PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 4KV

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Product Description:

Product Description of PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 4 KV:


Breakdown Voltage:4KV,

Colour:  red line,  green line, blue line and all kinds of color


Applications of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving of 4 KV


1.Silicone coated or PVC coated

2.Good self-extinguish

3.Good dielectric features


Heat-resistance: A class  105°C

Diameter: 0.5mm---40mm

Breakdown voltage: 1.5KV, 2.5KV, 4KV, 7KV

temperature range: -25 C ~ 130C;

Colour:  red line,  green line, blue line and all kinds of color

Material : Non-alkali fiberglass braided sleeving with coating Polyvinyl chloride resin

Property: With excellent softness and elasticity, high dielectric and chemical property .

Application:PVC fiberglass sleeving is fiberglass sleeving coated with PVC resin, with very good flexibility and dielectric features, it is

widely used as insulating and protection material for motor and electric appliance


Packaging & Delivery of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 4 KV


PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving




Production Line of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 4KV 




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Q:Can fiber insulated pipe wires be buried in cement walls?
Polyvinyl chloride fibre glass hose (Huang Laguan): an electric insulating paint tube made of E-glass fibre woven and coated with polyethylene resin.
Q:HS how to give components inside the components attached to the material?
The first point to the position of the glass, press the right button, click on the hidden form, and then press M to see all the materials, reflector for metals inside the chrome, or to the effect of oxidation can choose sliver, you can modify the roughness is matte effect, attached to the reflector, the mouse into the space in the select show all components or revocation of hidden components.
Q:What are the manufacturers of high temperature sleeving (fiberglass, silicone sleeve)?
Single glass fiber casing (MBQGD) using alkali free glass fiber yarn, after coated with silicone resin, then through high temperature drying and shaping material. Products with heat resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging characteristics, softness, and can play a good role in insulation. A major application of high temperature, products high voltage, transformer, generator, engine, electric equipment, household appliances and lighting and other industries, to provide insulation protection. ,
Q:How about the 35 thousand volt transformer glass fiber reinforced plastic bushing?
Visual inspection. Large current transformer casing mechanical strength, the production method of the invention patent technology of high insulation dielectric loss less stable, leading to similar products, and stable operation, limit margin test proved that this product is no fire and explosion danger.
Q:What is the difference between a ceramic fiber shell and an aluminum silicate tube shell?
Shell with aluminum silicate segment ceramic fiber tube is the best products of high temperature insulation, good insulation properties, the recent domestic new photovoltaic power generation projects on the application of a large number of ceramic fiber products, Ji'nan Huolong Thermal Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of ceramic fiber aluminum silicate fiber products manufacturers.
Q:What is the difference between the outer tube and the outer tube?
The outer fiber inner hose should be woven outside the rubber tube, the outside of the hose, all fiber weaving, the main inflator, hose, water jet gun, hose, etc., belong to professional rubber tube.
Q:Silicone rubber sleeving can withstand high temperatures?
High temperature bending test at constant temperature of 260 DEG C of the heating furnace in 48 hours after the surface rupture or surface coating aging without stripping phenomenon generated at low temperature in the constant temperature heating test bending furnace in -70 C 1 hours after the surface rupture or coating surface without stripping. Film coating test after constant temperature furnace continuous testing, no surface peeling or dissolution phenomenon. Combustion test flame self extinguishing and no spontaneous combustion phenomenon (with UL "VW-1" and CSA "HFS" test) temperature test (2000hr) of 260 DEG C heating test normal 35 (30sec) 1200 C heating test of glass fiber intact flammability testing the burning speed of not less than 45s/25mm - SRG-1-7kv SRG-1-4kv (motor insulation can be achieved higher than H grade C) normal minimum insulation breakdown voltage of 7 kV / min 4 kV / min normal average insulation breakdown voltage of 10 kV / min 7 kV / min
Q:What is the role of yellow wax tubes
Insulation used to package the wire, such as wire line is not a part of the ear head exposed, we can work with beeswax first set to the wire clamp wire up to the ear, and then exposed to the ear line wrapped in yellow wax tube
Q:What is a high temperature resistant insulated fire protection sleeve?
High temperature insulation fire protection casing is designed for iron and steel, automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, metallurgy, machinery, petrochemical, chemical, military, national defense, scientific research and other industries supply quality and safety special (coating) high temperature fireproof casing. Applicable to steel, smelting, shipbuilding, aerospace, aviation, military and other industries such as chemical industry high temperature area, heating area of cable, cable, tubing, fluid pipe mill, cutting edge cable, generators, electric voltage equipment, large-scale construction, hydraulic system, automotive wiring harness and exhaust pipe etc.. In the high temperature of 560 DEG C environment to provide long-term, reliable insulation protection, anti radiation, anti heat resistance, short than or equal to 1700 DEG C high temperature molten steel or heat shock of liquid.
Q:How about fiberglass PPR pipe?
The products have better creep resistance. After forming, the shrinkage of the product is small, the dimension stability is good, and the impact strength at low temperature is higher.
The company is equipped with powerful technology, complete equipments, production line from drawbenching to weaving after treatment. Annually, the company produce over 2,000 ton glass yarns, over 3,000 glass fibre mesh and fabric and over 1,000 ton glass fibre steel. The company takes "quality first, credit supreme, to be No.1" as quality principle and has achieved GB/T9001-2000, ISO9001:2000 and QAS certificates. Over 80% products are exported to Europe, Americans, Middle East, South East Asia, etc.

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Location Jiansu,China
Year Established 1956
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Main Markets Europe, Americans, Middle East, South East Asia
Company Certifications ISO9001:2008;ISO14001:2004

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