1260oC Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Good Thermal Insulation Characteristics

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Product Description:

General Information of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

l  CMAX ceramic fiber blanket is made from high quality Kao-Ling clay, high purity alumina and silica oxides by spun or blown process.

l  Ceramic fiber blanket is asbestos free. Double-side needling provides ceramic fiber blanket with great tensile or handing strength for easy installation.


Image of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

1260oC Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Good Thermal Insulation Characteristics

1260oC Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Good Thermal Insulation Characteristics

1260oC Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Good Thermal Insulation Characteristics

1260oC Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Good Thermal Insulation Characteristics

1260oC Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Good Thermal Insulation Characteristics


Technical Data of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

1260oC Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Good Thermal Insulation Characteristics

Feature of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Heat resistance

Light weight

Low thermal conductivity

Application of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Petrochemical process heater refractory fiber lining

Heat treating furnace or Intermittent (shuttle) kiln hot face lining

General furnace backup insulation


Q1: How do you control the products quality?

A1: With strict quality control system throughout the materials selection and production process, our refractory and ceramic fiber products quality is effectively controlled to meet customer requirements.

From the raw materials selecting, our quality control begin. The quality certificates of raw materials are required and each batch will be tested before using. During production, the quality control is conducted by workers and then each piece will be sorted and examined by quality supervisors.


Q2: What`s the lead time for my order?

A2: It depends on customers’ requirements and our production schedule. And usually we need 30-60 days for refractory bricks,10-25 days for unshaped refractory materials and 10-20 days for ceramic fiber blankets.



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