Bamboo and wood fiber wallboard ,Wall trim,wallboard

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The bamboo and wood fiber wallboardproduced by the company has passed the test of the national authority, with fire, moisture, sound insulation, heat preservation and formaldehyde-free, and the installation saves time and The bamboo and wood fiber wallboardproduced by the company has passed the test of the national authority, with fire, moisture, sound insulation, heat preservation and formaldehyde-free, and the installation saves   time and labor

Test item Description Unit Standard Value Measurement value evaluation method Standard/Remarks 1# Bamboo-wood fiber (ecological wood, sound-absorbing board, grille, wood veneer, bamboo-wood fiber siding) Combustion performance classification Combustion growth rate index
FIGRA 0.4MJ W/s ≤250 157.7 Conform to GB/T 20284-2006 GB/T 8626-2007 Transverse flame spread -- does not reach the edge of the sample long wing does not reach the edge of the sample Total heat release of 600s THR 600SMJ≤15 9.5 60s Internal flame tip height Fs mm ≤150 Surface ignition:<150 Edge ignition:<150 No combustion drips ignite filter paper within 60s No surface ignition: no dripping material, no ignition filter paper
Edge ignition: no drips, no ignition filter paper Comprehensive assessment -- According to the standard requirements of GB 8624-2012 flat B1(C) class 1. The sample is an independent support sample, and the installation method of single combustion test is tested according to the requirements
of GB/T 20284-2006,5.2.2a) standard installation.2.Single burning: The test side is the side printed with red font. 3. The test results are only related to the performance of the test under specific test conditions; The test results cannot be used as the sole basis for assessing the potential fire risk of the product under actual conditions of use.

Q:Is there any color of a decorated panel
There are many types of ornaments, such as white oak, safflower pear, red oak, etc., each color, pattern is not the same, to choose a wide surface, you can meet the different preferences.
Q:Very grateful to xiaokaikaiya, AAA forgot to hide 8, 100 plate _ business; the origin of this issue I elaborate: late this year I ride a motorcycle to go to China, Sichuan, Tibet, the new line, two cars and equipment a total of about 900 I will be equipped with two side boxes and a trunk, the three boxes are 7075 material, a single box with stents are about 8 kg, three boxes a total of about 24 kg, due to The vehicle carrying equipment is too heavy lead to tire wear serious, more than 14,000 km new tire completely worn out, so I want to use the new material to re-create the side box, on the one hand to reduce the weight, but the material strength can not be reduced, because the motorcycle reversing When the side box can be used with the front bumper to form an effective protective space, the protection of the human leg and vehicle protection is very significant! The ??? Do not know whether the above statement is clear, there are problems you can contact.
Recommend 7050 and 7055, Part of the Al-Li alloy can also, 8 series, but the price is almost 2 times. 7075 should be the most suitable aluminum alloy sheet material on the market, and look at the magnesium alloy sheet? , The specific strength of magnesium alloy slightly stronger, it is recommended that you still make some improvements in the structure of it, the thick place thick, the thin place thin, the other two side box and the back box under the reasonable allocation of it, for the back box Put some light things, so the weight is more balanced.
Q:8K mirror plate how clean
Wiping with alcohol can become a little cleaner
Q:How to identify the millennium boat plate
It is not what you do, belong to the cultural relics, and need archaeologists identification.
Q:What is the meaning of C in 13.5 * 1500 * C in plate specifications?
In front of the thickness and width, C said length, according to need to determine.
Q:How to buy plate formaldehyde climate chamber?
Buy formaldehyde climate box to focus on the following aspects: ????? 1, to find professional R & D manufacturers to buy, more than a few comparison, assessment of comprehensive strength! ????? 2, test box test parameters and test environment to meet the relevant standards and parameters! ????? 3, combined with their own products, choose the appropriate test space! ????? 4, formaldehyde climate test chamber should have a sophisticated test mode and improve the structure and security system! ????? 5, the price is better! A variety of configurations should be genuine to ensure the use of quality! ????? Combined with formaldehyde self-test characteristics of the proposed reference Zhengbang Detection Equipment Co., Ltd. Furniture formaldehyde test technology:
Q:How is the stone sheet transported?
(2) the transportation of decorative stone sheet Handling and handling must comply with the following: (1) should be lightly loaded when handling, is strictly prohibited to roll, the vertical code must be placed on the back edge of the first landing. (2) stone sheet monolithic area of more than 0.25m2, all upright handling. Large products with lifting gear handling, the force edge edge must be pad. (3) wooden box packaging products, with lifting equipment loading and unloading, each lifting a box is appropriate. Cauline packaging products when handling, shall not pull grass rope. (4) loading code should be stored in accordance with the requirements of storage, transport required a smooth, non-collision.
Q:What is the grade of the board?
The country has not yet officially released on the E0 level of national standards, the current so-called E0 standard for the industry's most common convention. E0 means: less than or equal to 0.5 mg / l of formaldehyde emission E1 refers to: less than or equal to 9.0mg / 100g formaldehyde emission E2 means less than or equal to 30.0 mg / 100 g of formaldehyde emission
Q:Huaxiang plate how?
Huaxiang plate is a well-known brand in Guangdong Province, the quality is very good! Decoration master are recommended to use this one sheet.
Q:What are the plates?
First, MDF ???????The industry is called blockboard, which is made up of two veneers in the middle of the sticky pressure, the price of the big core board is cheaper than the core board, the bending strength is poor, but the transverse flexural strength is higher. ???????Plate specifications: 2440mm * 1220mm, according to the thickness of the general is 3,5,9 PCT board ????Three, particleboard ???????Is melamine impregnated film paper facing wood panel. It is with different colors or textures of paper into the melamine resin adhesive soak, and then dried to a certain degree of curing, will be paved in the particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiber board surface, the heat from the heat Decorative plates. ???????Plate specifications: 2440mm * 1220mm ????Five, gypsum board ???????Line commonly known as fine core board, from three or more layers of 1mm thick veneer or sheet adhesive made of hot pressing. It is the most commonly used material in handmade furnishings. ???????Plate specifications: 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm six ????Seven, decorative panels ??????????The use of siliceous materials or calcium material as the main raw material, with a certain percentage of fiber materials, light orthopedic, adhesive and chemical additives mixed by the autoclave technology from the decorative plate. ???????Plate size: thickness is generally 0.8mm, 1mm and 1.2mm

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