PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 4KV-IN003

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Product Description:


Product Description of PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 4KV: 


Breakdown Voltage:4KV, 

Colour:  red line,  green line, blue line and all kinds of color 


Usage/Applications of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 4KV


PVC fiberglass sleeving is fiberglass sleeving coated with PVC resin, with very good flexibility and dielectric features, it is widely used as insulating and protection material for motor and electric appliance. 


Packaging & Delivery of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 4KV 

PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


Production Line of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 4KV:

PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


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Q:How many kinds of electric threading pipe are there?
Plastic pipes1, PVC (PVC-U) plastic wire tube (hard tube)2, PE threading hose (winding hose)3 、 plastic bellows (flame retardant bellows, wire harness casing, high density bellows, high temperature protective sleeve, etc.)
Q:LED fluorescent tube, with glass fiber board, or with aluminum substrate, okay?
The aluminum base plate is a metal base clad copper plate with good heat dissipation function. The single panel is composed of three layers, the circuit layer (copper foil), the insulating layer and the metal base. For high-end use, there are also designed as double sided board, the structure is circuit layer, insulation layer, aluminum base, insulation layer, circuit layer. A small number of applications are multilayer plates, which can be made of ordinary multilayer plates and insulating layers and aluminum base.
Q:The main features of glass fiber tubes
Good electric insulation. The glass steel pipe is a non conductor, the electrical insulation characteristic, insulation resistance in 1012-1015.Cm, used in the transmission to the heat transfer coefficient of telecommunication lines and dense areas of minefield of glass steel is very small, only 0.23, is 5/1000 of steel pipe, insulation performance is excellent.
Q:Can fiber insulated pipe wires be buried in cement walls?
Fiber insulated sleeves is yellow wax tubes, if it is a yellow wax tube wire, is buried in the wall, but the electrical construction specification is the use of yellow wax tube is not allowed, because after the use of the yellow wax tubes if the wire problems, there is no way to update the electric line.
Q:Characteristics and application of fire protection sleeve of fire protection sleeve
Anti splash, multiple protectionIn the smelting industry, medium temperature of the heating furnace is very high, easy to form high temperature spray (so welding industry), cooling and solidifying slag formed in a pipe or cable, the rubber pipe or cable outer hardening, and ultimately brittle rupture. Without further damage the equipment and cable protection, multi coated silica gel casing after fire, can achieve multiple safety protection, high temperature resistance can be as high as 1300 degrees Celsius, can effectively prevent the molten iron, molten copper, aluminum melting hot melt spray, prevent surrounding cable and equipment was damaged.
Q:The action of the interelectrode bushing of three phase asynchronous motor
At the same time the day after strengthening insulation maintenance.
Q:Silicone resin glass fiber casing factory self extinguishing tube which is better?
There are a lot of silicon resin glass fiber casing self extinguishing tube factory, in the Pearl River Delta region the largest production of silicon resin glass fiber casing manufacturers is self extinguishing tube heat shrinkable tube factory - Guangzhou Dynasty
Q:What are the materials used for the insulation breakdown of high voltage cables?
The yellow wax tube is a kind of glass fiber insulated tube, and it is coated with an alkali free glass fiber tube to modify the electric insulating tube made of polyvinyl chloride resin. It has excellent flexibility and elasticity, as well as good dielectric and chemical resistance. It is suitable for wiring, insulation and mechanical protection of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, radios and other devices.
Q:What is a high temperature resistant insulated fire protection sleeve?
High temperature insulation fire protection casing is designed for iron and steel, automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, metallurgy, machinery, petrochemical, chemical, military, national defense, scientific research and other industries supply quality and safety special (coating) high temperature fireproof casing. Applicable to steel, smelting, shipbuilding, aerospace, aviation, military and other industries such as chemical industry high temperature area, heating area of cable, cable, tubing, fluid pipe mill, cutting edge cable, generators, electric voltage equipment, large-scale construction, hydraulic system, automotive wiring harness and exhaust pipe etc.. In the high temperature of 560 DEG C environment to provide long-term, reliable insulation protection, anti radiation, anti heat resistance, short than or equal to 1700 DEG C high temperature molten steel or heat shock of liquid.
Q:How about fiberglass PPR pipe?
1. mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness have been greatly improved.2. heat deformation temperature up to 130 degrees.3. tensile strength and flexural strength increased by nearly 2 times, and impact strength increased by more than 2 times.
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