary.And guarantee the products for one year.

③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

We shall send the whole production line to you within 8 months after your advance payment.And signing of contract.

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1. Manufacturer Overview

Year Established
Annual Output Value
Main Markets
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken:
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size:
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range

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