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Q:What specifications does wool carpet have?
is suitable for home
Q:What do you mean by the warp and weft density of the carpet?
Horizontal lines in textiles are called parallel lines. Vertical lines are called meridians. The density and density of the lines are the density of the lines arranged. The density is large, and the quality of the textiles will be better.
Q:Who has the glue formula for laying the carpet?
The most commonly used is the 801 glue, and the 801 building glue formula:Ingredients: polyvinyl alcohol, water, formaldehyde, urea, appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and neutralization amount.
Q:how much would new carpet be..?
The standard price to install carpeting is about $3. 00-$4. 00/square foot. This only includes the installation of the carpet and not a carpet pad, which costs an extra $0. 50/square foot. Carpet installers will also remove old carpeting for about $0. 50/square foot.These would all be minimum prices and could increase depending on the type of carpet you wish to install ask at your local carpet store as they sometimes have a list of contractors that could do the work for you and this would give you a better idea ok,good luck.
Q:How cold before I should rug?
While I agree with the other answers it should also be considered that horses in the wild are herd animals and therefore do group together either by sticking their rumps together to keep warm or sometimes horses stick their muzzles together and breathe on each other to keep breathing warm air. I would suggest the horses ears and behind them. Are they cold? If they are cold I would suggest blanketing/rugging them especially if the horses are going to be alone in separate fields. There are several types of blankets/rugs. Some are thicker and some are thinner. Lightweight blankets are for temperatures that do not go down past 40 degrees. Medium weights are for temperatures that do not go much past below freezing and heavy blankets are for the days when it is freezing. You can decided between the lightweight or the medium weight.
Q:What's the fire rating of nylon carpet?
Fire rating can be divided into A, B1, B2, B3 four grades; A non combustible materials, B1 refractory materials, B2 combustible materials, B3 flammable materials.
Q:Do they still sell hook rugs? Where can i buy my mother this?
Yep, cats simply love to mark a brand new possession. The rugs didn't have their homey odor on them. And so they knew it! Animals get used to the smell of things in their condo and a brand new object needs to be broken in. Silly cats. I'd put down one rug at a time and wait just a few. Maintain an eye on cats and new rug and deter them from it. They'll more commonly go to resmell the rug for his or her scent. She should use the historical fashioned word of scat and allow them to know to depart her rug alone. They're intelligent and understand what the deal is! If they are trying to play dumb have her move litter pan near the rug for a few days except they get the hint.
Q:i need help buying my horse a rug.. what does 5.9 6.0 6.3 etc mean.. pls help.?
rugs are sized in feet and inches, and are measured from the centre of his chest to the point of his rump, this will give you a feet and inches length for the length of the rug. they are usually sized in 3 inches, so 5'9, 6, 6'3, 6'6 etc. from the photos he looks to be about 16 hands - he's gorgeous by the way - and not too long, so he will probably need something between a 6 and a 6'6. it's better to have them slightly too long than too short. my tb is massive, he's 17.1 and really long and stringy and he wears a 7' and sometimes a 7'3 rug depending on the make. it's great because they are the ones that are always on sale because no one ever buys them. :)
Q:nailpolish on the carpet :/?
Probably the best thing would be nail polish remover or paint thinner; but be sure and test a bit on the carpet under the couch or something first. If that won't work or damages the carpet, you might have to let it dry and scrape it off the best you can. If all else fails, you might need an area rug to just throw over the spot.
Q:Problems with my area rug!?
I would use frebrez spray and hang it for a day outside on a clean line or fence so depends which rug did you buy so it would help a little!

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