PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 2.5KV-IN002

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Product Description:


Product Description of PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 2.5KV:


Breakdown Voltage:2.5KV,

Colour:  red line,  green line, blue line and all kinds of color


Usage/Applications of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 2.5KV 

PVC fiberglass sleeving is fiberglass sleeving coated with PVC resin, with very good flexibility and dielectric features, it is widely used as insulating and protection material for motor and electric appliance. 


Packaging & Delivery of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 2.5KV 

PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 2.5KV



PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


Production Line of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 2.5KV

PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 2.5KV


PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 2.5KV


PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving

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Q:PE what do you mean by "PE" in plastic pipes?
The molecule of polyethylene is a long chain structure or a branched structure, which is a typical crystalline polymer. In the solid state, the crystalline part coexists with the amorphous. The crystallinity depends on the processing conditions and the original treatment conditions. In general, the higher the density, the greater the crystallinity. L.DP E crystallinity is usually 55% - crystallinity of HDPF 65%, 80%-90%.
Q:HS how to give components inside the components attached to the material?
On the OK, and if you want good results, you can choose real-time refinement inside the indirect lighting.
Q:The main features of glass fiber tubes
Low friction and high conveying capacity. Glass steel tubes have very smooth inner walls with very little roughness and friction. The roughness coefficient is 0.0084, while the n value of concrete pipe is 0.014, and the cast iron pipe is 0.013
Q:What are the materials used for the insulation breakdown of high voltage cables?
High voltage cable insulation breakdown, with high pressure and high pressure pipe insulation grease can be repaired. Methods: the interlayer inclusions at the breakdown is cut, the final cut of copper, the high-voltage insulating tube to tie, then the inclusion layer reply, and finally coated high pressure grease.
Q:Would you like to buy some self extinguishing tube, recommend a good one?
To see if your requirements are fiberglass reinforced epoxy or polyester, as well as other indicators required, we are doing this product. You need to provide detailed technical requirements to know if you can do it
Q:What is the difference between the outer tube and the outer tube?
The production process between the two sides: the outer braided hose is full of fiber braid, the outside is covered with rubber tube, braided rubber pipe, and fiber mesh mesh. Usage: the outer braided hose can be used with less special varieties according to the use environment, and the inner braided hose is not widely used.
Q:What's the name of this tube, please? Is it called an insulating sleeve?
Its name is: insulation sleeve, glass fiber sleeve, yellow wax tube.
Q:What are the uses of glass fiber reinforced plastics?
The automobile and the railway transportation industry: automobile shell and other parts, plastic miniature cars, large passenger car body shell, door, board, column, floor, bottom beam, bumper, instrument panel, vans, and fire tankers, refrigerated vehicles, tractor cab and machine cover etc..
Q:What's the yellow tube?
Is often used in home decoration, concrete catgut embedding protection, general sale of electrical materials are sold, and cheap.Of course the insulation is satisfactory, but it is almost impossible to pull out the line without damage, and the grooves on the concrete are rather laborious and may damage the structure. The pros and cons of this waste should present put fine timber to petty use from the lack of coordination of architectural design.
Q:What are the manufacturers of high temperature sleeving (fiberglass, silicone sleeve)?
Single glass fiber casing (MBQGD) using alkali free glass fiber yarn, after coated with silicone resin, then through high temperature drying and shaping material. Products with heat resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging characteristics, softness, and can play a good role in insulation. A major application of high temperature, products high voltage, transformer, generator, engine, electric equipment, household appliances and lighting and other industries, to provide insulation protection. ,
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