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Im looking for one -around 80$-wet-to-dry kind-and most importantly: CAUSE VERY MINIMAL DAMAGE!!thanks :)Quality of course
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Aluminum foilslowerActs as an insulator.
I have recently fallen in love with crochetingwhat are some really good online websites that sell the yarn and hook at a reasonable price?
Watch for sales and couponsThere are so many at reasonable pricesJoann Fabrics, Herschner's, Mary Maxim, Annie's AtticThe aforementioned also offer free shipping ocassionally if you are a repeat customerThere are some beautiful yarns that are a lot more expensive that would warrent an occassional splurgeI am constantly looking for a good bargain.
Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal has 3 grams of fiberWhat can I add to it, that taste yummy, to get more fiberI love Great Grains and Fiber One cereal, anyone ever add these to oatmeal to enhance the taste and get more fiber? I will be trying these on the next trip to the marketRecently diagnosed with Hypertension so I'm also trying to stay away from foods high in salt.
Steel Cut oatmeal (Oprah's favorite).it is not instant and has a much higher fiber content.you can also ground flax seed.also.for sweetener I use sorghum.I use rice milk, not cows milk.Good luck.
I have curly hairIts a pain to manageI'm thinking of straightening it but I am very afraid of permanently damaging my hair with chemicalsAre there any useful alternatives to chemical relaxers? Is there a difference between a ceramic flat iron and regular one? Which is better? Somebody help me with my hair crisisThanks.
I have the Chi Flat Iron (ceramic) that the professionals useIts a great tool but its a bit pricey depending on where you get itIt has a super hot setting but its built to protect your hair from damage and breakageYou still need to use the same precautions as with any other heated straightnerWith any flat iron, invest in a great thermal product and conditionerIse the Chi Oil with mines because it acts a frizz serum as well as a heat sealantI hate it when people say chemicals are bad, they are bad, but so is brushing your hair everydayAnything used against your hair follicle can damage your hairIf you want to try the chemical way, I suggest going for the temporary straightner so that you have the look you want but it reverts back eventually Their are lots of products out their that are designed to soften your hair for blowdrying, you could try those as well.
We had vinyl sofit put on our house 2 years agoThey drilled large holes in the existing wooden sofit and said that would be all that is required but there is no cold air going into the attic from the sofit and when I took a piece of the material they used and ran it under the tap water wouldn't even go through it.Is there a way to add screen vents to the existing sofit where the vents were on the old wooden oneCan one of those sofit pieces slip out and be replaced with a vent? Is there even such a vent that I can use?Something has to be done to allow the cold air into the atticThe roof vents and windmar turbine isn't enough to keep away ice dams by allowing cold air into the attic
Hello, First of all did the contractor install perforated sofit vent or is it solid meaning no little holes? That means there should be little holes drilled over each and every sofit section for optimal performanceIf so and if the contractor cut big enough holes or removed the wood completely ( that is the right way) in each rafter bay in the existing wood sofit that is all you should need thereAlso make certain that the attic insulation is not obstructing the airflowShould not be up against the roofNow either you have gable vents on both ends of the house or a ridge vent along the entire length ( best method) of the roofIf not, the sofit vent won't work for crapolaThe flow of air pulled through the sofit should be at least equal too the exhaust gable or roof/ridge vent for it to work properlyTurbines are not the best way and they look like crap(my opinion)As far as ice damning upsofit vent won't help you thereHeat loss through the ceiling into the attic is what causes thatIf your attic is not sufficiently insulated you will have heat loss which will melt snow and as it the water drains and reaches the edge of the lowest part of the roof it gets colder and freezesIf it were me I would over insulate the atticSave you tons of money in the long runI've been a home builder and repairs all of my working careerI know this stuff inside and outHope I answered your questionAnytime you need work done please take my advice, do you homework and research as much as you canToo many home owners getting burned by so claimed small contractorsAndre
just had my gallbladder removed 6 days ago it was an emergency surgery my recovery is not going well i had the laproscopic procedure anything anone can tell me thanks alot
sheet metal roof is great regardless of pitch or applicationIt can be used for both industrial and home/office buildings and is available in almost any color you can think ofthe only minus is that the material itself has no sound-deadening qualities.
which is a good insulator? whether wool or brick?
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