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Well, yesterday my bestfriend pierced my navel. She did a good job because it was really straight. We used a medium sized safety pin I have that in me right now. I want to take a shower, so should I shower normally w/ the safety pin on? I'm getting the ring today at school, so yeah.How do we clean it w/ the ring? how do I decrease the pus, swelling, and bleeding? ( I don't have them right now. )What're the best ways to keep them clean?What type of clothing should I wear?Thank-you so much.
Use the same type fittings as the pipe. Do not use galvanized on a gas line unless you check with your local code department first. It is not code in most areas although some do allow it. Selling the house in the future is another reason not to mix. If a Home Inspector sees it and it is against code, you will be required to tear the piping apart and change it before selling. Easier to do it right the first time.
then when I drive on the freeway and hit 65+ i can hear a thud that reoccurres over and over. The sound doesn't happen in any pattern but it sounds like its coming from the front passenger wheel well. any ideas of whats making this sound?
Never coast in neutral. You wouldn't be prepared if you needed to make an evasive maneuver. When going slow over a speed bump, hit it straight ahead for better control and less body roll. If your going so slow that it feels like the engine might stall-push in the clutch pedal. That's why it's there. Just remember to push it in all the way, and don't ride the clutch- push it half way and leave it there. *All the way down* you can push it half way but only for a few seconds, otherwise the clutch will get overheated and burned up. Take your new SUV to school with your mom or dad and practice going over the bump when the parking lot is empty. When you get there with your friends you'll look like a pro.
I am buying a new fishing pole for the upcoming season but am torn on which one to buy. I already own a 5 1/2 foot light action ugly stick spinning rod and reel as well as 6 1/2 foot medium action daiwa samurai spinning rod. I fish 3-4 times a week if not more. I do alot of trolling for walleye and bass fishing. I also go to my uncles friend pond with bass generally 1-2 lbs. I was looking into a shimano medium action baitcasting rod but not quite sure if it fits what im fishing for? Lures i use are crankbaits, plastics and a few topwaters. Any suggestions? I have around 80 dollars to spend.
If there are wires I think they should be removed for safety issues maybe call a electrician
I‘ve heard that the fires a much worse than they should be, because several suburbs banned preventive brush clearing and burning. I guess the reasoning for doing so was that it caused too much pollution. Is this true? Can you provide me with a link to this info?
Wait a few days until all of the fires are controlled our completely out. The one sure thing which emerges from the debris of these events is the finger of blame. Friends of the Earth have already started the finger-pointing, trying to blame President Bush for wanting to clear all of that dead brush away before the fires start. A fire chief in Orange County is already blaming the state and federal governments for not providing air drops of water and fire retardant fast enough to stop the Santiago Canyon fire. I'm sure the internet will be full of charge and counter-charge within two weeks or less.
I just found out someone i was dating has Herpes type 1 but has no symptoms. I am aware that it can still be contagious to others even if there isnt an outbreak but im just curious if that means i definitely have it also. That same day i went rushing to the doctor and did a blood exam so that i can be sure/safe. Im so scared because we have had oral sex and type 1 is through oral sex and can be spread even through saliva. I just want to know if there is still a possibility that i dont have it. I just got over HPV which was great news for me and now i feel i have another fight. I do not know much about herpes type 1 or 2 but if anyone does please help me out. Im scared and dont know how to handle this.
What happened, thought he was heel?
absolutely high index 1.67 is the bestand it is the lightest AND the thinnest. also, with a -8.00, you may want to look for whats called a roll and polish, which grinds the edges of your lenses down as MUCH as possible before they are inserted into your frame. and yes, you do want your actual pupils to be centered pretty much exactly at half of the width of your lenses, as this will help the edges remain thin. however, the smaller and more ROUND frames that you choose, the more you can improve the thickness. wider or taller lenses or very square frames can reduce the effectiveness of the high index. another AWESOME tip is to have the anti reflective coating applied to your lenses. not only does this reduce headaches and light/glare sensitivity for night driving/computer/tv usage, BUTit eliminates INTERNAL glares.which means that light wont reflect through the inside of your lenses, and create that exaggerated, layered look in the edges of your lenses, so from the front, your lenses appear very thin. :) lastly, plastic frames (if you are open to them) will not only HIDE your lenses better, but they will also HOLD your lenses more securely.and if you can get the kind with a thicker arm, any amount of the lenses that still portrudes from your frame wont be seen by others when you wear them anyway! :) yay! so..high index 1.67 small, plastic, round frames with thick arms, ROLL AND POLISH! anti reflective
Im a college stud. dist. frm my home to college is 10.7KM for one side for both sides it's a regular stud. im planning to buy a bike,so can anyone suggest me which is the good bike.Is it yamaha fz S or yamaha yzf-R15 or Tvs Apache RTR 180 is good ??And also,the bike shouldn't give me more problems,i need more mileage also due to daily long trips moreover money is not a problem.please say their On-road price alsothanks in advance
There is a protective fire blanket that should be on your hood and if your paint is peeling then this fire blanket is not there and should be replaced.
There is a hose going from the engine compartment to the air filter. This air filter is passing this smoke to the carb, When I opened I found a load of oil remaining and slug in the carb. Shall I use carb cleaner into the air in gt; to the carb? If yes then shall I block the pipe that is going to the air filter from the engine? It is continuous smoke coming to the carb.Please help!
hi a big stick my lint rollers duck tape and some mud lol