Rising Stem Solid Wedge Gate Valve F4

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Product Description:


Non-Rising Stem


Body:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron

Wedge:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron Encapsulated with EPDM

Seat: EPDM / NBR

Shaft: SS410

Stem Nut: Brass

O-ring: EPDM, NBR

Wedge Nut: Brass / Bronze

Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron


Hand Wheel / Bevel Gearing / Square head / Electric actuator

Face to Face:

BS5163: 1986, DIN 3202 F4-F5, JIS B2002, ANSI B16.10


BS4504, DIN 2532, JIS B2212, ANSI B16.10/ANSI B16.50

Working Pressure:

16 Bar(200 PSI)

Design  and Manufacturer Standard


BS5163, DIN 3352, JIS B2043

Test Standard:

API 598  BS6755 DIN 3230  JIS B2003


Water works, Sewage, Public facilties, Building industry, Petroleum, Chemical, Steel, Metallurgy, Paper Making Industry, Foods, Beverage, HVAC

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Q:Does the number of valves make a difference?
Audi now uses 5 valves per cylinder. Why? They obviously believe it offers advantages over conventional 12 or 24 valve systems (for 6 cylinders) but it's not clear what benefits it has to Audi buyers. Is is just more complex and more likely to have problems? Who knows?
Q:Is it possible to re-port a globe valve?
On okorder.com/
Q:How do i take my valves out?
The valves may not just slide right out. The keeper sometimes form a bit of a ridge on the valve.You need to remove that little ridge first if they don't just slide out. After they are out the guides may need work to achieve proper fit and centering of the valves. The valve seats may also need to be ground. Most of the time it is easiest to take the head to a machine shop for the valve work.
Q:Has anyone had surgery for Mitral Valve Prolapse?
costly Madam, i'm a heart professional sending this text for you. desire it enables you. Mitral valve prolapse, often spoke of as MVP, is a basic heart valve illness. The mitral valve is between the left atrium and the left ventricle of the midsection. It has 2 leaflets (flaps) that administration the blood pass. MVP occurs whilst one or the two between the leaflets are enlarged or have extra advantageous tissue. MVP is often innocuous. besides the shown fact that, substantial issues can ensue, alongside with a blood clot in the recommendations and an infection called infective endocarditis related to the mitral valve as nicely as different valves. MVP seems two times as often in women persons as in adult men. that's maximum regularly a hereditary illness. some those with MVP have not have been given any indications. besides the shown fact that, maximum sufferers adventure a speedy or bizarre heartbeat, shortness of breath, easy-headedness, and protracted fatigue. Many sufferers additionally be afflicted by migraines, eating and drowsing issues, an overactive or contaminated thyroid gland, diarrhea, and chilly arms and ft. Emotional rigidity often magnifies the indications. medical doctors usually prescribe prevalent exams and cardio workout for persons who've MVP. sufferers are additionally advised to limit their intake or use of extreme-carbohydrate meals, caffeine, and decongestants. some sufferers would want beta-blockers and specific antiarrhythmic medicine. extra severe circumstances will require surgical operation to repair or replace the valve or to insert an digital regulator, including a pacemaker or defibrillator.
Q:how to adjust a 2001 kawasaki zx9 ninja valve?
This is not a job for a back yard mechanic.Your valves have overbucket shims and require special tool and more important a selection of shims in .002 increments.Best to let a shop do this.You can save yourself about 1hr labour if you remove the fairing yourself before you take it in for adjustment. By the way the shims cost about $8.00 each but most shops have an exchange price.
Q:1990 735i W/M30 Valve noise?
valve adjustment was not done properly or too much cam wear. These M30 engines are difficult to valve adjust. I would take it to dealer - the adjustment must be done with engine cold.
Q:2007 Nissan Quest Fuel shut off valve?
2007 does not have a shut off valve. Sounds as if some one has used a non programed key Nissan Imobilizer has detected the aftermarket non programed or key with chip embedded in the key has failed. After 4 attempts the car turns on lock mode and it is tow truck time. Gather up all the keys you have they all have to be reprogramed. And it is a good time to have two complete sets of keys and remotes money allowing of course. Only computerized lock smiths and Nissan dealerships can introduce keys. Is there a red light that looks like a car with a key lighting up when you attempt to start the car?
Q:How can I fix a leaking faucet shutoff valve?
Any repair is going to require shutting off the water. Buy a matching shutoff and replace the guts or in the case of a compression fit shutoff replace the whole thing other than the ferrel and nut.
Q:bent valve stem?
I'd say the timing chain either broke or the cam gear is worn off,cam gears used to be made of fiber rather than steel on older engines. When the cam stops turning the valves stop working and when the piston comes up it then hits any valves that are open bending the valve or push rod or both. If this particular engine is run by a belt and the belt breaks you get the same result. To check this you can take the timing cover loose on the front of the engine and check the condition of the chain and gear.
Q:hi i just found out last week i have a micro valve and have willam sydrome i need more info about the valve?
I think you mean mitral valve prolapse. I have this. When I was younger I had a heart murmur and did several testing and nothing else became of it. Until recently when I was working out, I had pain in chest that didn't quite go away and went to the dr. and did some testing and diagnosed with MVP. Do not drink decaffeinated drinks b/c it will increase your heart palpitations. You can also be prescribe a medication to help with your palpitation. It's a beta blocker medication. It helps with your heart palpitations, but you should definitely go see another dr. if the dr. you're seeing is not very helpful or see a cardiologist. I was told to just go about doing normal activities.

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