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SJX elevator



SJX series auxiliary elevator are hoisting tools for handling single pipe, or working together with the professional tools CRT to move the tubulars from gate to well centre. The products shall be designed and manufactured according to the requirements in API Spec 8A/8C Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment.



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Have the Redstone engine drive, the logistics pipeline can transport, Redstone engine to drive rod drive, after the engine will push and pull, the logistics pipeline to connect the box box [at the end of the shadow box or other storage, except for the adoption of], the input should be put in the engine Redstone pipeline, a pipeline cannot import or export goods back and forth.
Q:What's the nature of China General Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd.?
ChineseGeneral hospitals are basically state-owned nature, may be later in the restructuring of enterprises, the nature will change somewhat
Q:What's the integrity of Wuxi general machinery works Co., Ltd.?
The company is now China Environmental Protection Industry Association executive director of the unit, Chinese Separation Machinery Industry Association vice chairman of the unit, Chinese water pollution prevention equipment chairman of Specialized Committee, the main drafting unit standard water treatment equipment. In 2001, as the only representative of domestic environmental protection products manufacturers, was absorbed into APEC (APEC) Chinese enterprises joint meeting members.The company's existing staff of 700 people, covers an area of 120 thousand square meters, with 185 million yuan in fixed assets, in 1994 the company established ISO9001 quality assurance system, and in 1996 in the same industry in the first through the certification at the same time, through the establishment and measurement assurance system.
Q:How does the reactor in minecraft mekanism general machinery work?
You need to activate, take a black body radiation gun filled with D_T fuel, put it into the reactor, open the laser activation, activate one, and consume one
Q:What are the stocks of the general machinery manufacturing industry?
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In the mechanical processing industry, the general mechanical equipment mainly has the lathe, milling machine, planer, grinder, drilling machine and so on. Now, with the development of processing technology, wire cutting, EDM, CNC processing, laser processing, engraving machine has gradually become a powerful complement to general machinery and equipment.
Q:Is the general machinery manufacturing industry the same as the general equipment manufacturing industry?
Not the same thing, but there is a certain relevance. General machinery manufacturing industry is the production of general-purpose mechanical parts manufacturing and other professional mechanical products industry, including boilers and prime mover manufacturing, metal processing machinery manufacturing industry, general equipment manufacturing industry, bearings and valves manufacturing etc.
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You should ask a professional, or go to a more professional website. For example, a handful of fishing sites, you can, the above classification information is very detailed.
Q:Introduction of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute
Mainly engaged in the petrochemical, fertilizer, environmental protection, gas, ship industry general machinery, chemical equipment and special equipment design and development, manufacturing, testing and corresponding engineering contracting, engineering supervision, equipment. It has four national standard, four points 2 and three industry authority, is China Institute of Mechanical Engineering Institute and fluid pressure vessel engineering institute affiliated units.
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Take the bus to Guang'an public tram station and get off a street outside the Bush White building next to the road outside the Hualian mall was quite can take the car: 109576410 7

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