Acrylic fiberglass sleeve with high quality

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Product Description:

FIBERGLASS YARN is made from different glass fiber filaments, which are then gathered and twisted into one individual yarn.

Characteristics :consistent linear density,

Application: Mainly used for weaving various reinforce, insulation, anticorrosion, heat insulation fabric and sleeves etc.

We can supply different shapes and roll weight, such as milk bobbin, 3.5kg big and 1.0g /0/5kg small paper bobbin






Yarn description










ECD450 1/2

ECD450 1/2

60 x 60





ECE225 1/0

ECE225 1/0

60 x 58





ECE225 1/0

ECG150 1/0

60 x 52





ECG75 1/0

ECG75 1/0

44 x 31





ECG37 1/0

ECG37 1/0

48 x 32





ECG37 1/2

ECG37 1/2

44 x 35




  Remark: The above data are only the representative products, there are different threads, such as 1/3,2/2,2/3,1/5……etc. Also have C-Glass yarn.  

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Q:Would you like to buy some self extinguishing tube, recommend a good one?
Our sleeves are environmentally friendly, are also referred to as certification, is also self extinguishing tube, the customer called glass tube, silicon resin glass fiber casing at present domestic and foreign sales, our UL certificate is two, respectively (E324238) and (E338253), to ensure compliance with environmental standards, quality first-class, is you the best choice, Suzhou Huapeng Shrinkable Materials Co., Ltd. is a specialized production of polyester casing, PE heat shrinkable sleeve, Teflon casing, silicone PVC heat shrinkable sleeve, heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable tube, PE double wall heat shrinkable sleeve, silicone resin, silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve casing, PTFE teflon insulation casing, casing, glue inside the fiber PE insulation casing, outside the fiber plastic casing, PVC casing insulation insulation casing and a series of operations and research and development in one of the professional manufacturers at home and abroad have sales, service tenet: will be professional Service spirit, rich production experience and the actual production requirements of customers, for you to solve all the insulation casing problems, we look forward to your call.
Q:What's the name of this tube, please? Is it called an insulating sleeve?
Its name is: insulation sleeve, glass fiber sleeve, yellow wax tube.
Q:Characteristics and application of fire protection sleeve of fire protection sleeve
Thermal insulation, energy saving, radiation resistanceIn the high-temperature workshop, many pipes, valves or equipment, the internal temperature is very high, if not covered with protective materials, easy to cause burns or heat loss. The fire tube has better thermal stability than other polymer materials and the role of radiation resistance and insulation to prevent accidents, reduce energy consumption, but also can prevent the medium in pipeline direct heat transfer to the surrounding environment and make the workshop temperature too high, cost saving cooling.
Q:HS how to give components inside the components attached to the material?
The first point to the position of the glass, press the right button, click on the hidden form, and then press M to see all the materials, reflector for metals inside the chrome, or to the effect of oxidation can choose sliver, you can modify the roughness is matte effect, attached to the reflector, the mouse into the space in the select show all components or revocation of hidden components.
Q:The use of soft glass fiber insulation casing line please do
But I suggest you still choose silk quilt, wool is more warm, natural, environmental friendly, healthy
Q:What is an insulated flame retardant electrical sleeve? Is it of good quality? Does it work to protect wires?
Insulated flame retardant electrical sleeve is a kind of casing for protecting electric wire.
Q:What is the difference between a ceramic fiber shell and an aluminum silicate tube shell?
Shell with aluminum silicate segment ceramic fiber tube is the best products of high temperature insulation, good insulation properties, the recent domestic new photovoltaic power generation projects on the application of a large number of ceramic fiber products, Ji'nan Huolong Thermal Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of ceramic fiber aluminum silicate fiber products manufacturers.
Q:What's the meaning of GRP cable sheath ncbb100x5?
FRP cable protective sleeve, is a new type of composite material, it formed with resin as matrix and glass fiber reinforced composite materials, and unsaturated resin bonded molding and high quality cable protection is matched with the modern cable engineering construction with catheter products. Strong pressure resistance, light weight, smooth inner wall and small friction coefficient. It is easy to use the cable and does not damage the cable.
Q:PE what do you mean by "PE" in plastic pipes?
Polyethylene (polyethylene, referred to as PE) is a thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of ethylene.
Q:What's the use of a wax pipe in an electrician?
Insulation, yellow wax tube is generally used in equipment, need to strengthen the insulation place, as well as the role of flame retardant, prevention and control of electric wire leakage due to high temperature

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